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  • Wednesday, January 30, 2008

    Constant VS Competition

    Whats On My Mind:

    Thank You dear God for healing my gastric! =D

    On the way back from college, I was talking with mum about the idea of purchasing the new Proton Saga.

    Along the way, she started talking about money. It leads me thinking about the decision that I plan to make in the near future - stop my studies at diploma level.

    She told me, next time is your turn to support me, she is reaching retirement age this year, if the company does not wan to continue the contract, thats it la..

    It strike me that moment, thinking.. Its her usual "mother blabbering" that I tend not to listen last time, but for the 1st time, my brain took her words into reasoning...

    And its the only time I realized age is catching up on her...

    My usual confidence in my ability was then put to the challenge.. I thought I will be able to success and become big if I were to come out after diploma to pursue my dream.

    But the slight thought of "what IF I did not make it?" pinned me down to the corner..

    How am I going to support the household next time? I need to earn at less 4k in order to pay for the total cost of living.

    Continuing till my degree certainly promises a secure job and all, but I will be tie down..

    Time will be running ahead of me, I'm afraid that I'll 'go with the flow', living an ordinary life is never what I hope for, achieving my dream YOUNG is my ever sought after mission...

    All this confusion and thinking stir up a desire within me, that is I need to prove myself worthy, to challenge the impossible and reap whats behind the wall.

    Chris & Esther's dog, Ginger & Faith(white)

    I've read about this BMW short film contest last year, and few days ago, my lecturer - Mr Adrian passed me a link, I saw the same familiar BMW short film as the title.

    Its about the winner of last years competition.
    I checked it out and I almost peed in my pants...

    The winner actually invested RM5000 into his short film, and reap back a whooping RM50,000...

    Dude! I don't even have RM200 bucks with me...

    All I got is my trusty video camera, maybe I can buy some RM0.50++ polystyrene as light reflectors in bookstores, a hand carry spot light at handymart, and a big heart for film.

    I checked the top 10 finalists and this was what I found out..

    They are either, freelance director, graphic designer, assistant director, MMU graduate & now an aspiring producer, commercial director, film editor, former actress & now event manager and even an UTM English lecturer, all had the cash to purchase/loan at less basic film needs.

    Just by looking at their film poster is enough to make someone felt awed.

    The winner of BMW short film competition 2007 film poster

    Me, 19 years old, hotel school student, no money, less experience.. Against all odds.

    Winning the grand prize is not the primary objective if I join this competition, but to be recognize and be known is, with that, I'll be able find my way around the industry more easy.

    Some old Chinese saying sound something like this "When the tiger dies, it leaves the skin, but when a man dies, he lives his name".

    One of the top 10

    I still thinking about it, considering circumstances and other factors, things are gona get much more rough if I were to be in this.

    What say you if you were to be in my shoes?

    Sunday, January 27, 2008

    Industrial Training Application - Pending

    After term 3, DH 28, DC 28 and DT 28 are required to go for an industrial training to prove we have bigger balls gain some "in field" experience.

    We were given an industrial briefing by the career center on how to apply, what to expect and many more.

    Me being myself, I submitted the application form 1 day before the dead line.

    Selection from the state of Pahang

    I don't wana chose somewhere around KL/Subang/PJ because..

    1. Its so near to home
    2. The jam that I had to crawl out to reach home
    3. I need aDvEntUrE & eXpLoRaTiOn~!

    Therefore my selection??

    *Drum roll*

    As you can see, I only chose 1 place out of the 5 given slots, big balls? dumb ass?
    Well, I put it this way - determination

    Resort World Berhad~!

    Also known as 'Genting'.

    Why Genting? You asked.

    "3 months away from home and staying in some place that I've never seen before, not scared meh?"

    Those are none of my concern, I've survived in some ulu place in Sabah:

    bathing in the river, used toilet that has no flush,

    sleep on concrete ground with nothing but my sleeping bag as the insulator, having cows to "moo" in the middle of the night and waking us up in the process, and etc...

    How can living in Genting compare to this?

    The only thing that makes me no "steam" to go up is because...

    List of people that were, is, and are to be going up Genting

    I'll be all alone up there.

    None of my group mates or friends that I'm close with are coming with me... =(

    There are 2 others whom are from batch 28 that are going up, but I barely know them.

    It comes down to the same old word, lonely!

    But, all these things are still unsure, I am not yet accepted, my status is still under their "shortlisting".

    Judging by previous records, all who applied got accepted(one person quit).

    I guess I just have to wait and see. =)

    Thursday, January 24, 2008

    Maxis Broadband - Curse of The Malaysian Connection


    Now you tell me that some international server down, that is why this problem occur...

    And it just had to be between YOU and my social network providers server that face this problem...

