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  • Tuesday, October 2, 2007

    Visitation To The 'Historical State: Melacca' - Part 2

    I'm gona talk less and show more picture in this post, because I go so much to share with you guys~! =D

    And so! "The adventure of Melvin & friends" continues...

    In the "earlier hours", we watched the movie 'Secret'(mandarin movie), starting Jay Chow and some girl which I forgotten her name.

    If you know me well, I don't like watching romance movies/dramas, I find all their ending very similar and boring.

    And lots of pointless crying scene(especially Korean dramas) that just makes me fall asleep.

    Majority of its ending is either the guy or girl die due to some funny thing that happen, if not, it must be something thats related to death or tragedy...

    That my personal view la, I'm not trying to criticizes anything here, so you guys can calm down and put down your sticks and parangs... =)

    As I was watching the movie, I tried to act smart and prove that romance movies ending are easy to guess.

    "Ha! He gona die! See la, 100% wan!"


    I underestimated that show......

    Reality hits me on the face so hard, I couldn't believe that someone actually used a very common concept and turned it into a unique piece of art!

    Not to mention the piano was good, love the music.

    I don't wana be a spoiler, go watch and discover it yourself, buy the ORIGINAL CD/DVD or risk getting English translation like, "good bye = religious festival".... ;)

    After the movie, the 4 of us did not sleep, instead we talked till the next morning.

    6am, Rebekah took us for 'dim sum' somewhere in Melacca.

    I hungry until I forgot to take pictures of the food and all.

    Just by witnessing the surroundings of the town, my mind had already began wondering how was it like in this state many years ago.

    After all, Melacca is known as 'The State of History'.

    The schools looked so much different compare to their KL/Selangor counter part, it gives a sense of.... I have no words to describe it.

    Due to not much advancement of the state, therefore the peoples demand for things are not much.

    Esprit which cost around RM 7.90 in KL(according to Jeff), here only RM 5.50.

    Later in the day, Rebekah took us to some place where we could look around and buy stuff, mainly souvenirs.

    If this is from the stone age.

    100% this wan ice age product.

    Anyhow, We went from shop to shop just to look what they offer.

    K la, play play a bit also la... =)

    Things went a little over the board...

    And I look VERY THE GAY in this photo! -.-

    I din know what the heck is that and I just placed it on my head...

    After "studying" little bit about the head gear.


    Better! ;)

    In the midst of fooling around, I spotted something really nice.

    Without hesitating much, I bought it.

    Nicely carved wooden pistol.

    This toy can propel rubber band, kinda nice to play with. =D

    If I got this 2 years earlier, I can shoot my cousins with rubber bands when they misbehave! >=3

    We were hungry after all the walking around.

    How could anyone not eat the 'ball chicken rice' when they visit Melacca?

    Rebekah once again brought us to this famous 'ball chicken rice' shop known as 'Hoe Kee Chicken Rice'.

    Apparently the prime minister came to that shop before or something related to that.

    I saw a picture of him doing some stuff, but I cant see it clearly.

    The out side looked just like any ordinary shops, but inside you could see pictures after pictures of the shops "glorious moments" caught on camera.

    They proudly frame it up and hang it on almost every corner of the wall.

    This is how a 'ball chicken rice' looked like if you haven seen it.

    Don't mistaken it for fish ball, its rice.

    The chicken meat is very smooth and soft, excellent dish!

    Even the "leong char" taste different! Its so much better then the ones back at KL. I think they added "gula melaka" inside.

    See Rebekah! Everyone loves your trade mark pose! =P

    By the way, she is Joanne - Rebekah's best friend, she took us in her place when Rebekah was a little busy helping her mum out, we barely even know her and she was still good to us. ;)

    Great to have you tagging along with us on the 2nd day, and thanks for your hospitality. =)

    Alright, everything was so good about the shop, I so wish they will open a branch in KL one day.

    Such a famous establishment, what can go wrong?


    Kuaaaa....... KUaaaaa....... KUAAAAAA.......

    All the fame and glory ruin by 2 fallen hair on the chicken!

    Sio Sen: "Err... Excuse me, there are hairs on our chicken."

    Lady Boss: *Stunned face* "Oh my, I am very sorry about this..."

    When we asked for the bill.

    Wah, they actually took the hair seriously, up to the extend of giving discount.

    We know its not much, but at less they tried to do something to make us satisfied. Thumbs up for that.

    If shops in KL... They might ask you go "jiak sai" instead.

    "Aiyoh! Little bit hair only ma, tak apa lah boss!"


    Moon light shines the night sky of Melacca, a sign for us to eat again!

    I was told that this place offers the best "satay celup".

    Each stick cost RM 0.45

    We get whichever stick we want, put them on a tray, bring to the table and deep it into the hot sauce in the middle of the table, let it cook for some time and finally eat!

    Like this...

    The aromatic sauce coat the satay making it hot and taste, absolutely wonderful!

    Might burn your tongue if your not careful.

    The consumption of 5 people(including Joanne, too bad la Eddie your not free on that day).

    Having satay wont be enough for us because Jeff and I need to eat a lot. XD

    Another hot spot in Melacca - Jonker Street.

    Something like KL's pasar malam, this place offers things from food to decorative items.

    '69 Yummy Yummy Food Stall'

    I think this name a little bit, errr... hemm... You know what I mean. =P

    I find that the above sign very pointless lo....

    They even build a stage for people to go up and sing!

    Oldies la mostly, cant expect uncles and aunties go up stage and sing modern songs.

    Imagine if they are singing My Chemical Romance - 'Teenagers'....

    We came to a stall which sells really weird toys.

    I cant open this stupid box... =(

    I seen it on TV before but I cant remember how.



    Alright, alright, Jeff open for me wan la.... =/

    It was kinda bored walking around Jonker Street, we moved on to chill ourselves.


    This shop sells one of the most kick ass ice.



    Because they serve ice with toys!

    This is something I never seen before.

    Hence the Melacca trip comes to an end! =(

    Truly it was a great trip, get to eat and see lots of stuff that I would never come across if I stayed at home.

    Lepak with the bunch of friends, listening to Rebekah's "crazy NS girl" story.

    I'm looking forward for the next holiday trip, maybe with more people and at different place?

    Who knows what will take place in the near future.

    Thanks Rebekah for being our host! Really enjoyed the stay. ;)

    Term 2 had already started!

    To all my DH, DC & DT friends, as we enter term 2 together, we will all finish it strong together! =D

    College life is a short but tough journey, lets make it a memorable one!

    See you guys around campus~! =D


    jeff said...

    thanks rebekah!!!

    Jin said...

    I haven't watched Secret yet but I could guess how the storyline is. If you like the movie, check out Haruki Murakami's Norwegian Wood. It's the first time a book actually made me feel for the characters.

    cdason said...

    Is it wrong to ask for the number of your tour guides?? hehe... coz I would really love to go to Melaka (again) if they are giving me a tour..hihihih...

    samantha said...

    looking at ur pics, makes me missing malacca loads. one day we should go. there's more to visit (: