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  • Sunday, January 31, 2010


    Have you ever been through a state where what you thought you knew suddenly became something totally unknown?

    Things seem to be going all hills up, and suddenly everything just came to a halt and went downhill all the way.

    Investing in something which seems prospective may turn up into a disaster, or worst something to haunt you later on.

    I tried following the book, it failed.

    I tried not following the book, epically failed.

    Philosophy, theories, media and etc all seems too bullshit to even exist.

    Cant things just be more simple?

    Why all the hassle to deny something that clearly its your basic want or should I say need?

    Hypocritical standard operating procedure, its a miracle people can live in those situation.

    Shakespear said "everyone is an actor playing their part on lifes stage.", but I say "everyone is a great pretender playing a part they should not play."

    I also don't know what else to say.

    I'm mind-screwed!

    Monday, January 25, 2010

    Kerispatih - Tak Lekang Oleh Waktu

    A friend of mine intro me a music video.

    He told me the MV was shot quite well.

    But what I loved the most was of course the song itself.

    Beautiful melody, lyrics and nice MV makes it even more appealing to me.

    Here is the MV on Youtube for your viewing pleasure.

    So what do you think? :)

    Monday, January 18, 2010

    After Sunrise

    Today was a fateful day.

    I thought that getting up early morning with a head pain was bad.

    But what I had to faced in school was evermore "exciting".

    I do not wanna go into detail about what happen, but you can ask me about it face to face.

    The bottom line is, I became the class representative and I am no longer 'single' due to a "exclusive service scandal". :(

    Darn man, now how la I going to get a girlfriend now? :(

    Gee... Thank YOU guys...

    Clowning around in Sheraton Bandung

    All in all, things seem to be fine, though the new campus isn't that convenient, but I think we will get used to it soon.

    After today, I'm feeling that this term will go quite well, still keeping my fingers crossed though.

    Till then, I'm off to bed so I wont get a head pain tomorrow morning.

    Take care~ ;)

    Monday, January 11, 2010

    Project E.A - Economical Abundance

    Alright, new year new goals.

    I have to say though I'm thinking ahead a lot lately.

    Still, I'm excited for 2010!

    Many things can happen in 365 days, sometimes we cant help but to be down and sad.

    Absolute Beauty of Kawah Puteh - White Crater

    Instead of drowning counting the days we have to live through sadly.

    There is an equal amount of days for us to be happy and try our best to live it all out.

    Like the U.S Navy motto, "The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday!"

    After much pondering, I realize my problem last year was I am always short of cash, plans never came to pass because of the lack of funds.

    With ma lady host

    This year, I promise I'm not going to be in the same shit hole.

    I'm gonna save up some of the cash while put some into good use.

    2 things I must do this year with the money I saved,

    Absolute Beauty

    1st, to get myself a new phone. My old W810i has served me well, its showing sign of old age by turning off automatically and having distorting my received SMS.

    2nd, go to another foreign country for at less 5 days.

    3rd, God willing, to get a DSLR Camera.

    Kebun Teh somewhere in the mountain area of Bandung

    Now I shall go get some motivation by opening my empty piggy bank.

    So whats your 2010 gonna be like? :)

    Wednesday, January 6, 2010

    Thinking Ahead

    So the new year has begun, whats ahead for us this year?

    365 days may seem a very long time to some, yet short for others.

    I meet with an old friend when I was in Jakarta few weeks ago.

    It was great catching up with him and learning how the other people that were in his social circle last time are doing now.

    Reality reminded me again that, "hey man, you are gonna graduate in 1.5 year! what now?" during the time we were catching up.

    Knowing that one became a captain in a restaurant, one doing freelance pastry supplying, one became an event promoter,

    One took over his father's business, one became a cook in hotel and one in a Japanese restaurant.

    Each of them took their own path.

    There I am, sitting down there listening to all the stories, kinda makes me feel like a total noob.

    Have any of you get that kind of feeling before?

    You wanna do something in life but still you cannot do anything and knowing if you do, there will be major risks involved.

    I hope this new year will be a year that I can do something really useful and memorable.

    Till then, I wish you guys will have a great 1 year journey ahead!