    So which story do YOU wan me to believe? -.-"


    I'm quite unhappy now...


    I'm not only quite unhappy...

    In fact, I'm feeling very TULAN!!

    Why do I have to pay Rm138 every month when I can just stick with TMNut and get the same treatment?!?

    You were great at start, but deteriorate soon after that...

    Why do you have to have conflict with the admin of all my social network service?!?

    Windows live messenger, friendster(not sure, I just cant access that web) and facebook(not sure, this I tried and cant access also) don't like you already...!

    And when they don't like you, they don't like me also!

    Now I cant sign in or log on to any of those things..... -.-

    This is what I feel like doing to you now...

    Screw you Maxis Broadband... ~.~

    You stole my life and cheated my money!!! T.T

    Monday, January 21, 2008

    Say No To 'Nambla'

    We are living in a cruel and weird world today, crime rates sky rocketing, war, famine, rise of the unlawful and immoral.

    But, our world is also a beautiful place, depends on how you view it.

    The sad part was, this world is already deteriorating, and something just had to boost it to make it even worst...

    A gentle reminder ahead, this post is highly sickening(no, not because I wrote it) because of its natural content, DO NOT EAT(I vomited out my chicken rice while writing this post) while reading, thank you. =)

    No is not "New Adidas Membership Bonus LA"...

    Seen this or heard about this before?

    Be prepared... because it stands for.......


    North American Man/Boy Love Association a.k.a NAMBLA

    Man & boy love???


    Same sex relationship to a certain degree consider got problem.. And child abuse is totally unacceptable.

    Now! They have to double up the "omph", same sex relationship + with a child!

    God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve/little Steve...

    Fine, if you don't believe in God but the theory of evolution.

    Monkeys don't bang on poles but holes... What more small little poles! @.@

    Click here to read more about this sick organization...

    Where have all the real man gone to?!?

    The world is getting crazier each day I tell you...

    Friday, January 18, 2008

    Begining of Term 3

    This was the result I got back at term 1.

    Click picture to enlarge

    But this was what I got for term 2...


    Click picture to enlarge


    Two foulest subject made my global average drop by 4 points+!!

    And especially that 1st wan which goes by the name 'accounts'...

    French system, 20 = full mark, 10 = subject passing mark, 8 = requirement to pass the term.

    Term 3 just started, and I have another boring subject known as 'statistic'.

    I remembered back at high school days, one of my teacher said, 'statistic' is the "driest" subject in maths.

    I couldn't agree more!

    And it just had to get worst....

    Things we do during statistic class - shaving!

    We have a lecturer that looks young, but sounds like a old grandmother.

    You know senior citizens that walk using walking stick, the way they speak sounds as if they are very cold?

    Things we do during statistic class - sleeping!

    My lecturer sounded just like that! Some said the way she talk made them feel as if she is going to get an asthma attack any minute.

    Best part was, the 1st official lesson, she got so mad at the class cause of the noise level, she walked out just like that!

    Things we do during statistic class - play CS/dota!

    We sat there stunned for a while, but started laughing soon after... Why? Cause she FORGOT to take her hand bag!! What humiliation to come back in, smile, take her bag and leave...

    Statistic class is boringly stinky! =(

    Other then that episode, term 3 was pretty much good.

    We have a subject known as 'Plant and Premises', its about technical things in the hospitality industry, we have to study about refrigeration, ventilation, piping and etc..

    P&P presentation

    More of common sense la, not too in dept.

    In the kitchen, its my 1st time making lasagna(how ever you spell it).

    For some funny reason, it taste good! =D

    But this is what I find disgusting...

    Its some funny cold soup with ice! -.-

    Chef Shari said it is very famous among the French and even Europe.

    Well, I guess their tongue all spoil wan....

    I don't even wan to try it. ~.~

    Part of what we came across in Bahasa class..
    We never learn this in high school before, and lecturer
    expects us to come out with these kinda things...

    There will sure be more to come, I hope things will turn for the better, I'm looking forward to a fun and exciting college life!

    I'm sure all of us are~ =)

    Have a great weekend guys!

    Tuesday, January 15, 2008

    Cute Or Obscene Sign Board

    Ever came across those little little sign boards that never fail to amuse you?

    Or instructions? Warning?

    For instance, a note on a helium pump.

    Picture courtesy by Zhiwei

    "Do not inhale, Helium will not support life."

    Which dumb ass would stuff helium into themselves?!?

    Unless they wana sound like 'Micky Mouse'...

    Few days ago, I was walking around Point-B in Summit USJ.

    That was when I saw this...


    Naked man & woman inside!!!

    Sunday, January 13, 2008

    A Guide For Woman That Seems Wrong

    I was browsing some books in the church book store yesterday.

    It was then a book title caught my eye.


