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  • Monday, April 30, 2007

    What The Heck?

    I got up 6:40am+ today, my body refuse to rest even though I went to bed 2am yesterday/today.

    Around 10:30am, I decided to go cut my hair, I could stand no longer!

    The blardy stylist from "Take Two Hair Studio" cut my hair till I look like a stupid orang utan, just a little less hairy.

    So pissed man! Anyone got good hair stylist can recommend?

    Anyway thats not the main point of this entry, back to the topic.

    And there I was, eager to get my head shaved, I took my bike and cycle off to Taipan.

    When I was about to reach the traffic light, I notice the queue was longer then usual.

    The cars suppose to be a turning left right before the traffic light, but the cars there aren't moving.

    I went for a closer look and this was the thing that cost the big whoohaa.

    A 9876KG branch spotted in Subang Jaya!

    And guess what those good for nothing MPSJ dudes were doing?!

    "They only good at saman-ing people wan lah"

    Even more pissed now. -.-

    Come on man! Its just a small branch that with no trouble could be moved a side,

    BUT noooo these nuts just sit on their sorry arse and smoke while looking at the cars got stuck in the jam,

    they might even be cheering "Ah! Lambat sial~".

    The worst is yet to come, I went to the salon and the shop was closed, the uncle next door told me
    "Open at 3pm la".

    Mother of all pissed man... -_-

    Still on the road after nearly an hour...

    Now I go cut my hair, thats all folks.

    Saturday, April 28, 2007

    Random Morning

    I got up one fine morning, I din know what got into me, I felt like drinking ice blended coffee.

    After I washed up, I took my bike and cycled to Taipans "Old Town Kpoitiam".

    I sat down there alone and half awake.

    No I did not strike in 4D, its just my soul calling out to me "feed me~ feed me~ ICE BLENDED~!.

    Random picture

    Wallah~! My ice blended.

    The coffee they serve there is good, I recommend those who live near by to try it out.

    I guess coffee makes the world go round, imagine one day all the coffee in the world disappear...

    Wednesday, April 25, 2007

    Don't Wan To Be An American Idiot~!

    Many people in old times, current times, and maybe even in the future seeks to move into the land of America to live the American dream or some crap like that.

    Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against people who wants to live in America. Personally I prefer to stay at home ground or other country in the east.

    Sometimes I wonder, why are people so eager to move away from their own country to another foreign land and take up the status of "2nd class citizens".

    Yes I know the fact its for, work opportunity, studies, children's future, etc...

    Its perfectly fine to migrate, but don't forget your own country la, it is where you were born and grew up man, this reminds me of someone... =/

    Really dislike people who move to another country and start criticizing/showing defection towards your own homeland.

    You like to defect so much rite? I pray to God that you will not become like these people in the video below.

    *This is a video I watched from Ben Ong's blog*

    Note: This post was not intended to offend anyone, please do not take it to heart, especially all my friends who are now living in over seas. Its just a funny video I wanted to share with all of you. =D

    Monday, April 23, 2007

    100% Won't Get Stolen Wan

    I was walking to 7-11 to get some stuff, I notice something rather interesting.

    We Malaysians very power wan when it comes to parking our vehicle.

    Take a look at these...

    *Picture source from www.kennysia.com*

    Now u might say, illegal parking on roads or pedestrian street are old school.

    So what about "on" the 'longkang'?

    Hmm... Why din I think of that?

    Next time they might even park it on the tree.

    Saturday, April 21, 2007

    JPJ Test

    17th of April, Tuesday

    9pm: Went to bed.

    12am: Got up to go toilet, end up unable to sleep back until 5:30am the next day.

    18th of April , Wednesday

    5:30am: Got up and refresh myself, had a cup of drink.

    6:30am: My driving instructor came to pick up Eugene and I.

    7am - 8am: Instructor asked us to go fer a spin with the car for the last time before test. Meet Tham Jun Xian when we were there.

    8am - 9:30am: JPJ officer open up to whoever wants to start doing the parking test & etc... Eugene and I were the 1st few who went. I passed. =)

    9:30am - 1pm: Freaking JPJ did not pick my number, waited for my turn.

    The amount of people who are still waiting after 3 hours

    Many idiots decide to take some puff, due to my lack of sleep and natural hatred towards smokes in addition the hot weather, my head grew two times its size.

    Try saying 47 in cantonese, it reads "sei chat", in other words "sure die",
    but I proved the belief of bad luck numbers are wrong

    1pm++: "Nombor 47!" I could not wait to get into the car and show the JPJ officer what I'm made off, my head was making me weak, but I pressed on.

    I was hungry too, because we did not eat anything, fearing that our number might be called, we did not leave our position.

    1:30pm: I finished touring with the car, the man hand me a slip, once again I passed. =)

    2:30pm: FINALLY having my lunch, nothing like a cup of "kat chai suen mui" after all I have gone through.

    There is is, my super cut short version JPJ test experience, sounds boring?


    Wait till your turn to get your "P" then you will feel me.

    Wednesday, April 18, 2007

    Talk To The Hand

    I wanted to update yesterday, but I m having JPJ(driving) test today, so I went to bed at 9pm cause mum asked me to.

    Anyway, I will blog about my JPJ test experience tomorrow or the day after, I am DEAD tired today, so give me a break k. =)

    On the way home after the test, I spotted a really 'keng' t-shirt worn by a dude on a motorbike.

    Brings an entire new meaning to the phrase "talk to the hand".

    Sunday, April 15, 2007

    Cuteness Hurts

    This is my cousin's dog, Sparkey.

