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  • Thursday, February 28, 2008

    The Westin Kuala Lumpur

    *Some melodrama music playing at the background*

    I will like to take this time to congratulate someone in our mids!

    This person has made history, her achievements are only for us to envy!

    She has inspired us all to be more like her!

    Every guy that sees her will fall in love with her, every girl that sees her will bitch about her!

    For she has done something great! Something beyond godlike!

    She has scored 16/20 marks(I only got 11/20) for housekeeping turn down service assessment! The HIGHEST in DH 28 group 2!

    She is none other then...........!!!

    *Those Oscar award winning background songs playing(just before the winner gets up to claim the prize*


    Yes Rebekah, I know u hate this picture,
    thats the point! =P


    *Melvin knows that his time is short after posting this particular picture, he began to dig his own grave as a sign of peace, he also left a note that states "how did I get this picture leh?" ^hint hint^* XD


    Anyway, that is not the point for todays post. =P

    I made an impulsive decision yesterday to follow Fandi, Latifa(bumped into her along the way) Lu Shen & Ivana to The Westin Kuala Lumpur.

    Class finished at 2.30pm, I was reluctant to go home knowing that I will be bored, therefore I decide to tag along..

    Ivana & Lu Shen's industrial training interview was at that hotel.

    I liked Westin KL, it looks really grand..

    Bah, all 5 star hotel looks grand anyway..

    Shot from inside the lobby..

    I don't know about this, every hotel seems to be treating their guest very well(duh), but for 'staff-gonabe' is a little different..

    They must get some funny pass in some funny security office that is located in some funny delivery bay in order to proceed into 'staff area' which we trespassed before acquire the pass...

    Delivery bay...

    I guess everything went well. =)

    At the end of the day, we satisfy ourselves with some homemade Turkish ice cream.

    I was told that this dudes ice cream was featured on some traveling or eating program, I personally never tried it, because I was too full after dinner to get a bite.

    The funny thing was this dude will sing some Turkish song while he digs the ice cream out for his guest.

    After digging he will hit a bell like thing before giving the ice cream to the guest, tradition perhaps? We'll just never know...

    No doubt a tiring day, I reached home around 9.30pm.. That was why my blog never got updated till now.

    More post coming up yea~

    Stay tune! ;)

    Sunday, February 24, 2008

    Makanan Indonesia(Indon Food)

    Food company and establishments these days are coming up with weird names for their product, just look around the food places near you and you will know what I mean.

    One day, I sat at 'Uma Curry House', a mamak stall within my college compound.

    I noticed something different, I saw they added a new menu.

    Its an Indonesian food menu, now Indian mamak stalls are going into Indonesian food business, the world is mixing I tell you...

    I asked Ivana whether in Bandung got such thing as "sirup bandung" & "mee bandung".

    She answered "har? apa tu?"... =/

    Enak banget makanan Indo!(Indo food very nice!) =D

    My favorite of them all are 'ayam penyet'(flatten chicken) & 'mee soto' which they don't serve... =(

    Looking through the menu of delicious food, something caught my eye.

    Oh my goodness..

    Food establishments these days are crazy...

    So whats next?


    Thursday, February 21, 2008

    Happy 19th Birthday Rebekah

    Sorry la, I forgotten your b'day at 1st. =P

    I hope it was a great time for u! ;)

    Now, here are the things behind the scene, if you wan to save the pictures, click on it so that its enlarge, then only you save it.


    Yesterday, I was suppose to go for Mu's(Rebekah's BF) dinner service, ended up canceling...

    Somehow, Ivana's friend needed guest for dinner service too, but the trick was, I have to bring 1 more person along.

    I thought how hard could it be.. Since my phone book got so many people I could ask from.

    BUT! Turn out to be, many are not available, some dumb luck.. =( I was really worried. I almost fought with 1 of my friend over this..

    "Come la, I need guest, help me, I really got no 1 to call already..."

    "Don't wan la, your college friends also I duno, go there to stone meh?"

    "Go eat only la, its free, you no need pay, they provide voucher, I pick you up some more."

    "Is this some thing you "plan" out?"

    "Wut?! "Plan out" your head la, I just need your help to eat something thats free, like this also talk so much? Last time you need help I come, now you like this la..."

