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  • Saturday, August 16, 2008

    Official Launch of 'Crossroad Generation'

    Whats On My Mind:

    Thanks you all for the wishes and celebration!
    Really appreciate it all! ;)

    This is song: "Terima Kasih Cinta - Afgan"(with English subtitle) which my friend just sent to me has really good melody and lyrics!

    Today is a special day, not only because its my birthday, that is 16 August 1989.

    On this day, 16 August 2008, I will officially launch 'Crossroad Generation'! As I have mentioned in my previous post.

    Why 'Crossroad Generation' you asked.

    Well, imagine with me, the shape of a crossroad is like a 't'/'x', people walking from all four direction and at the end, meet in the middle.

    Its a symbol where different talents from various sectors come together and with joint ability, hence creates more creative and innovative products.

    For example, this is an illustration...

    A person whom is good in music meet a group of other musician, create a song and together work with a film person, make a movie, and the song is them used as the theme song for the movie.

    Like this!

    My illustration in sexy drawing!

    The 4 main area from film, music to performing arts and free style.

    These are the targeted area which Crossroad Generation's production will align towards.

    Its open for anyone who has the passion in what do and believe, I know for sure, with our combine strength, it will be a entirely new level of product produced.

    But things wont be easy, the hardest part is the commitment and sacrifice, without this 2, its totally impossible that this will even work out.

    Do I fear? Yes I do, but I'm still learning, I truest with my whole heart, we will strive one day!

    Now, there are 6 person(+ me) in the fellowship, I'll continue to seek for more, and together, lets make history!

    Once again, I declare, 'Crossroad Generation' is now officially launch!

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