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  • Tuesday, October 23, 2007

    Ulead VideoStudio v11 Is Good

    Dead line for my moral project is just next month!

    I fire up my long time trusty video editing software - Ulead VideoStudio v8 for a test run.

    To my horror, the entire editor refuse to start up!

    It leaves me no choice but to get a new program.

    After awhile of scouting around, finally I got myself a new pirated video engine.

    This here is the newest version of the software I previously used.

    Some of you might have seen this particular video titled "Screwed Story" on Youtube.

    Its a silly storyless piece of drama that we did just for fun during secondary school days.

    For the benefit of those who haven seen it before, here is the video.

    Bare in mind, do not expect 1st class quality work in this clips, it was merely done out of boredom.

    Quite "wu liao" ma...

    Anyway, due to me being unfamiliar with the new v11, I decided to re-edit "Screwed Story" once more.

    To test out those new gimmicks they put in.

    The re-edit has a little more effects and etc...

    If time is what you have at your disposal, you can just take a look.

    I will not be held responsible for any brain damaged cost by the viewing of the video. =P

    That all for today, have a great week ahead! =D