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  • Sunday, November 25, 2007

    It Just Had To Happen At This Time

    *Phone Call*

    Me: "Halo.."

    "Is this Kelvin Teoh?"

    Me: "Err.. There is no Kelvin Teoh but I'm Melvin Teoh.."

    Kenny Teoh: "Oh alright, Melvin. I'm Kenny Teoh, father was admitted into ICU at UH today."

    I told you not to smoke and drink so much... Hell you wont listen..
    Your hands are almost the same size as mine after your
    1st admission into the hospital...

    Me: "What?!"

    Kenny Teoh: "Yes, and he is in a coma, if you would wan to visit him, I can come pick you up from Subang after work."

    Me: "Alright, but I will confirm with you soon, maybe I will go with my friends, will see how."

    Kenny Teoh:
    "Ok no problem, just give me a call if you need anything, my mum will taking care of him in the hospital."

    Me: "Thats good to hear, thanks for telling me about this, see you soon..."

    Friday, November 23, 2007

    Streamyx Is Funny!

    I thought my English was bad..

    Not till I saw how Streamyx personal writes their report.

    It boost my self esteem in English so much, for a split second, I thought I was a graduate from Oxford University.

    Due to them writing too long, I will retype it all here, bare in mind that I type exactly how they typed on the letter, the spacing and even how many full stop, its 100% photo copy of the report.

    Enjoy. =)


    Part 1
    Cust came in just now. she claimed that someone called her from her house to her mobile phone. customer was extremely pissed off why that tech guy used her phone without her permission to make out going call. Please investigate. This incident occured at 1.15pm. Please update customer as well. Tq

    I think the fella meant customer, instead he replaced it with "cust"...


    Part 2

    Spoke with Mr.Lim
    Customer very frustrated because his problem not resolved until now.
    Informed customer that will highlight this case with technician
    Customer want we solve this problem ASAP
    Customer acknowledge

    I was reluctant to tell him my real name since he addressed me Mr Lim at start and also because it was only the 1st report, I expected them to fix the problem with no sweat, but....


    Part 3
    -tell customer that there is an internal wiring problem .customer blame technician that technician cut another parallel line and efect all wall socket.. he request for technician to come and check again...because he can only connect for a while...his name actually is Mr Teoh not Mr Lim... TQ


    Part 4

    I don't understand lo.. Call Mr Lim, spoke to Mr Teoh.. I AM FRIGGING MR LIM AND MR TEOH la!!!

    Ya allah........ -.-"

    DON'T YOU PEOPLE REFER TO YOUR PREVIOUS REMARK THAT STATED "his name actually is Mr Teoh not Mr Lim"...


    Now I know why Streamyx organization is so messed up... They don't refer to their previous report, and they so call "make a new case" out of the old wan.

    Their favorite phrase "your case has been submitted to the higher level, they will solve this problem."

    But end up screwing anything and everything.

    Higher level my arse! The only thing that will go up higher is the modem that your cheap company give us.

    I'll shove it up high into your nose!

    GRRRR!!! Tulan......

    Wednesday, November 21, 2007

    Streamyx VS Maxis Broadband

    Whats On My Mind:

    Mum apparently to be a little crazy today, she offered to get me a laptop out of the blue! I refuse to accept that offer due to my "son ego", because last time I'm suppose to get 1 before entering SAE Institute, and since I came Taylor's I've been told to save that money instead because I have other plans. I'm currently eying on Isaac's Peugeot 405, so yeah thats why, if he is selling it, I'll be darn happy! =D

    I could stand no longer!

    Enough is enough!

    Today, I went to TMpoint at Taipan USJ, my internet has been down for weeks!

    Upon arrival, this particular sign cough my eye, I instantly draw out my phone and took a picture of it, I could not be bothered about other people looking at me.

    Its a sin not to take this picture, and you'll know why...

    Anyone of you can just step into TMpoint at Taipan,
    turn right once you enter, and you'll see that...

    It just SO STREAMYX!!! I was so happy for them because they finally discover something new of themselves!!

    So I took my number and sat down.

