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  • Sunday, October 7, 2007

    Me The Bar Tender

    On Thursday, it was our 1st restaurant service session, Sham whom is the chosen restaurant manager picked me to be the bar tender.

    I was satisfied with my job, because I cant find anyone to be my guest that day, and bar tender no need any guest, so I was lucky, my job is gona be a breeze!

    Or so.....

    One major problem happened, the restaurant manager whom is my fellow group mate - Sham, suddenly had an emergency and had to leave for home, but he will be coming back later.

    What is that got to do with me?

    Well, apparently he SMS-ed me and ask me to take over his place while he was away, the thing was, I did not felt my phones vibration when the SMS came in.

    Until he called someone, then only I got to know.

    What nut I know, I din have any work plan or anything, the managers job was to segregate job to everyone, plan the table layout, cutlery and crockery numbers, etc...

    I was caught totally unprepared! From worry-free bar tender to hyper-tensioned temporary restaurant manager!

    To cut the long story short, I was lost at 1st, but at the end of it everything seemingly was under control, I'm not sure I did things well or not, *sigh* is my 1st time anyway.

    The only time I became the restaurant manager was in the mock up restaurant, and that was nothing compare to the real thing.

    Anyhow thank God all went smoothly!

    After Sham came back, everything was passed back to him, and I returned to my own post. =)

    The service went well, guest turned up, while the servers had to run up and down remembering the service sequence at the same time, bar tenders - Janice & I, just stood there and watch. =P

    Once a while I'll do my "annual water pitching", go from table to table help my group mates pour water for their guest.

    The best part to be the bar tender, you get to drink, any extras or unwanted or testing drinks are submitted to our disposal~ =)

    But hell starts during the end of the service, orders are being fired almost back to back.

    "1 cup of coffee and 1 cup of tea!".... "2 cups of coffee please!"....

    Still it was fun, besides I got to know another guy who was also a bartender for another group. We helped each other and things went pretty good. Both of us curi minum the mango juice also.

    Not bad for 1st serving, I'm looking forward for the next!

    Mother of all posers! =P

    Aiks! My group is gona cook this coming Thursday! Hope we wont poison anyone during this process. =D

    Wish me all the best! ;)

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