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  • Wednesday, May 16, 2007

    I Am Having A Post PMS Syndrome

    Don't worry I am still a guy, my meaning of PMS = Poor Man Suffering. Its all over now, and I am good and ready to roll! =)

    As some of you out there know, I had been through a hard time with my future plans, not because I don't know what to do, but because mum thinks I don't know what am I doing.

    Now, come and walk down memory with me and I show you how it has all ended up to.

    It all started out me wanting to be a filmmaker, and I came across School Of Audio Engineering a.k.a SAE Institute.

    Of cause a little arguing that nearly ended up in chaos, but it went well.

    Mums being mums, soon after that, her friends started to do their "propaganda", charming her with the goods of form 6.

    "Democracy" was at threat! My fear came true...

    A whole new "dictatorship" soon took place. I was bound to go form 6.

    Salvation came in the form of SPM, every subject I did was all above credit, except the ever evil BM I got a [D]onkey.

    Due to my BM got a 'D', I was unable to enter form 6.

    Hence the "dictatorship" ended, "democracy" restored! SAE here I come!

    As so I thought, vile friends of my mum ain't giving up that easy. A new "communist" influence began to seep in.

    Instead of "there is no God", the new form of it was "there is no future in film making, only business has a future".

    I knew "democracy" couldn't last long.

    The difference of understanding between the two block "communism" and "democracy" spawns the "cold war" which nearly cost me to end up in damnation.

    I could not risk it but to revolt "my very own ways" into "her way". Business seems to be the only option for me.

    Later I came to mind that business was not that bad, I thought to my self "when I earn big bucks next time, I can open my own film production house".

    So I kept this new goal in mind.

    Yesterday, I went to Taylors college to ask about the course regarding business, I looked at the core subject and I almost fall of my chair.

    Hell no I am taking it! It came to mind when I saw a diploma for hospitality and tourism, the path in front of me looked bright once more.

    For your info, hospitality and tourism was one of my interest way before film making. I went all out for it.

    So now thats my path and I will walk on it bravely!

    Mum is still bombarding me with the new understanding of "communism" until this very day.

    I hope she does not pull the plug on me again.

    So this will be my road now, but my dream of becoming a filmmaker still burns in the very core of my heart.

    One day when I earn my own bucks, I will restore "democracy" once more! But if I fail... Then may God's grace be upon me.

    By the way, about the "democracy", "dictatorship" and "communism" thing if you don't understand the hidden meaning, feel free to ask me. =P

    Any suggestion from you guys? I am open for suggestion & comments. =)


    Andrew said...

    ahem, the last picture.. the red flag is actually the flag of communism... LONG LIVE CHINA!! hahaha..

    MelzKC said...

    lolx! i go erase the symbol of the flag if u saw it nicely. =P

    Anonymous said...

    hola democracy. down with tyrants!!!

    Anonymous said...

    Communism fights for freedom! the reds will rise, Сою́з Сове́тских Социалисти́ческих Респу́блик, СССР will be restored!!