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  • Sunday, July 26, 2009

    The Big Blank

    Hey guys, I know I haven been updating consistently, the photo uploaded problem and some other stuff caused me to temporary lose steam to write my new stuff.

    You know, after you get used to not blogging for so long, when you sit in front of the desk again, you just don't know what to write...

    Term 6 flash back, new semester post and a few others still pretty much pending.

    I don't wanna just write some half bake crap and post it up, better off my attention turned towards something else then those important post.

    Never fear! This will just be a momentary phase, I will be back soon! The best is yet to come! ^^

    Anyway, I know I've said before I wont be writing typical "my life this and that" kinda thing, but sad to say, I am currently lack inspiration to cook up some funny crap.

    But I think its a good idea to just shed some light on what is going on right now, and what am I up to at this season of time.

    Well, 1st off, in case if you guys still wonder, I just started my 1st year of degree few weeks ago, it was rather odd and weird at 1st, looking at unfamiliar faces in class.

    Not that I don't know most of them, except some new students, but we had never had a class together before, I guess I will get used to it some time soon.

    We are going to have a class dinner at Summer's Steamboat this coming Friday!

    I hope many will turn up and not FFK last minute!

    "A class that eats together, stays together!" ^^

    Other then that, this semester there are many projects, and especially video projects!

    I don't know if its just me, the trend of doing assignments had evolved from boring reports and presentations to video presentations & role play!

    Best part is, its a blardy hotel school!

    But.......... I like it~ X)

    Just a little spoiler, we have to do 1st an advertisement for English assignments, and the boom is a short film in FRENCH for of cost none other then French assignments.

    Baybeh... Its hell load of challenge, but I have an inspiration! Just you guys wait, do check it out when its done.

    Nevertheless, I'm looking forward for a great new term and season, till then will further update some more!

    Take care guys & girls!

    Saturday, July 18, 2009

    To Train There or Not To Train There?

    I got a rude shock yesterday morning.

    When I log on to my Facebook, the 1st thing I saw was a shot out posted by one of my friend(from Indonesia) which was, "**** you terrorist!"

    I was like "okey..."

    As I was further scrolling down my page, I saw another statement posted by another friend of mine(also from Indonesia), the content are similar, talking about some terrorist thing.

    And there was another statement, and another and another!

    My suspicion was high, I went onto yahoo news but I did not find any terrorist act of any kind. It then strike my mind that yahoo is based in America, maybe they haven wrote about it.

    I could not help but to log on to another website 'Malaysiakini'.

    To my horror, I saw this.

    Ritz-Carlton & JW Marriott Jakarta was bombed!

    Why am I reacting so much?

    Well, for your info, those 2 hotel simultaneously was within my industrial training placement list!

    Thank goodness they did not decide to explode at the time that I will be there.

    Ritz-Carlton's after the blast

    I am speechless...

    What can I say.

    R.I.P victims of the bombing.

    Yahoo news link here.

    Sunday, July 12, 2009

    Counter-Strike 300 Parody

    I really apologize for the long hang, until now I am still unable to upload any pictures.... :(

    But I finally got an idea.

    If pictures cant do the talking, then videos will do the job pretty well!

    I stumbled upon this really funny parody intertwining the game 'Counter-Strike' a.k.a CS, and the movie '300'.

    Such creativity! They way they played with the characters movement are simply entertaining to watch, very cute also.

    Once again I'm very sorry I could not update this time round, I will try my best to fix the problem.

    Till then, I leave you with this video.

    Enjoy~ ;)

    "This is Sparta!"

    *head shot* XD