    This little fella had never failed provoking me to wana shave its hairy ass bald every time I stayed over at my cousins house.

    You all must be asking me "what can such a cute little dog do to you until wan shave its ass?".

    Take a look for yourself.

    A scar still visible after one year

    Try looking at the bright white line there, its a scar "given" to me from Sparkey.

    The little mutt hiding at the place where I am suppose to
    place my leg when I use the computer

    I was on the net one night, suddenly I got shocked cause I felt something wet touched my toe.

    Immediately I pulled my leg back and *pong*! My leg hit the edge of the computer table where the sharp part so happens to be located.

    The dog licked my toe and the table kissed my knee... =/

    Good thing I gotten smarter this year, I avoid placing my leg below the sharp edge and I pushed the keyboard in whenever I am not using it.

    Thursday, April 12, 2007

    We Are Demons Behind Wheels

    I took a rapid kl bus back home from Summit few days ago.

    Heck it was so jam at 4pm and the bus was packed with humans, normally the flooding of cars start around 5pm - 6pm.

    Along the way home, I notice my bus driver kept honking some fella in front.

    I turned and look.

    This was what I saw...

    Mind my finger on the left side

    One freaking car blocked the entire traffic from the bus and onwards, I think we missed the green light because of that dumb donkey.

    Tuesday, April 10, 2007

    Easter Sunday

    Hey people, am back in the house~! Blogging resume to normal timing. It has been quite a fun but tiring week.

    Stupid cousin's phone rang every time in the middle of the night and early in the morning, waking the geram-ness(frustration) out of me.


    Wee~! Sara can drive already, so after church on Saturday night I tag along in her car for a ride together with Zhiyu and Zhiwei.

    We went to somebody's house in Bandar Utama for shushi and home made pizza. Nearly half of the Subang CG 2 people were there(I am from SJ CG 1 btw).

    SJ 2 CG leader Wai Loong on the PC


    After the stomach feeling banquet, we hit the road once more. It was too early to call it a day, Sara suggested to crash Michael's house(SJ 1 CG leader).

    Knowing Mike is someone who wants to sleep early, it needed a little something to make him not fall on his bed.

    -In Sara's car, Zhiyu and Zhiwei were there too-

    *Calls Mike*

    Mike: Hello...

    Me: Yo dei, you free now ar? Are you at home? I come ur place ok? I stress la, need to talk to you weh. My mum in Thailand, so I now driving her car coming your place, will be there soon.

    *Everyone in the car giggles*

    Mike: *Thinks: He better have a good reason why is he driving without his "P" *Har now ar, I just got home and haven bath yet la.

    Me: Dun worry, I go spin around with the car, will be over there soon, bath fast ok and don't sleep, after I ring the door bell till you all wake up.

    Mike: Alright...

    *All burst out in laughter*

    -After 15-25 min-

    Jia Huey(his sister) open the door for "me", poor Jia Huey got to watch those boring cartoon on channel 60 while waiting for "me" to drop by. Ended up seeing 4 over energetic jokers outside her gate.

    Sara, ZY and ZW went and hide in Mikes room, only to be busted by him. Thought he would come to the hall 1st, then I can "drama" a bit, so much for a surprise.

    Mike's face looked something like this when we told him we came just for fun

    We hang around till 12am++.

    Soon, off to Ramly burger stall at USJ 4~! according to ZY that stall is "legendary" and very popular, news paper also report about them before.

    I shall say no more this post getting long already.

    Mind the blur quality, stupid camera phone night mood lousy, make the picture all look ugly...

    USJ 4 Ramly stall

    Mike, Sara and Zhiwei

    Zhiyu, Jia Huey

    Zhiyu, Me, Sara - Night mood does our face BAD!

    Jia Huey with her doggie soft toy... =.=

    Sara's car boot. Argh! It will be picture perfect
    if not because of the lousy night mood

    Last but not less~! Our very "sexy" CG leader~! Mike~!

    With his striking "wise man" pose

    To: Sara, ZY, ZW, Mike, Jia Huey, if u all want the other pictures please let me know thanks, sadly many of them are blur. =(

    Thats all for today, have a great week ahead, ciaoz~!

    Wednesday, April 4, 2007

    "Kami Ah Long Ah Long Bukit Beruntung~~!"

    Note: This will be my last post until next Monday or Tuesday, my mum will be leaving for Thailand today and I am obligated to stay at my grandmothers house. I will still be on9, its just I can't update my blog.

    Note: I became a member of Project Petaling Street (PPS) yesterday. PPS its a portal that gathers together the blogs of Malaysians and foreigners living in Malaysia. You can read post by people around the country and ping you own entry to let others read. Do check it out, you can be apart of the Malaysian blogging community.


    The always there for you money lender known as "Ah Long" has been around for a very long time. Their advertisements are usually seen almost on every TNB electric generator.

    As times goes by, they became more creative, adding cute smilies or other cartoon like figures.

    Like this...

    The not so appealing ones are the older advertisements...

    This one reminds me of the pasar malam fruit vendors.

    Soon they started to look professional by using an office like environment with an
    ang moh as their background.

    The thing that makes this Ah long company no different from others is where they place their add. Just this one is a bit "higher".

    Yes! On a tree! where else??

    As a tribute to these wonderful people who could not wait to "share" their wealth with us, I uploaded a video that my friend send me some time ago, featuring the "Ah Longs from Bukit Beruntung".

    Its done by one of our local TV station - TV3. 'Keng' weh this video, don't play play ar!

    If our local production are more of this kinda amusing shows and not those don't know what shit they are doing now, Astro will have to move to Singapore.

    Enjoy~! And feel free to sing along!!