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  • Saturday, March 31, 2007

    Coolest T-shirt Stall

    I am surprised that my blog could last for 2 months! And this will be my last post for March, I hope there will be more to come in the future & more 'keng' entries too. Thank you all for dropping by my blog. =D


    I wanted to blog about this super amusing t-shirt stall that I came across in Bangsar Village long time ago, but I could not possibly be holding my camera and taking pictures of their stuff, the boss would probably chase me away.

    Now with my new baby that has a camera, the grass looks greener on the other side.

    Here are some t-shirts that I manage to take a snap shot of. There are many more but I was in the hurry.

    Featuring re-modified cars...

    Something you put on to publicly insult the other football club...

    Country, people and hangouts...

    A little local flavor...

    For those of you who understands cantonese, you know what this means

    Everyone knows our beloved internet connection company - Streamyx always cause us a pain in our ass, slow connection la, lousy service la, late installation la, this la and that la...

    So I decide to make a dedication to them, and I hope those idiots will get the meaning of it and improve, but.................. FAT CHANCE LAH.

    This is a cry on behalf of all streamyx users done by me!!!


    Thursday, March 29, 2007

    "Dei, Kurang Manis La..."

    Few day ago I drop by my old time favorite mamak stall - Maju & Maju.

    The place has change a lot since last year, new blue plastic chair, surround sound system for their TV, older workers had been replace by newer ones and you can no longer get 2 piece of 'papadam' when you order rice. =(

    As usual I sat at the same table that I always do.

    -The waiter walks over-

    Me: "Dei, kasi kopi-o-ice kurang manis satu." (Hey, give me ice coffee less sugar with no milk)

    Waiter: "Kopi-o-ice kurang manis." (Ice coffee less sugar with no milk.)

    Me: "Dan roti kosong banjir." (And roti canai with the sauce poured on it)

    Waiter: "Kopi-o-ice kurang manis dan roti kosong banjir?" (So is it ice coffee less sugar with no milk and roti banjir?)

    Me: "Ya." (Yes)

    -Few min later, the waiter walks over with a rather not familiar cup of drink on his hand-

    Me: "Dei, kopi-o-ice bukan teh ice la." (Hey, I said coffee with no milk not ice tea la.)

    Waiter: *Shows his tulan face & walks off*

    After some time the food came. This is one of my favorite ways to eat roti canai, with those yumm yumm
    'kua' already poured on, save time and trouble.

    As I was enjoying my coffee, I notice something...


    He ended up giving me more sugar then usual.

    Blardy new worker...

    Tuesday, March 27, 2007

    Good Bye...

    We have been together for almost 2 years...

    Every time you are always there for me...

    At times when I was angry I shouted at you...

    When I was happy my laughter is what you always hear...

    You were patience, always listening...

    My secrets you heard them all...

    Things had been tough for me, yet you brought me happiness...

    I remember you were the envy of others when we 1st came together...

    They wanted you to be theirs...

    As time goes by, your glory faded...

    No longer the desire of people...

    But I still cherish you...

    It came to a point where you failed me countless time...

    Getting me into trouble after trouble...

    Yet I never gave up on you...

    Now could stand no longer...!

    I don't like you anymore...

    I found a new love...

    I can only say...

    Good bye...

    And hello new love!!

    What were you all thinking??


    My phone a bit "sot"(crazy) ledi, sometimes I can't receive calls or sms and sometimes I can.

    Thats why I decide to get a new phone, using my own pocket $$, and now I am broke.

    By the way, I switched back to Maxis, screw Digi because it sux! Always giving me a pain in my ass.

    I will inform you all what is my new number soon, if you never get a message from me, do let me know ok?

    Saturday, March 24, 2007

    Love Is In Her Soup

    During the Genting trip, Jia Huey showed me a mushroom picture she took when she was having some soup back home.

    I find it too cute not to post this up. How can I not show "love" to all of you??

    Anyway here it is.

    *Drum roll* Chang~!

    Serious shit man, not photoshop wan, my skill in using that program not that good anyways.

    Thursday, March 22, 2007

    Ringing Out The Old

    One fine morning, I woke up and found a note left by my mum on the table.

    "Clear out your form 4 books."

    What a way to start a day... I had remove my form 5 books late last year, but I was too lazy to clear all at once, so my form 4 books were spared.

    Look at how new are those books, some had never been open since the day I bought it.

    Teachers rarely use text books, they always ask us to get some other ones, make us waste more of our cash. Look at how new it is. =/

    Well when some things got to go, it has to go...

    Tuesday, March 20, 2007

    Other Residence

    Long time ago in a land(the place I stay) where only humans dwell, now has become a lair for other creatures.

    Left: Oi, Right: Wei
    Well, thats what I call them

    Cats sleeping on my neighbour's shoe rack. Two years ago when I moved to Bangsar, they(the current cats mother) climb into my house and slept at the balcony.