    Wah lao eh!

    Are girls getting rougher these days??

    They even produce a guide to teach them how to beat up their husband!

    A particular friend of mine once said, "girls ask for gender equality, but they expect us(guys) to adopt the 'ladies 1st principle', nevertheless we remain gentleman because we are real man!"

    Anyway! Thats not the point. =P

    I looked a little closer and I saw this written on the top part of the book.


    Owh! Now I understand..

    But if your understanding of 'towards a successful family' a little "bengkok", its gona give a whole new meaning...

    Ladies, any add ons? Guys, any words?

    Thursday, January 10, 2008

    2008 Resolution & 2007 Resolution Review

    I tell you something la, making new year resolutions is something that rarely people can keep. Chris said he wants to stop skipping class, but he skipped the 1st day of college and 3rd day already. =P

    For instance, in my 2nd post when I started this blog, I wrote about my 2007 resolution.

    There were 4 of us, we TRIED to prepare ourselves to go Japan before the age of 20.

    John - 'The Terrorist'
    Status: Unknown

    The trick was, we don't wan to following any shitty tour that rip you off big time and always limiting visitation time.

    We wanted to explore 'the land of the rising sun' via backpacking!

    That means we got to at less know the basics of their language.

    Dickson - 'The Dick~tator'
    Status: Lost in space

    Until today, this very hour & minute, sitting in front here writing this post, I only used this 2 Japanese word most of the time,

    1. 'Konbanwa' (means good evening), to disturb Nikki.A in MSN.
    2. 'Sayonara' (means good bye), instead of applying its normal meaning, I used this word when I know someone screw up something, I said it with the meaning "habis lah lu~!".

    So much for backpacking in Japan, but hope has not given up on us yet! We still have 1 year before we turn 20!

    Andrew Leng - 'SK'
    Status: "He is legend"

    But I guess it will not be the 4 of us this time round, you know as time pass, people change, sometimes circumstances are the stumbling block of great plans.

    Will see how thing goes later on la.

    I also said, "hope that I wont screw up my form 6". Yes, I was sort of "forced" into form 6 at 1st, I don't know should I say this, but...

    THANK GOD I GOT A 'D' FOR MY BAHASA IN SPM~!! =D Therefore I'm not qualified to enter. =)

    If not, I'll be tormented by all the shit that my friends are facing now in form 6.

    Just a period of 12 months, such a drastic change, it has taught me to think far, but plan near, I'm not sure if that makes any sense.

    Anyway! Resolution 2008?? For this time round, I wana set the bench mark, but this time, I'll set something easy to achieve, start small 1st better ma.

    So I'll set 3 main resolution and publicly blog about it, so at the end of this year if I don't achieve it, come ask me why and condemn me!

    Lets see now...

    "Lala" wanabe - but failed,because we are just not...

    First - Save up for traveling!
    This year, I must go out of the usual place I stay at less once, I don't care where, the best is out of Malaysia la, and WITHOUT parents.

    I really wana visit Indonesia, see how la. ;)

    Click on picture to enlarge.
    Bandung view from the peak~

    Worst comes to worst, Singapore also boleh la... Or worst till cannot worst, Langkawi la... Still out of the usual Selangor & KL.

    Second - Learn up my Bahasa!

    No, I don't mean Bahasa Malaysia, but Bahasa Indonesia.

    Now don't give me that "har?!" expression again, I've got it almost from everyone that I told.

    Some said that I started to lean this because of someone, which I wont deny, its partially true. The other half was because it sounds nicer then BM, and they are quite similar, so easy to learn, why not pick up another language? ;)

    But when it comes to expressing a great shock(for English, OMG!), BM kicks ass, I witnessed this particular incident outside the locker room.

    The lady guard caught a big fat grasshopper and placed it in front the cleaning lady, she got so freaked out, she blurbed out 2-3 sentences in less then 3 seconds, that sounded SO funny I laugh out loud in front of them.

    She start out with "ya allah s.w.t! *a lot of something* nenek moyang *a lot of something* jiwa kasihan ku *a lot of something*".

    Since the "crash" incident, I tested myself whether is it because of someone that drives this sudden interest?

    The truth is, I still find the interest of learning the language, and heck, I hope I've improved, its been 3 months already!

    Third - To brush up my video and photography skills!

    If I wana enter the film industry, how can I be lack of these?

    I'm hoping to find a new way to edit video, instead of using the old concepts that I know now.

    Hence, this comes to an end of my resolution list, I hope I am able to complete all of them.

    Wish me the best yea~! ;)

    So whats your resolution? Care t0 share? =)

    Monday, January 7, 2008

    A Bold Plan

    Whats On My Mind:

    Gwen: "What kinda present is suitable for a person that is goth and a little suicidal?"

