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  • Friday, February 27, 2009

    Youtube Is Just So Gay

    I just don't understand how could this happen.....

    Yesterday I left my PC turned on over night to upload a video on Youtube.

    To mo horror after 7 hours of time spend given for uploading, the video was not even 2% complete!!!!!

    My Celcom line was cut off..... =/


    I'll wait...

    Today, as soon as I reached home, I turned on my PC to upload the video again.

    I left to Ridzuan to get some work done, 4 hours later, the video was finally uploaded!!! =D

    The heck!!!!

    'The video contains an audio track that has not been authorized by WMG. The audio has been disabled'

    Youtube is so gay......

    'As a result, your video has been muted'

    This phrase is enough to boil my blood... =@

    Anyhow, I still have to leave my PC on overnight for the upload again....

    Another blog entry by tomorrow once I'm home, stay tune!

    So sorry for the major delay... T.T

    Wednesday, February 18, 2009

    Half Full or Half Empty

    Hey guys, I'm sorry I know that I am lacking of updates lately.

    I will pick up the phase soon, as for now, my mind has wondered away to somewhere due to a certain distraction.

    Trust me, the best updates are yet to come!

    Featuring my law drama presentation, Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical at Istana Budaya, 'Made With Love' food promotion flash back, Fandi's birthday surprise bash(you will be able to see the things behind the scene my friend!) and many more!

    I just have to find around 4-5 hours to bring my thought of words together.

    French test just ended today, I'm glad that I was able to do it, thanks to Ting Ting for the notes, merci beaucop!

    But my road ahead ain't a walk in the park, still got so many more assignments and assessments to go.

    Have any of you felt this way before, even though something is over, the same thought still haunts you, telling you that you can do better here and there...

    Darn, I know the fact its over, but sometimes humans just humans, we cant help but to have the thought flashing in our minds.

    People often say, "forgive and forget"..

    Forgiving is what I can and will do, but to forget?

    That has take a lot of time..

    Holding grudges are just bad for the heart, I'm still learning, one step at a time.

    I often ask God, "why do I always have to be the good person? Can I be the bad one for once?".

    Obviously, I said that out of just sheer sadness.. I believe everything happens for a reason.

    And behind every reason has a lesson to be learned!

    Hence I will not stop learning till I'm in the box.

    No, I'm not a nerd if you think I am~ :P

    But wisdom, perception and understanding gives me great power.

    I begin to have vision when I have knowledge, and I can foresee the odds in front of me, it satisfies my soul to break opposition strategies, I have no idea why..

    I like winning I guess? Who likes to lose anyway? Hahaha... But if I do lose, I will try not to whine like those school kids playing dota in the cybercafe a baby.

    Remember, every thing that happens has a reason behind it.

    If a tribulation cant kill you, it will surely built you.

    More to come soon! I will further on my stories next time~

    Now, off to Ridzuan condo to do some work... :(

    Take care guys, see ya!

    Wednesday, February 11, 2009

    Never Give Into Laziness Or Procrastination

    I'm very proud and very happy that in a short time we hit the studio, because we don't have enough equipments.

    It has been my dream to step into a studio since the band was formed.

    But I'm also very disappointed and upset that we went there not to make music but noise.

    Blardy heck, 1 hour RM40, that cheap half torn down studio which the microphone and amplifiers are not working properly, bad ventilation and sucked up place.

    Totally a ripped off!

    But then again, it was an experience.

    No more jamming in the studio at SS15!! :(

    I believe we will continue to move from strength to strength.

    Much effort and sacrifices had to be made, no matter how busy I am, I will never give up on what I believe in.

    Note to a friend of mine, you know who you are and I know you DO read my blog.

    Don't give in so easily, you have great skill in that thing you do, please don't stop half way what you started.

    Its not worth to hide that talent of yours, I'm sure you don't wan those words that were said to you by someone whom is closest to you to come true.

    Prove that person wrong, and I'm sure he will be proud of you one day.

    I would not purposely waste my time, my sleep and effort to blog and tell you this if its not worth it.

    I believe in you, why cant you believe in yourself?

    And yes, laziness WILL strike from time to time, that is why you can never run this journey alone, I will support you all the way.

    Tell you something, I had already establish a connection with my aunt whom one of her friends is the former General Manager of BMG Malaysia, now merged with Warner Music.

    As soon as my band is done with the 6 chosen piece, through my aunt, we will send to her for listening, if GM said "yes", I'm sure the road ahead will be bright!

    You know, most songs has music video, and most music video(well, not all) has stories. It is just my planning, when everything is running well.

    MAYBE if circumstances allow, I would love if you can help out with the story development for the video.