    The odd things was, those who are paying bills, their number are called more frequently compare to those who need technical assistant.

    And at 5:30pm SHARP, the TMpoint people will close shop.

    I've never seen them working that efficient, except closing shop on time...

    5:30pm had passed, I was given the "waiting treatment" before it could be my turn.

    "Number 3042, counter 7"

    I went and approach the receptionist as soon as I heard the call!

    And I'm thoroughly amused by this...

    The TMpoint people has to used THE CUSTOMER LINE to contact the technical department or some shit like that, don't they have direct access???!! -.-"

    Thus I have to wait longer...

    By the way, I've filed 2 phone report and 2 front desk report(including this 1).

    There was a technician who came and fix the line at my place few days before, but after he has left, I connect to the net for 7 minutes and it just disconnect.

    The technical department say that its my phone lining problem, and I have to call some fella to fix it!

    Thats what the fella did to my lining...

    I frigging shot her back saying that its your @#$% departments technician that was pulling and plugging my lining, and its spoiled after that, so YOU have to send someone to fix it

    Or I'll frigging splash pork blood in front of your TM head quarters door step, and I'll see how your gona close shop on time now!(No offence to any of my Muslim friends, this statement was to express my dissatisfaction of TM service)

    Of cause I wasn't talking rudely to her, but I've got my message straight.

    After all the talking and waiting, they agreed to send their technician within 24 hours(in other words - one day) to correct the mistake they made.

    They told me they are going to call me back and confirm what time they gona come, I told them off "tunggu lu telefon? I tunggu sampai leher panjang pun tak kan terima call lu..."

    I did that because last time they say they gona call back, but did not.. This is not the 1st time they did that to me...

    The fella reassured me that they WILL call me back, I'll see about that soon...

    Mum got a freaking good idea, "lets just chance to another service provider".

    Maxis was just around the corner, we walked over there.

    Mum was told by 1 of her friend that Maxis also got provide broadband service, thats why she thought of it.

    Just that instance..

    We just registered and now I'm using Maxis broadband instead of TMnut.

    1. Streamyx 1.0 Mbps ; Maxis broadband 3.6 Mbps.
    2. Streamyx got to wait few days for installation ; Maxis broadband buy, plug and get connected.
    3. Streamyx lousy service ; Maxis broadband hardly need any service.
    4. Streamyx need long wiring ; Maxis boradband less then 30 cm for desktop, less then 15 cm for laptop.
    5. Streamyx can only use for 1 computer(if its not router/wireless) ; Maxis broadband anything that has windows or an apple, its portable too!
    6. Streamyx no trial period ; Maxis broadband 1 week free trial(RM 100 deposited) before contract begins, and they refund your money if you decided not to continue using.
    7. Streamyx pricing a little cheap, but not worth it if your not using the house phone, the charges comes up to almost same amount RM77 addition RM 30+ ; Maxis broadband net price RM 138 per month with no hidden charges or tax.
    Why pay less and torture you soul? A little extra $$ spent keeps the doctors away.


    Streamyx - 0 ; Maxis broadband - 7

    Strike out!!

    Tuesday, November 20, 2007

    Just For You Streamyx

    Whats On My Mind:

    This post was updated at my friends house...
    Very limited pictures, sorry...

    I was so freaking happy today!

    The Streamyx technician actually took the effort to come and repair my internet connection! =D

    But Streamyx will always be Streamyx, the technician came around 1 hour late.

    Biasa la tu..

    Still, at less he came! Now who wants to buy Toto or 4D, todays date!?

    After all the mumbo jumbo that dude did fix quite a number of things and kindly helping me to rearrange my phone lines.

    I was so dead happy!

    All my misery can finally came to an end!

    After the dude left, I anxiously jump in front of my PC and started to check my mail and etc...

    At the 7th minute after the restoration.

    I realized that my web page ain't loading, I felt weird, how come the connection so slow...??




    Back to square one...

    After filing 3 reports + 1 complain, this is what I get in return.

    Dear Streamyx... I can only give you 5 thumbs up for your "professionalism"...

    And in return, here is my gratitude for your "wonderful" service..


