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  • Friday, October 26, 2007

    Flavor of Term 2

    With a blink of an eye, the 1st month of term 2 is coming to an end!

    Honestly speaking, I don't really like this term as to this point of time.

    Quite dull and less "flavor-able"...

    No I am not talking about food.

    My point is my subjects are down to earth boring and dry.....

    Business math..

    Food science...


    Yeah, why man... Why...?

    I got so worn down by the dryness of the subject till I almost never pay attention in class.

    Even though I slept at 10pm almost everyday, the "boring aura" generated by certain lecturer was just unbearable...

    Up to a point I let David draw my hand while I listen to lecturer teach.

    Got the pen poking feeling ma, so wont fall asleep. =)

    But as days goes on, things just got worst.

    My 2nd blog poser - Karl =D

    Sleeping in the bath tab would be a common thing!

    Ok la, not that bad...

    Just need to "look awake" in class will do.


    Despite of so much negativity, there are some fun stuff happening in term 2!

    Such as we are finally able to serve real guest rather then imagining one. But I freaking lost 9 of my meal vouchers!!!


    Just kill me..... @.@


    Cook for others! And cook extra for own consumption.

    But there is a problem...

    Such as when you over cook or burn certain food that your suppose to get ready.

    We will be in deep shit, thats just what I faced on Thursday.

    I over burned my bread that I was suppose to use as soup topping, it leaves me no choice but to scrape off those burn part and serve the little round shape "chocolate bread".

    Surprisingly the guest never complain! In fact the soup turn up to be good! Thank heavens~! =D

    Never forgetting the really fun pastry class! We get to make different types of appetizers and desserts, can 'tapau' some more if got extra.

    Oenology(the study of wine) and moral kinda interesting, me and my team will be shooting an advertisement, such a cool assignment!

    Thats the best thing I could do in this term! =D Cant wait for it to be done, by the way, my lecturer would post all the ad we make on Youtube, I will post it here once its all over. =D

    Although so many nice things, but at the end of it...

    Term 2 still stinks...

    Ok la, half half la...

    Nevertheless, I still hope for the best! Will try to finish it strong!


    Wish me the best! ;)

    Note: Nikki.A you good la today your last day of being a Taylorian! So plan to join me anytime soon? =P

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