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  • Wednesday, July 30, 2008

    What An Insulting "Comment"

    I'm sure a lot of us here loves to eat but does not like getting fat.

    Thats not the point, hehe...

    When we taste good food, we most likely would go back to that place again.

    If its really good, we might even bring friends along too! Spreading good comments to others.

    Some restaurant and cafe provide comment card for the guest to fill in and show a piece of their mind.

    In Malaysia, most of the time no one cares anyway...

    Anyhow, there is this particular cafe I went to near my place one evening - Leo's Cafe.

    Just like any theme cafe, they provide the guest comment card.

    And I think some waiter/waitress really pissed off one of em guest...

    Use cockroach next time, I think it will be more "exciting"!

    Wahahha.... :P

    Friday, July 25, 2008

    Little Bit of Four

    Yes I know, its a really late update, I'm sorry.

    The reason behind my busy schedule was the preparation for song writing competition this coming Saturday!!!

    Its the preliminary round!! Darn I'm excited!

    But I tell you, it was like hell for the three of us, identity I'll review later:
    • The Composer-Guitarist
    • The Vocalist-Music arranger
    • The Lyricist-GM(me the General Monyet Manager)

    Nights of rushing through the song arrangement, lyrics and melody isn't easy at all...

    Sacrifices had to be made, sleepless nights, time, money, finger pain, head pain, throat pain and ass pain, whatever la, we take it all as if we were military tanks.

    I believe all the effort we put in, we will go far!

    When If we enter finals, must come support yo! :D

    Its going to be way bigger then this!


    For anyone who still doesn't know, my training has ended last month.

    Now, I'm back to college for my term 4.

    Well, so far so good, but classes are quite boring though.

    What really surprise me was the division among ourselves.

    I cant help but to wonder how come??

    Is it because of training? Such a short time, and changes took placed so rapidly.

    Maybe it was caused by "industrial fatigue"? I'll just never know...

    I really hate this sort of division phenomena, but what can I do but to just watch the effects take place daily... =(

    I guess maybe time can be the only cure...?

    The fish in student lounge also cant tahan and died.... =(

    Alright! Lets not dwell in things that cant be change, lets talk about some other stuff!

    I was forced chosen to become the assistant class representative.

    The hell?! Its a frame man!! I set up someone to be class rep in return I became the assistant... Guess every dog has its day.. T.T

    Why me!!!

    Fine, so be it..

    Just when I thought everything was over, Me and a few others got picked to enter some public speaking competition...

    Karl Wong's classic moment caught on camera!

    I'll freak out when I'm on stage, NO WAY in the world I will enter that competition, but I don't wan to compromise my presentation standards just because I wan to escape..

    Argh Why me!!!

    It all happened in one day! Lets see what will catch me by surprise again next time.

    Till then, take care people! :D

    Friday, July 18, 2008

    Blardy "Pirates"

    I came home after college one day, as I was walking to my room, I looked ahead of me and I spotted some what a really cool thing!

    I rub my eyes and look again from far...

    To the horror and shocked of my life, I actually spotted a figure that looked like this!!!

    My heart was pumping!

    I was excited!

    I cant believe what I just saw!

    I cant imagine that this was true!

    But indeed I saw!

    My eyes cant be playing tricks with me!

    I jumped for joy!

    I scream silently in my heart due to excitement!

    Mum actually bought me an ipod!!!!!


    This is the only time I hate piracy so much.......... T.T

    Blardy "pirates" that used an old man face as their logo......... =(

    Tuesday, July 15, 2008

    Celcom Broadband VS Maxis Broadband

    I have totally forgotten to tel you guys that my internet connection was switch from Maxis to Celcom!

    Well, simply because Celcom is better then Maxis and cheaper also!

    Few other comparison I would like to show you guys base on my personal experience.

    1st - Maxis Broadband block port!

    In other words, they don't allow the usage of certain LAN simulation program such as, Hamachi & Gerina(formally known as GG Client).

    Yes, they frigging block them!

    Celcom Broadband has no such problem. :)

    2nd - Maxis Broadband customer service SUX!

    In regards to the above 'block port' issue, I went to the Maxis center at Sunway Pyramid.

    I brought up this issue to all their people there, and they know nuts about what I was talking about, such low product knowledge people placed in the main center, what a humiliation!

    Whats worst, during my complaining session, a Maxis dude came and ask me whats the problem,

    I told him about it, he said this in return "honestly, don't use Maxis, it sux! Streamyx still the best".

    Can you imagine that? Maxis staff don't even believe in their own product....

    To make things worst, a lady ask me to leave my number and she will bring this issue up to the "higher level", and I would be notify of the solution 2 days later,

    I waited for 1 week, no call from Maxis at all.

    Celcom on the other hand, the dealer at TMPoint Taipan was good. He lend me HIS personal modem and sim card to test it out for 1 day,

    If I were to face the problem that I was talking about, he said I don't have to apply.

    3rd - Maxis Broadband freaking block P2P programs and application!

    This means no BitTorrent, BitComet, Azureus, Ares and any related P2P stuff.

    But I was told that from 1am to 6am, Maxis will open up the line to all "pirates" to download whatever they wish.

