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  • Sunday, November 25, 2007

    It Just Had To Happen At This Time

    *Phone Call*

    Me: "Halo.."

    "Is this Kelvin Teoh?"

    Me: "Err.. There is no Kelvin Teoh but I'm Melvin Teoh.."

    Kenny Teoh: "Oh alright, Melvin. I'm Kenny Teoh, father was admitted into ICU at UH today."

    I told you not to smoke and drink so much... Hell you wont listen..
    Your hands are almost the same size as mine after your
    1st admission into the hospital...

    Me: "What?!"

    Kenny Teoh: "Yes, and he is in a coma, if you would wan to visit him, I can come pick you up from Subang after work."

    Me: "Alright, but I will confirm with you soon, maybe I will go with my friends, will see how."

    Kenny Teoh:
    "Ok no problem, just give me a call if you need anything, my mum will taking care of him in the hospital."

    Me: "Thats good to hear, thanks for telling me about this, see you soon..."


    AndrewC. said...

    Terribly sorry about your dad's news. Was kenny your cousin?

    nikki said...

    u didnt mention quite clearly n im a lil blur but im sorry to hear it.

    do let me noe if u nid anything alrite? hugs*

    Kyd said...

    If you need us, just tell us, alright? Stay strong.

    Prem said...


    thats so sad.... r u ok???? hope everything becomes like normal for u...

    jus hang in there bro... stay strong...

    frozensolid said...

    KC...I won't say sorry cuz he'll be okay.We're here if u need us...stay strong ok.