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  • Saturday, December 1, 2007

    Unification Through Death

    Whats On My Mind:

    Thanks to all of you for your concern, don't worry, I'll take it easy. And I wana apologize to anyone of you if I had offended you in whatever form during this period of time, my brain ain't working well, I'll get back on track soon. ;)

    Part 1: Pre-Unification

    I got a call from Kenny Teoh saying that dad had entered into a critical stage, he was in the Intensive Care Unit(ICU) at University Hospital(UH).

    I was completely stunned at that point of time, all of the sudden, my joy of having mum away for 1 week turn into a state of confusion.

    My happy and well planned schedule for the entire week crashed and shattered into pieces... I was lost but managed to pick myself back up soon after that.

    I phoned up my church member Michael, in turn he called Maureen, another church member whom I knew for a long time.

    The 3 of us went to UH.

    It was then for the 1st time, I saw my step-mother. She is a very nice person, even though it was my 1st time meeting her, we never had a hard time communicating.

    I saw my father...

    Tears of sadness began to roll down...

    He was in a coma state, but he was able to hear us.

    Step-mum told me that he can listen to us if we whisper beside his ears, and so I did..

    "Dad, I'm here..."

    "Melvin is here to see you..."

    Upon hearing me, dad started becoming restless... He tried to pull away the binder that hold his hands, those were the things to prevent him from pulling out his life support..

    I have to leave the room...

    Step-mum told me that everyone tried to talk to him, but he did not respond at all... Your the only one that he responded to... He loves you very much...

    I couldn't help but to cry...

    "Dad, wake up... You still need to bring me to Klang for seafood, like what you did when I was young, remember?"

    "Don't you dare give up!"


    Part 2: Mid-Unification

    On the 28th of November, so happen my dad's birthday falls on this day.

    I was given a choice that would affect my entire life, meeting up with my dad's side of the family.

    Kenny Teoh, which is my 2nd (Step)brother, offered to pick me up from college to visit dad.

    We even have the same brand and color slippers...

    I guess why not, no harm meeting them anyway...

    The moment of truth finally stares at me eye to eye.

    People whom are related to me that I've never seen before are right before my sight.

    One by one I got to know who are they and how am I related to them, sadly I could not remember all of them yet...

    It was great pleasure knowing them, everyone were very nice to me even thought I might be consider alien to them.

    Suddenly I got so many relative.... @.@

    And I've never seen so many people which has the same family name as me gather in one place before.

    29th November, 4:20am...

    Dad left us for his final destination peacefully without even going through any CT scan or surgery that was initially planned...

    My dad entered the hospital(not yet ICU stage) on the day my eldest brothers wedding... He never gotten the chance to even see one of his son getting married....


    Part 3: Post-Unification

    I went for dad's funeral.

    My grandmother wanted to meet me.

    Grandma & I

    My uncle(dad's sisters husband) came to pick me up, Eugene and Chong came along with me as well.

    Meet up with more unknown relatives.

    My dad's dog was very sad, it teared. Seriously I'm not joking.

    Look at its eye properly...

    The man is gone & but the best friend is left behind...

    This event has played an important role in the coming days of my life, I'm glad that I could meet up with my "lost family".

    But why must we meet in this kind of circumstances... Only God knows, and may His grace & mercy be upon us all.

    Back row: Derek(3rd bro), Me(counted as 4th), Roy(youngest)
    Kenny(2nd) & Gary(eldest)
    Front row: Step-mum, Grandmother & Gary's wife - Sharon(aka my sister-in-law)

    5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st.... Yes I know I'm short and
    I looked like my youngest brother...

    Thats all I have for today, sorry guys, I know I'm not writing on my ordinary phase, please understand that I'm quite drained from all the things that is going on around me.

    But no worries! I'll be back to myself in no time!

    Sayonara Otosan(good bye father)...

    And here is a SMS that I find its quite amusing yet stupid yet I get the message, this particular person already knew what happened.

    Stupid question: "Melvin, its me. Hows your dad?"

    Brilliant answer: "He is sleeping in the box..."

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    edmond said...

    sorry to hear bout ur dad...