    Where is their mother you ask me? I have no freaking idea, maybe dead somewhere already.

    As days goes by, the cats increase in numbers(yes there are more) and became bolder, they no longer need that smelly shoe rack.

    Wah lao! Now can road block ledi, think you are what, lion?

    You might say
    "ceh cats only ma, so normal, what so big deal about it?" Here is something you will never expect.


    You better believe what you just saw, it is a matter of time this little dude will 'botak' the grass around the area I stay.

    If you don't know what is that, do your self a favor and jump off the tree head 1st.

    Sunday, March 18, 2007

    My Nose A "Water" Pipe

    I am not sure what is wrong with me these days, as far as I can remember, my nose has never bleed since lower primary school.

    Now on the other hand...

    Don't mistaken me picking my nose and causing it to bleed, it just came running down out of the blue. I really hate it when I playing my game and that happens...

    Hope I will get better soon...

    Friday, March 16, 2007

    Last "Gold" Of The Year

    Note: Proper Update Soon.

    These are the last survivors left yet to be consume by me.

    Their new home...


    Wednesday, March 14, 2007

    Genting Retreat

    I got a friend that thought I failed my BM since I mention "I almost needed to retake my BM paper" in my last post. Obviously I pass, mum would have bought a one way ticket for me to meet my Maker if that happens.

    I was reading Nikki Au's blog yesterday afternoon, she proudly display her results on it. Since I told many I am happy with what I got, I questioned myself why not I too display mine as a sign I am really joyful and not faking.

    Behold! The the results behind that smile.

    A1 - English
    A2 - Math
    B4 - EST
    C5 - Chemistry, History & Add Math <<< O MY GOODNESS, how that happen??!!
    C6 - Moral, Physic & Biology
    D7 - Bahasa Malaysia <<< Wa punyer bahasar banyek baggus tao! apek ine....


    We stayed at Gracehill Orchard Lodge - Bukit Tinggi from the 10 - 12 of March. Sadly the path was too small for the bus, we got to walk for approximately 10 min to the place we stay.

    At last! The gate in the far front is the entrance to the retreat site

    Some "friends" I spotted along the way, believe me that not all, I see bigger ones in the camp site.

    How can you resist from diving??

    The pool in the resort

    Mountain view for a certain place in the resort.

    The guys dormitory. Not a bad place to say, the only problem is during night time LOTS of bugs will swarm the place, from green, black, red, yellow to brown. Lucky we got those net that prevent them from coming in.

    Some still manage to come in. On the 2nd morning, I found out I was rolling on some small bug the entire night, the bugger must have landed at the wrong time, I squashed that poor fella when I was asleep.

    Oh ya, I forgot to mention, this place is powered by a generator, by 1:30am every night the entire place will be cut off its electricity. Its total pitch black, you can't even see your own fingers literally.

    Not to mention I sweat a lot during the trip. Genting eh... My fart is colder then the atmosphere.

    Random non-Chinese kid still in the CNY mood, maybe he just wants more ang pau?

    Me and Subang School group(a.k.a cell) leader Michael.

    My cell(a.k.a group) members, behind us is the pool I showed just now in one of the pictures, it is that dark, keep in mind that the generator is still on, imagine when is off.

    From top: Crystal, Dianne, Kai Xian, Michael, Jonathan, Chronicles
    From bottom: Lynn, Wendy, Me and Jia Huey

    More of us at the veranda. =)

    Taken in the morning

    Morning sky, taken from the veranda.

    We went to the waterfall on the 3rd day, what a beauty of nature.

    The shortcut we took back to the camp site, it looks easy to climb, but is not.


    Here are pictures of the camp site that I took from the veranda.

    Left: The canteen
    Right: Outside the dormitory

    Bidding the place farewell, we took a group picture just before we leave.

    The bus stopped us at one of the so call best sea food restaurant for lunch, the freaking 'suet char'(ice Chinese tea) they serve has the color but taste like tap water.

    Wooden star made of toothpick courtesy of Wendy

    The lunch was great, more dishes came soon after.

    Crystal, Wendy and Lynn

    Jonathan(the one sitting) showing off his new "sexy eye pose" after losing his RM1k+ bulletproof lance glasses to the waterfall.

    Sorry this entry a little dry, I am not in the mood to crack lame jokes due to stupid Streamyx God knows why slow connection, causing me ages to upload just one photo.

    Our area maintenance was over few days ago, but its even slower then before...

    I am just too lazy to do spell check that I normally would after writing an entry because slow connection has hit me hard, there might be typos in this post.

    During the retreat I was having so much fun till I forgot to take pictures of those moments. That explains why only got pictures of us and not the activities, sorry.

    So please bare with me this once, thanks a lot. =)