    I have already laid my ground, it is now up to you to believe in yourself and do your part of expending your creativity.

    When you think your not good enough, or you feel small or you doubt yourself, remember, "mistake is something you do, not something you can be."

    Nobody is perfect or supreme then the other, it is just who has the opportunity & attitude.

    Ever if you are planning to quit or felt that there is no more fire in you, find me, I will be more then glad to help out. :)

    It is all in your own very hands!

    Friday, February 6, 2009

    We Are On Fire

    What you do when there is a fire outbreak nearby?

    What do you expect others to do?

    Run? Hide? Laugh? Cry? Panic?

    When it happens, the entire scene turned into some sort of cinema.

    People like me will pop out their camera phone and start taking picture of the fire and surrounding.

    But some will come up with the idea of doing these...

    Imagine, 2 fire outbreak in a gap of just 7-8 months.

    That is just plain crappy.

    1st the car park, and now the office, next? Taylor's College!

    But the all bad things have a good side,

    Which is....



    Sunday, February 1, 2009

    Good Old CNY Lesson

    This year was a more fruitful year compare to last year.

    I'm not talking about the amount of 'ang pau' I received, I noticed that as you grow older, you get lesser, I don't know about you guys, but that is for me.

    I've been out almost everyday, catching up with friends or visiting relatives, it was a rather relaxing time for me.

    Being able to take a weeks break from the hectic college lifestyle was a bonus.

    Long journey ahead...

    This year, for the 1st time I hang out with my paternal side of the family, indeed, it was very different from what I've experienced on my maternal side.

    On my maternal side, gambling was not that popular, we do play card games, but axe the cash.

    On the other hand, for my maternal side, CNY = gambling time, but not everyone gambled though.

    The 1st thing I saw when I entered my aunt's place was 2 'majong' table, even before the food was served, the casino open already..

    Being a none majong player, we hit the cinema at 1U, watched a good old Hong Kong comedy and laugh our arses off.

    After movies, we went back for dinner, and still, the game was on. I couldn't not bare it anymore, I don't wan to just sit and watch TV.

    In my mind, I thought maybe we could play a none gambling style card game, so I made the call, "got cards?".

    And there was the cards, when we sat down on the floor, immediately my brothers took out around RM50+ and placed on the floor.

    I was like "oh shit...", sure lose like crap if they are playing big, but I cant say that I don't wan to play if got money involved, some more I was the one that made the call!

    So I complied by taking out RM10 from my wallet as my base as a sign "small only", besides its CNY, once awhile gamble, quite fun also la.. :P

    Good old 'black jack'.

    Smallest bid - RM1, highest - your wish.

    Spotted at Pulau Ketam, still using old Bahasa..

    My eldest brother Gary was the dealer, soon from 4 players, it grew to about 8+.

    My bid was RM1 at 1st, but cannot tolerate the slowness, and I kept winning! But in my heart I know no one is going to get rich by gambling, I made a deal, if all players increased their bid, then I will only do so.

    As soon as I was the last RM1 bidder, I increased it to RM2. If dealer strikes the x3 or x2 from their winnings, it means I'll lose RM6 instead of RM3, and that was a lot, considering I only had a base of RM10.

    Pulau Ketam cat are very playful...

    But life was good, I began to reap a harvest of almost RM40 profit and increasing even more.

    Gary was losing big time.

    When the amount of players increased, he lose even bigger time.

    Not long after, Sharon(his wife) stepped in after seeing so much of cash flowing out to us "little fishes", she became the dealer instead, and Gary just pump in the cash.

    I was hesitant, half my heart says "profit time!", the other half says, "money is the root to all evil". I was glad I did not increased.

    Although I was on the verge of doing so, I placed my bet "all in", it was RM8, if dealer strikes the x3, I'll have to pay RM24 compensation, its so much of money, its not funny.

    Thank God, as she gave the cards, one of my cards accidentally flipped open! It never happened to anyone else as far as the game goes. Like a sign from above, I withdraw from that game immediately.

    And the cards were dealt.... Dealer strikes the 5-cards-in-a-row-without-going-above-21.. x3 compensation to all! =O

    Holy cow!

    Absolutely speechless....

    Lesson, don't be so greedy, and I'm glad I don't have to learn it the hard way.

    Nevertheless, this CNY was good, and I've enjoyed every single bit of it.

    One last story before I put the fullstop.

    My young cousin sister around 6 years old I think, she asked her dad(my uncle), "Daddy! daddy! How to play?"(referring to the game of 'black jack')

    My uncle replied, "Oh! Very easy wan, this game you just put money, and more money will come back to you, don't need to know how to play."

    Gosh! My uncle's a genius!