    Jimmy(a.k.a 'The King'): "A smack on their face! So that they can wake up and realize that life isn't that bad after all."

    Me: *Another "wise words" from the king...*


    New hospitality students coming in tomorrow! =D


    Term 3 started today.

    Restaurant practical was the 1st class after 3 weeks of holiday, its obvious some of our skills and knowledge are rusted.

    Sad part was, being the 1st group to enter after 3 weeks non-occupied, we had to clean the entire restaurant, and we discover many dead & alive roaches around.

    Now we know why French food is so tasty. =P

    I've never see Mr Sarti pushing us much back at term 2, but now is a whole new thing, we have lots to catch up...

    Now there is no more lazying around like before...

    Makan, minum, main, tidur!
    Macam kucing yang tiada risau langsung...

    Come to think of it, just like that, 6 months just went by with a blink of an eye!

    And honestly, I still wonder what am I doing in this course even though I believe everyone was placed there for a special purpose(including myself).

    I questioned God sometimes, but my understanding is limited.

    Sorry la, I know I kept repeating this & you might be tired reading/hearing about this, but I cant help but to think about it each time when new term starts.

    Its great knowing and working with each and everyone in group 1 & 2, I had one of the greatest time with them.

    My faithful blog poser...
    Taken today during restaurant clean up..

    Even though I may sound as if I'm complaining, truly I enjoyed much in this course.

    Well... Not all subject la... Damn accounts for its the foulest subject on planet earth!!!!

    But I feel I can do better in other things compare to arranging fork & spoons, "further-murdering" cutting chicken or washing room toilet.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not despising this kinda work.

    I looked retarded in this photo,
    therefore photoshop was used! ;)

    How am I going to stand this until degree? I'll be wasting my mothers money and end up not working in this line.

    I have plan of not furthering to degree, not even higher diploma.

    After my diploma, I wana come out and work in the film industry, somehow....

    I'll find a way.. My brother is an editor for some company, so maybe by chance I can make a way from there?

    If not then.. Habis & mati tak ber~mayat lah...

    But through parents point of view, this is not just bad, its taboo + ridiculous + a joke + just something wrong with my head!

    Not having a degree is somehow just wrong in their perception....

    So wrong...
    Check out the models dressing and footwear, notice something?

    If one has no degree in todays world = useless.

    Agreed, but to a certain extend, no doubt a degree is a sign of someone that was well fed by wisdom(not all), and its able to draw the person to a good job with high pay.

    But thats for commerce and science type of thing, what about arts?

    Correct me if I'm wrong.

    People wont judge one's film by your degree.. But the quality, creativity and innovation of the movie produced.

    Frankly, I don't see the point for myself to get a hotel management degree.

    Term 6 dinner service - lamb chop!
    Picture courtesy by Ivana.

    Bold move, but I might get myself killed during the process.

    What do you guys thing?

    Degree? Or degrade?

    Dare to dream, dare to die! - by Me

    Friday, January 4, 2008

    The Princess Or The Work Partner

    Whats On My Mind:

    Happy 2008 people!!! XD

    I've been dreaming a lot lately, knowing the fact that term 3 is just around the corner excites me, at the same time popped up a few question in my head.

    Just this few days, my mind keeps playing this same common story that I assume everyone heard of.

    It just kept playing over and over and over again... Let me tell you that story, see what you guys think. =D

    Once upon a time there was a king who reign over his kingdom.

    The king was a great fisherman, even though he was the king, he catches fish from the sea everyday, so he could feed all the people in his country.

    Everyone was happy because they were always fed and never starved.

    But the king was not alone, he goes fishing with 2 of his best work partner, 1 of them he could worked with very well, the other almost got the fishing boat overturned a few times.

    Not far from the king's country, there was a beautiful princess from a foreign kingdom.

    She too catches fish and feeds her people and everybody was happy because they were all well fed.

    One day the king decides to take a stroll in his sampan out to the open seas.

    Coincidently, the princess had the same thought as the king, somehow they bumped into each others sampan, so they chatted along the way back home and became friends!

    It takes no time for the king to fell in love with the princess, he got to know that the princess was fishing alone everyday to feed her people.

    The king had a brilliant idea! He thought of fishing together with the princess instead!

    On one hand, he could spend more time with her and help her, and on the other, he can lower his risk of death working with his other work partner, knowing that he has the tendency to overturn the boat.

    The problem was, the king thought of his other best work partner, both of them worked very well, and has no intention to upset the partner.

    So what will you do if your the king?

    1. Screw the work partner, don't care how he feels, and save your own life! Go for the princess!
    2. Friendship more important, there are many foreign land with other princess to chose from!

    No, this is not a story line for my future film...

    Anyway, what you have to say about this story? Which path will you chose? =)