    I'm feeling very tulan........ -.-

    Saturday, November 17, 2007

    Deepavali/Diwali Celebration

    Whats On My Mind:

    Stupid Streamyx finally fixed my internet connection! =D
    But I'm experiencing slow connection speed... -.- Don't know which cable they jacked my connection to this time...

    1st of all, so sorry for the super delayed update, I now officially proclaim that melzkc.blogspot.com is back on line!

    Few days ago, a friend of mine - Parvin invited us for her Diwali open house.

    Upon arriving at 'Bukit Badak' via the ever slow KTM, we noticed a total difference in scenery.

    The 1st thing we saw looked something like this.

    Lim Yin was there..

    Away from busy KL city, the streets of Klang reminds me of Melacca.

    Peaceful and quiet, lots of trees too.

    Took a couple of pictures.

    There wont be any pick pockets here I'm sure

    I even saw 2 underage boys riding motorbike around that area.

    Furthermore, another factor that might save us from being rob is because Hui Wen was there!

    With her stare of terror I bet those baddies would think twice before coming close to us.

    Soon after we arrived, Parvin's brother gave us a lift to her house.

    But the car ain't big enough for all of us..

    So cramp till take picture only got half of my face.. =(

    Arrived finally!

    We were so hungry, until I forgot to take pictures of the food, blogging was not in my mind at that point of time.

    See what I mean?

    Sorry la... But here is something I got hold of for all of you.

    A cup of Indian tea! For viewing pleasure. =P

    Yesh, lame I know...

    We had a great time of hang out, but I left early.


    Nothing like meeting up with old school friend
    after such a long time, and over eating too...

    I have another house to go to.

    Darn! What gluttony!

    Picture courtesy by Ivana

    So how did you celebrate the 'Festival of Light'?

    Tuesday, November 13, 2007

    Absolute Humiliation - Side Story of the BERSIH Riot

    Whats On My Mind:

    As they were saying, "your case I pass to high level"... I'll be waiting.
    This is a short update done at one of my friends house.

    The word 'leader' oftens pares up with these 2 word - brave and INTELECTUAL.

    Sadly to say, some of our country leaders either lacking 1 of the quality or have none.

    I know I'm just few steps away from steping on "danger ground", I shall not elaborate much and let YOU do the judging.

    Pay attention to his language, means of speaking and his points of reason within his speech.

    Call yourself 'Minister of Information'....

    Saturday, November 3, 2007

    Me The Service Staff

    Thanks Sara for taking pictures during my restaurant service class. =)

    One fine Saturday morning, I was all ready to perform my restaurant service.

    And my guest of the day - Sara Lim & her friend(sorry I din get her name).

    What could go wrong when everything seems right?

    Well, sometimes life hurls the curve ball at us.

    I freaking lost 9 of my meal voucher!!!


    I still have to return 1 each to Jeff and Chris, 5-2=3...

    Every hotel student will only be given 18 to last for 9 months(3 terms).

    And I haven even use 1, I lost 9 of them! Half gone!!



    Anyhow life still goes on no matter how pitiful one can be..

    Fortunately, service was good, I did not make any major mistakes that could get my ass whooped.

    I so love restaurant class compare to kitchen.

    Kitchen class is always a nightmare for me, I've never looked forward to enter kitchen class.

    Because I might end up screwing one thing or another.

    Pam, remembered u ate the fish and veg that I cooked? What you saw above its the veg you ate. =)

    I "molested" it with butter.

    French onion soup!

    Touch, Squish, rub, throw, cut whatever just name it, I did it all, because I freaking blank out when it comes cooking, I often to resolved to 'Melvin's cooking style'.

    Paris breast, yes its the desserts name, not something I made up..

    Which worked all the time, well almost all....

    Be glad Pam, you din die eating it, some more you said its nice! =P

    Lesson of the day?

    Keep in mind, your food does not look as nice as it seems when it is in the kitchen.

    But might turn out to be nice! Without even you knowing what in the world happened to the food.

    Now, don't be scared if I asked you to come for my service, I promise you wont die! ;)