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  • Monday, September 22, 2008

    Memories Of Term Four In Black And White

    Day 1 of term 4

    Christopher: My resolution for this new term, skip less class!

    Me: Yeah rite, isn't that what you said last term?

    Christopher: Serious, this time I wont skip class.

    Day 2 of term 4

    David(his house mate), where is Chris?

    David: You know, as usual..


    Both my favorite blog posers combo together!
    Karl Wong and Sio Sen

    Thinking back of those months in college makes me feel old..

    At the same time last year, we were just term 1 students, and now we are in the 2nd year, semester 4.

    Changes are inevitable, they are bound to happen no matter what you do and where you are.

    I've realize that I've change too, and I believe that the people around me surely will notice.

    You see what I mean?

    Some said that I'm more closed up to myself.

    Some said I talked way a lot compare to last time.

    Some said I have a 'strong character'.

    Omgosh! My face look darn evil in this photo!
    Sio Sen, Rebekah & me

    Some said I'm slacking.

    Some said I'm more stuck up.

    Some even said I don't understand you.

    Hotel management wrong course my friends,
    should go for acting! XD - Joel & Daniel

    For better or for worst.

    Bottom line, people do change in some ways.

    And everyone surely has something to say, which is a good thing, cause comment help to built us up, I love to hear comments from people about myself. :)

    Of course, we have to be wise in listening, not all comments are acceptable.

    Cocktail making by Mr. Tay Boon

    Anyhow, this terms rating?

    I would say its a 2.5 out of 5..

    I personally find this time round, everything is quite dry.

    The subjects, oh my goodness, especially the French!

    nine hundred ninety nine thousand
    nine hundred and ninety nine

    13 words with "-" symbol, just to say "999999"..

    In French, they don't just say the numbers, they multiply them!

    I'm not sure which number, but for example, number 50, we just say fifty, they say "10 x 5"!

    Crazy I tell you...

    Cocktail tasting session was rather interesting.

    I did taste those cocktail, some good, some bad.

    I wonder how people came up with these anyway..

    Lu Shen, Ivana et Moi(and me)

    Too bad I don't drink liquor.

    The alcohol content is just plain high for me.

    I remember someone got drunk rite? Hmmm..... I wonder who... :P

    The class that I enjoyed the most other then Marketing, would be the restaurant practical.

    Mr. Patrick kick our arses really hard towards the last few classes.

    Nevertheless, its still better then French and English class!


    Little rat found in restaurant store!

    Although this is a rat, but its so cute!

    This is one chicky rat, he will look at you and not run away, and when you put your hand near, he will stand and raise his 2 little hands.

    Karl & Jeff at Old Town Kopitiam

    But he was so stupid, he got caught by a plastic bag, it was so curious, it just stayed there looking and sense no danger ahead.

    Till I can take a photo of it.

    Fandi in the public speaking competition

    I remembered on one fine day, our campus had an fire emergency, we were required to evacuate the building as soon as we can.

    No, no one died, but apparently someones car(Honda City) got caught on fire.

    The reason behind the flame? Unknown...

    There was a white MYV beside it when that happen, what happens when a white MYV is beside a burning Honda City?

    You'll guest it! It becomes a "Michael Jackson" MYV!

    Get it?? =X

    I like this picture, its so natural!
    Fandi & Ivana

    If you still don't get the lame joke, it means half black half white la! XD

    Which its true, our lecturer told us.. I feel sorry for who ever owns that car...

    I wanted to go take a look myself, but I was too lazy to do so...

    Someone is posing, find her! :D

    I don't know why, I feared this terms exam more then the previous final exams.

    Maybe everything is so new and different from year 1?

    Or maybe I've truly slacked a lot?

    My skipping class record is higher compare to the previous 3 terms add together.

    That is because we got a bitch lecturer for Business English whom is glued in front of the PC and sits while teaching.

    Chris attempts to "anwar" Daniel while Joel is watching

    That is part of the exam fever phenomena...

    Anyhow, we are going to start our training in a weeks time, it will be a great time ahead!

    Will really miss college!

    Manager day!
    Sio Sen, Chris, Me, Wen, Karl & Yin

    I'm selected to take up the role of the restaurant promo manager in term 5 and Sio Sen the assistant manager.

    Honestly, I'm half excited and half scared, but we will not fail you guys!

    We gona make a big big boom together!

    Till then, take care guys, all the best for training!

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