    True, but blardy slow leh.... Better off not opening the line at all...

    Celcom does not block P2P programs and application!

    In fact, I'm using their RM 68 per month package, and its working just fine! Depends on your area,

    Mine only had the 3G coverage, which isn't that good, if your area has the HSPD(high speed) connection, even better!

    Thats just about my experience using both broadband, I know I've praised Maxis so high last time and now I'm doing the opposite.

    Well, I'm just speaking the truth. :D

    Thats all for this post, I hope that I would have my hard disk plugged in by the end of this week, then I would have my blogging pictures again!

    Till then, take care! ;)

    Friday, July 11, 2008

    'Salvation Mission' - Saving Friends Girlfriend

    Crap la, I got other things to blog about, but my old PC hard drive is not connected to my new CPU yet..

    I guess this leaves me to blog about those things some other time. :)

    Anyhow, there was this incident that happened yesterday, and I would like to share it with all of you, it has been through permission request.

    Therefore I'm able to blog about it.

    I was somehow drawn to be part of the 'Salvation Mission'.

    Character: GF - girl, BF - my friend.

    Yet another sky picture by me, this is a simple one.. :)


    -3 Days ago-

    One fine morning, GF's mother told her that they will be having branch together at 11am.

    She woke up, and found the mother watching DVD drama, GF gently remind her mother that they are suppose to go for branch.

    "Don't disturb me! I'm watching my drama!" was the reply she got.

    Not wanting to get into an argument, she walked off.

    2pm, she again remind her mum the time for lunch, only to get a similar reply, "Go away! Don't disturb!".

    6pm, GF was fuming, she told her mum this time with a slight louder tone, her mother replied in fury, "Why didn't you tell me earlier! So late already!". GF stomps off.

    -2nd day-

    GF woke up much later then yesterday, 2pm.

    Her mother wasn't see around the house, she thought maybe mother went out for lunch and would get some for her.

    Later when her mother came back, she found out there wasn't any packed food for her.

    Instead she got a piece of the mothers mind, "serve you rite, this is for being rude yesterday and waking up so late today".

    GF does not wan to further argue with her mother, knowing she has no strength to do so.

    Mother told her to wait at the Sushi King near her place in the evening, she went and waited.

    What she doesn't know was the mother actually went to the DVD shop(again) and bought more DVD dramas! The mother "shopped" till she forgot the time and appointment with GF.

    GF was drown in rage, she told her mum she wanted to eat alone outside.

    Mother ain't happy with her decision, saying that its dangerous for a girl to be out so late, she demands that GF to come home right away! She has no choice but to comply.

    Upon reaching home, mother game an excuse saying, "your fault for waking up late, no dinner for you!". To subdue her hunger, she went to sleep early.

    Talking about abuse.. Take a look at this!


    GF called BF and tell her the entire situation, BF was darn shocked of her state and the treatment she received from her mother.

    But he couldn't do anything because he was lazy to take his license cant drive.

    Till later in the evening, BF decided to call his friend for help, which so happens to be me, and so happen also I was out with the car.

    I was stunned myself to know of such situation, hence I picked up BF around night time, and went all the way to GF's place at SS2 PJ.

    We took her out and brought her to eat after almost 3 days of starvation, everything turn for the better...

    So the girl was save! Thanks to the power puff girls a caring BF, some guy who has nothing better to do, and a car name 'wira'!


    This is a true story.

    Identity of both person are concealed due to privacy issue. :)

    Thank you for your understanding~ :D

    Monday, July 7, 2008

    Brand New Toy

    Hi people!!!

    Its been really long since I post my updates, I'm sorry for the super long delay, my PC was dead and I don't have the internet for quite some time.

    But now, everything is back to normal, blogging resume to normal phase!

    There is only one problem now, my old pictures are all in my other PC's hard disk, I've yet to plug it in, hence I'm unable to upload all the previous photos I've taken.

    I'll need some time to catch up on all those events. Will post it up once everything settles down.

    Just a slight update on whats happening at this point of time.


    And today was the 1st day of college after 3 long months, its officially a years anniversary for us batch 28 people!

    Tomorrow will be the orientation for batch 31!

    Shit, time flies...

    Now, lets see..

    Alright, I've announced that I had a new PC rite?

    Allow me to show you my brand new toy!

    Thanks to a friend of mine - SK, for coming along with me to Low Yat and help me search for the best buy.

    Excluding speaker, keyboard, mouse, DVD room and a floppy disk drive, others all all newly bought and assembled.


    This new baby has a G Force 9 512MB graphic card, 4 GB ram, 298 GB hard disk space and a Intel core 2 quad motherboard.

    Now I can edit my videos without fearing any lag and play any high graphic games!

    a really big graphic card..

    This high end baby is truly its a blessing. :)

    For the entire custom made CPU & LCD monitor, total cost is only RM 2880!

    assembled 'monster-board'

    A price like that for such monstrous assembly, its really a good buy.

    Lesson learned? Branded electronics doesn't mean its good most of the time.

    I've never dreamed of ever having such a opportunity to have such powerful PC.

    I thank God for it! ;)

    Well, that all for today, I'll update again soon!

    Take care! =D