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  • Thursday, June 18, 2009

    Memories Of Term Five In Black And White

    Whats On My Mind:

    Finally, I am able to complete my flash back post!

    This time round, I was quite caught up with a few stuff, trials & final exams preparation, and all these stuff made my mind very tired by the time I reached back home, hence the late update.

    FYI, this post is written in several location and time, so you might experience "time leap" while reading this post. :)

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    'Get Together Night' organized by DH 28 for DH 32

    As I am sitting here on this beautiful Monday morning, waiting for time to pass till revision class starts.

    I looked around the library, the feeling of unfamiliarity creeps up to my skin.

    I remembered those PC beside me were most of the time seated with the people whom I know, as I entered the library last time, exchange of 'hello' could go from 1 end to the other.

    Walking around the library for 1 round is a tradition which I practice when I entered its compound until today.

    Karl Wong

    I would at less bump into a few people I know, but now its just merely just an exercise routine for me.

    Then the reality of time came to my senses, its already 2009, I've already been here for 2 years.

    I opened my hand phone calender, and stared in disbelieve, only can I utter 2 words...

    "Holy cow...!"

    Chris cross dress during Law Presentation

    Today, Giordano came and did a mini sale within our campus, its my 3rd time seeing them in the campus compound, they came on 2008 and 2007, its always during the mid year season.

    I still remember asking Rebekah which shirt looks good, bought it soon after that, I'm still using it till today.

    Nevertheless, we all know things are bound to change, I'm just sad sometimes to know things change for the worst instead of better.

    It is still a learning process, every experience I've been through never one was a waste.

    Term 5 was a very different term for me, we had just returned from our 2nd industrial training. I was very charged up!

    All excited for the upcoming restaurant promotion project, me and my ever faithful blog poser - Ang Sio Sen,

    Had the honor to be elected as Restaurant Manager & Assistant Restaurant Manager.

    We tried our best to gather whatever lessons we had learned in our training and apply into this project.

    Leadership is not something new to me, because of previous experience, but the challenges I faced was indeed challenging.

    What I thought I could do, turn out to be a different story.

    Final briefing before showtime!

    What I've expect to face turned its tide.

    In short, pretty lots of bullshit la. :)

    I love this shot!

    If you are the top runner for your school, you win the race.

    If you are the best at 'Call of Duty 4', you pawn the noobs in Garena win the match.

    If you and your team worked together, everyone wins the championship.

    "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships!"
    DH 28 Group 1 & 2 - February 14 2009
    'Made With Love'

    It was a good process of self-discovery for myself.

    A lecturer of mine told me that I had the tendency to climb a mountain without safety gears.

    I asked myself, "am I?".

    Karl Wong again~

    I know my vision can be really big sometimes, but I am certain and I know what am I doing and I do have plans to execute it, except if unexpected circumstances come into the picture.

    If you have ambition, you might not achieve anything, but without ambition, you are almost certain not to achieve anything.

    I don't wan to end up, sitting by the 'long kang' side one day, thinking what had I done in this life and only to discover I have done nuts.

    "do I look influential?" XD

    Besides learning and getting upset, there are also many happy things during my semester 5!

    Who can ever forget our friend's facial expression after having 3 guys and 13 girls surprising him during his birthday?


    Unsuspecting victim by the name of Fandi

    3 guys and 13 girls!

    That is a very big ratio difference.

    Some missing.. :(

    Nevertheless, we had fun. :)

    Semester 5 was a season of birthday celebrations, not long down the road, we celebrated another friends birthday.

    Doreen's 20th birthday~

    Overall, it was a bitter sweet semester.

    Love it yet had second thoughts about it.

    If you realized the flash back this time, the content is quite little.

    Certain things just cannot be expressed by words.

    Classic candid shot!

    I look back with just a sigh.

    Many rooms for improvement, yet I could have done better.

    Nevertheless, at the end of the day, I know there are friend whom will stand with me and slap me in the face if I ever go astray, which I find its the most honorable thing to do, and that is what friends are for,

    And there are also "friends" whom will only shoot with their mouth but when asked to act, can only pick their nose and say "don't know" or "cannot la cannot"..

    Talk big no.1...

    Cute college cat edit from Julian's blog(I haven ask you for your new link)!

    Why do we fail?

    To me, because we can learn to pick ourselves back up again!

    Steamboat dinner with Mr.Patrick before term 6 begins

    After so much of hardship, joy and pain...

    We are graduating this Saturday!

    Viva la DH 28~

    I'll work on the 'Term 6 flash back' soon(no more delays I hope)!

    Till then, take care! ;)

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