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  • Wednesday, October 17, 2007

    Pastry 101

    Just like the bread man gets up early in the morning to deliver bread to local mini markets.

    DH 28 Group 2 like wise gets up every alternate Monday for pastry class.

    The goal at the end of the class?

    Make the bread rolls and dessert for the restaurant guest!

    Wah lao, 1st class we already have to make pastry for guest, they din find any hair in those bread rolls consider good already. =P

    Regardless of what the out come will be, we have a really nice pastry lecturer - Chef Padma.

    She is the lady behind the buns.

    Making sure that our product wont be as soft as tissue and hard as rock.

    Ingredients must be followed according to the recipe.

    The amount of flour, yeast, eggs, milk and etc...

    Each has its own part to play, and all of them are depending on one another to create a nice product.

    The mixer

    After constant maxing, the lump of thing will be taken out to let it "grow", I don't know how to explain it, but there was something to do with the yeast.


    Double the "omph"~!

    The big boy gets cut and rolled into small balls.

    Working together using the concept of human chain, each of us were assigned to either cut or roll the paste.

    It had to be rolled into a shape like this.

    Apply a little butter on top, and off to the oven!

    Thats all about bread rolls, we move on to the dessert - cream caramel.

    And this is how the caramel was formed if you never seen it before.

    You put it on the hot plate.

    Let the sugar melt.

    Till it turns into golden brown color.

    Pour it on an empty container.

    And add a little.... Shit! I forgot what is the thing that we must add in.

    Neh, that white yellow thingy la.

    Into the oven once its done~!

    Last but not least, Chef Padma was kind enough to let us make muffins for our own consumption.

    Basic ingredients used.

    Now you know why are pastry so fattening? XD

    Adding of resins.

    That 3 blocks of butter...

    Mixed it well, and finally!

    Temptation was really really strong.

    However, we really had a fun time.

    Here comes the the moment of truth!


    My faithful blog poser in action again =D



    Personally I don't like pastry, what more if you see this in your muffin.

    Notice the white spot, thats the unbaked part!

    Oh my goodness... ~.~

    The cream caramel taste very "eggy". I find it super yucky~

    Egg is good, but too much is bad.

    I thought the bread roll could at less turn up well.

    In fact it did! Too well!

    Very the freaking big loh... -.-

    Compare with this...

    Despite of all the weird results, we are still proud to say, "we made pastry today!".

    Have you? Going to? =P

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