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  • Sunday, August 9, 2009

    Jangan Menyerah - d'Masiv

    Dear friend,

    I had believe in you and I will still believe in you.

    You said you are a lost soul, lost your dream and etc.

    But have you started with what you can do (I'm sure you know what am I talking about)? Everyone has to learn to find time to fight the good fight, the key is time management and passion.

    The feeling of dragging our feet up after every crap thrown at us is doubtlessly tiresome.

    You, me and anyone else too.

    Self-discovery is never late, it is an ongoing process, a famous Mandarin saying (direct translation) "live till you are old, learn to you are old".

    Changes are bound to happen, it is part of the menu of life, it could be our character, environment or even our philosophy that changed, its the matter of for good or for the worst.

    Let me ask, whenever a new task or opportunity (some you have to find yourself) given, are we the 1st to back off and say no? Maybe out of fear or maybe "lazy la"? :P

    That is why things remain the same, because without trials and hardship, we can never mature, things might get out of hand or screw up, but there is where we can learn to pick ourselves back up.

    When we don't swim against the current, sooner or later, it will sweep us away with it, because that is how the world is, "look in the mirror and change what you see, and your world will change."

    By saying all these does not make me perfect, neither by complaining that we are at a disadvantage point, that will only keep us at where we are only to look upon others for the rest of our lives.

    I still fail and I do succeed at times, because I am still human.

    I have my own version of current to swim, and you have yours too, don't ever compare others to yourself, because each of us are unique and have a different destiny.

    If you try to walk in someones destiny, you will only realize you cant catch up or meet the mark, because that destiny is NOT meant for you.

    Learn to say yes to changes and adept in them will give us the edge, with commitment and passion, it will drive us even further!

    I'm glad that you said you refuse to stay that way (to give up), everyone needs assurance and encouragements from time to time.

    I cannot make it this far if I don't have people encouraging me, sad to say, my mother is not one of them, nevertheless, that is not an excuse to stop us rite (dad or mum alike)?! XD

    Like many had encouraged me, I am here to encourage you. :)

    Why say we wanna becoming someone when we ARE already someone just yet to be known by others, its just publicity problem. :)

    Don't feel pathetic, because you are not the only one feeling that way. Yes, we sometimes feel that we don't know where are we going, that is why we have to learn to stay focus, and aim for the finishing line ahead.

    In the Olympics or sports event, tell me when we ever saw a runner looking back while running? I can confidently say, none of them do, they look ahead and all of them will fix their eyes on that white line ahead of them.

    I do hope you get what I had said, I might not know what are you really thinking inside your head or your emotions truly feels, nevertheless once again I tell you.

    I will be here to encourage you!

    Besides that, I got a song here for you, I hope it will bless your heart as it has inspired me. :)

    Jangan sekali menyerah~

    Tuesday, August 4, 2009

    Dulu And Then Sekarang

    I was browsing my Facebook like any other day, but all of a sudden, I just got a sense of nostalgia due to looking back at so much past photos.

    These pass few days and months I was forcefully tagged in many of those old photos that I forgotten I even took it before.

    Its amazing don't you think? Especially when you notice in such a short time spend, and each individual changed so much.

    2006 after drama production in school

    I don't know about most of you, certainly I had change a lot, my friends said I do and I 100% agree to their statement.

    In just a spend from 2006-2009.

    Its like turning around the number '6' and the '9', so different yet still very similar.

    5Bestari 2006

    I see myself grown from being ignorant to sensitive to the people around me, though sometimes my senses are wrong, or sometimes its just only me.

    Nevertheless, its a process of learning.

    I also see myself strengthening my dreams, until today my dream has never died, disappointments for sure led me down many times,

    Some random photo taken in 2007

    There is a saying, "what cant kill you builds you."

    My dream became an even bigger picture, there are more installed for me then what I 1st dreamed and expected.

    I learned that I have to 1st empower myself before I could empower others, for this will be apart of the bigger picture I see in front of me.

    Elementary school reunion 2008 at Sunway Pyramid:
    class of 2001 6D, SJK(C) Lick Hung

    I see myself living a non-routine life, though present time stories and circumstances scares me, the fear of being marginalized in society is certainly unbearable,

    But I wan and I choose to press on, though the thought of giving up sometimes popped in my head,

    I would always comfort myself with words like "to dream is a one time event, the step for the dream to turn into reality is a process."

    BDH 31 option-A group 9, 10 & 11 steamboat dinner outing 2009

    July has ended and August is now, another half way more the there goes another year, all these moment will soon be stored in memory and turned into past stories.

    What lives on must move on, to adapt in this ever changing world.

    To remain in where we stand and think that we are alright, not doing anything to improve things is already a conduct of complacency.

    My hope is to see the best potential manifested out from us all, be it for a dream, ourselves, family, love, friendship or country!

    Happy half year! ^^