    "Don't wan la, I don't wan to go.."

    "Fine! Useless la you!"

    Well, there you go... -.-

    THEN! I got a call from Ivana few minutes later, saying that her friend canceled the dinner service............ -.-"

    Picture from Elaine's blog

    Not only she tulan, I also tulan!

    In fact, I'm MEGA TULAN! 2nd dinner canceled, almost fought with a friend & no food at home..

    Both of us cancel our other appointment before this, and now that was what we get in return... =(

    Out of my disappointment, I rang up Fandi for dinner.

    As soon as I pass Summit USJ, I got a call from Sio Sen, she told me there will be a surprise party for Rebekah at her place, and whether can I pick her up, Elaine & Marvin will be there too.

    Sad la, you called a few minutes late! =P I passed your house then only you call. XD

    The 1st gathering point was at Elaine's place, I was surprise of the presence of someone that I never expected to be there, instead of Marvin who was suppose to turn up, Kyle was there.

    The plan was, to sneak in to Rebekah's house and surprise her.

    GTA style!

    Also known as "curi2 style" la...

    But the 1st thing we Sio Sen did when she reach her door, was hitting the grill!

    We ran and hide, lucky Rebekah did not find out. =)

    Elaine trying to unlock the door~ =P

    I like this random shot

    Phase 1

    Infiltration success!

    Phase 2

    And this was the birthday girls expression.

    Someone turned off the lights before I get to snap your picture, that was why its so dark.

    "Happy birthday to u~"

    Cut cake

    Traditional take out the candle not using the hand trick,
    thats where your face get decorated with cake~

    Cake smashing time!

    What goes around comes around~ =P

    I hope you had a great birthday celebration, will promise to do a more not so "leaked out" b'day prank! =P

    Till then, see ya~

    Sunday, February 17, 2008


    Whats On My Mind:

    Sorry guys for the delayed update...

    Do you guys like chocolate?

    Well, I'm sure majority of us here loves it to the bottom of our heart.

    But have you ever tasted real chocolate?

    Sugar content = 0% type of chocolate.

    On the 3rd day of CNY, I went back to my mum's hometown at Seremban as usual, a tradition every year.

    But this year, my mum's cousin sister came up from Singapore for visitation.

    My aunt as usual, would have all sorts of weird but interesting things for us to try out every time, I remembered long time ago, she was the one who thought me some card tricks which I remembered till today.

    This year, its chocolate tasting!

    My aunt opened a chocolate shop in Singapore, she has quite large a collection of chocolates from all around the world.

    I'm not taking about 'M&M's' & etc, its black chocolate I'm talking about.

    We got into a chocolate tasting session, whereby my cousins and I tasted 10 types of chocolate from 10 different place around the world, chocolate content is 75%, and sugar free, therefore also fat free(I cant get fat anyway). =)

    I learned and forgotten a lot from this session, but I realize that chocolate isn't just chocolate flavor, the pure chocolate contain various types of flavor, such as 'woody', 'spicy(herb kind)', 'acidic', 'bitter' and etc...

    Here are some pictures, of the description, feel free to take a look~

    Chocolates from Colombia.

    Chocolates from "I-like-to-move-it-move-it-land".

    Chocolates from Venezuela, top 3 favorite, rank 3rd~ ;)

    Chocolates from Equateur, top 3 favorite(my aunts favorite), rank 2nd~

    Chocolates from Indonesia, me and my cousins favorite(its not no.1 because I'm learning Indonesian ok.... Memang its nice), rank 1st~ =D

    Chocolates from Papouasie.

    Chocolates from Trinidad.

    Chocolates from Tanzanie, sorry I don't have the description for this piece, too bright till my camera cant see the words.. =(

    Chocolates from Sao Tome.

    Last but not least, chocolates from Ghana, the 1st we tried, and the one we dislike the most...

    The study of chocolates are very wide, so many out there in the world, and we are already so content with 'smarties' or 'M&M's'.

    Reminds me so much of wine class back at term 2, because the classifications of chocolates are quite similar to wine.

    Truly this was an eye opener for me, although I forgot most of the things aunt thought us, thats why my blog post I decided to post more pictures then to elaborate. =x

    Try black chocolate if you have the chance, I assure you, its absolutely heavenly~! =D