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  • Sunday, September 30, 2007

    Visitation To The 'Historical State: Melacca' - Part 1

    Whats On My Mind:

    Remember the 'missing key story' that I wrote about in my previous post?

    Jeff was the one who took the key..... -.- Oh well, at less I don't have to hire a lock smith so bash open the poor little compartment of mine. =)

    Our trip to Melacca wasn't much about visiting historical places like ordinary tourist would do when they visit Melacca.

    Therefore there wont be much pictures of buildings and historical artifact.

    Instead its more to food and hanging around with friends.

    This is what we call 'gastronomic tourism' a.k.a "eat & drink tourism".(Woot! I'm finally applying what I learned in 'Business in Hospitality and Tourism' class.) =D

    Anyway, we meet at Pudu Raya around 10am.

    Had breakfast and left for Melacca by 11am via bus.

    Pudu Raya is such a crazy place I tell you.. On the way we saw some crazy fella dancing in the middle of the walk way while listening to his mp3...

    KL was extra weird that day.

    Anyhow the 3 of us - Jeff, Sio Sen & I, would be meeting our host - Rebekah at Melacca Central once we reached.

    Our bus ride was rather alright, the sad part was there is a man sitting next to Jeff which has a really strong body odor.

    It was this bad...

    Seo Sen striking an illustrated pose on how Jeff felt

    Along the way Sio Sen spotted a cute little baby in the other car and wanted to take a picture of him.

    I think Melacca people are one of the most spotting people around the country.

    The mother actually notice and gladly lift her little baby up for us to take a picture!

    After almost 2 hours, Melacca finally!

    After settling down at Rebekah's place, she drove us out for lunch at some famous satay shop.

    I cant believe penguin Rebekah is going to drive us around! =P

    This fact made Jeff felt it wouldn't be safe...

    This is how we looked like in the car.

    Its better then walking I guess. =P

    *This the way ah-ha-ah-ha she parked it ah-ha-ah-ha.....* =P

    (Sorry Rebekah, I couldn't resist it.) XD

    Food was the only thing(after going to the toilet) we craved for!

    This shop sells nothing else but satay.

    The meat is soft and easy to be pulled out from the stick, the amount of meat is very little. =(

    After all, its RM0.45 per stick.

    The sauce taste different from the ones from KL.

    I was told that they put 'gula melaka' in it.

    Not bad I would say.

    I haven seen these kinda parking ticket since the Titanic sinked!

    Even though we ate quite a lot, but we were still hungry..

    We then drove to another famous stall, this time we are getting ourselves some cendol.

    I like the way the decorate the shop with lots of historical kinda stuff.

    Making the place feel quite "at home".

    Personally I don't fancy cendol, therefore I din quite like it.

    But its still good to try new things. =)

    After all the eating, digestion is needed.

    We head over to a place call 'Dataran Pahlawan'.

    *The above conversation is fictional* Its made up due to
    author had nothing better to do... =)

    Its nothing but a really really really big field, its ground is super flat and coated with carpet grass.

    It pokes the ass...

    I've been seeing these kinda jumping pictures in friendster, so we decide to have one too!

    Some kick ass shoe shop in Melacca with one of a kind decoration!

    I said earlier that KL was kinda weird that day.

    But this weirdness thing seems like a national phenomena!

    What could be any weirder when you walked into an arcade center and saw this....
    Who the heck weirs a helmet playing Daytona USA?!

    Afraid your mama will hit you on your head because you ponteng school just to go arcade???

    Malaysia was wickedly weird that day... ~.~

    Later at night we went to some place known as Mori Cafe.

    Its kinda like a bar-cafe, where you just hang out with friends and hear some ah beng sing.

    Speaking of friends, I thought of Fandi a.k.a Eddie, if I was not mistaken, he should still be at Melacca today.

    I gave him a call, and true enough! So he came and join us for the day.

    Mori Cafe served quite a few drinks that I never ever came across before.

    Such as this jasmine tea + apple + milk.

    I really don't know whether to say it tasted good or bad.

    Sio Sen posing like Rebekah

    This is actually Rebekah's trade mark pose!

    Rebekah, don't you feel happy that everyone is "advertising" your pose? =D

    Overall, it was a fun 1st day at Melacca. ;)

    At Mori Cafe

    Alright, I think I'll post up to this point, enough of "the adventures of Melvin & friends at Melacca" for today.

    I will update the next part of the trip soon, so do come check it out if your free! =D

    Sailing away~~ :)


    cdason said...

    hmm.. I'm actually now officially jealous..

    You've got the most gorgeous tour guides bringing you around..hehehe..

    jeff said...

    delete the photo loR!!!!!! i dint say that!! later her bf kill me!!! =(

    samantha said...

    having fun eating, most of the time ey ? (:
    i'm proud to be a malaccan X)

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