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  • Tuesday, December 30, 2008

    Mat Rempit

    I've got a text in MSN from a friend of mine - Hui Wen.

    She told me that I might wan to blog about this(an e-mail).

    Its a story about this group of girls that were coming back from prom night very late in the night and how they were stalked by this gang of bikers on the way home and how they escape.

    Come to think of it, I've never spoken much about our country's very own "superhero" on our streets, they are none other then - mat rempit.

    Bombardment of warnings from our parents and those circulated mail in the internet sometimes leaves us to think will it happen to us one day?

    Hey, but the world is a dangerous place.

    Would one ever hide himself or herself all day at home just to stay safe?

    No one wants to die of boredom.

    The answer is obvious, but of cost we have to be careful.

    All we can do is just to minimize the chances of these bad stuff happening to ourselves.

    Unexpected situation will always happen in life.

    After hearing so much about the terrors that these rempit has caused,

    I've done my part in laughing at them in the video below.

    I don't think this rempit will be able to do much, take a look and you'll know what I mean.

    Stupidity beyond comprehension. :)

    Wednesday, December 24, 2008

    Last Day At Dessert's Bar

    After today, I don't have to wake up so early and get my ass to work.

    After today, I don't have to tolerate countless hours of jam just to travel down to KL for work and back home after that.

    After today, I wont get screwed by my supervisor for being 30 minutes 5 minutes late to work.

    After today, I will be able to bump around till the end of my holidays have to start writing my industrial training report.

    After today, I will be few hundred bucks richer.

    After today, I wont have my free cup of coffee everyday.

    After today, I wont have the freedom to "sample" my favorite ice cream/sorbet anymore.

    After today, I wont be able to go for the Friday bazaar and get my favorite 'nasi kukus pandan with ayam goreng rempah'.

    After today, no more 'satay ikan', 'soup rasem' and those other healthy/unhealthy food alike for lunch.

    After today, I'm free.

    After today, I will become a full time student again.

    After today, I know what I had learned in this pass 3 months wont go to waste.

    After today, I learned how not to be deceived by the looks of a person and their early stage behavior.

    After today, I believe I have either changed for the better or for the worst.

    After today, I learned that I can never please everyone no matter how hard I try.

    After today, I know no matter how hard one tries to be a "good person", someone will just see you as a "bad person".

    After today, I wont be that "nice" anymore~ :P

    After today, I will miss this place.

    After today, I will look back and reflect the lessons I've learned from time to time.

    After today, I will try my best in whatever I move on to do in the days to come.

    After today, there will be a better tomorrow!

    After today, I only have 12 more days till new term starts!!!!

    See you guys in college soon!!! ;)

    Darn, I miss that frigging LCS... =/

    Friday, December 19, 2008


    I was walking at Point-B Departmental stall one Sunday.

    Why was I there???

    Because I really have nothing else better to do...


    I saw this really nice colored guitars on display.

    The 'purple' guitar is actually pink! Camera not very good ma...

    Then I saw this little signs on the top of the guitar.

    With a big 'NO'

    I went up closer to take a look.

    You wan to sell guitar, but cannot play?? So how to test the sound??

    That is like a food stall showcasing their food menu but the stall keeper comes up to you and say "all these are for display only, no buying allowed!"

    Come on... Give me a break!

    What next? "We sell 'mee goreng' but without the 'goreng'?!?"

    Saturday, December 13, 2008

    Interesting Restaurant Theme

    I've seen many different and interesting stuff when I was at Singapore.

    From computerized cabbies.

    To big large helicopter fan blades at 'Bugis Street'.

    Interesting and weird restaurant concepts are always a norm, its what restaurant owners are looking for, something that can capture the peoples attention.

    But the mother of all opportunist restaurant entrepreneur award goes to this particular restaurant owner.

    Whoever came up with this, thumbs up for creativeness!


    This is one guy that knows his marketing!

    Using the US election as a theme?

    What else in the future...

    Makes me wonder sometimes...

    What if we switch our focus to Malaysia instead?


    I'll name it - 'Boleh Land Restaurant'~!

    "UMNO? MCA? MIC? Keadilan? DAP? PAS?"

    "Tak apa lah! Semua boleh masuk!" XD

    Monday, December 8, 2008

    Pergi Ke Singapura Beramai-ramai

    Whats On My Mind:

    I think I have to split my entry into another part
    due to the excessive amount of photos...

    I've never noticed I took so much of photos!! @.@

    Absolutely sorry for the uber delayed update, I was distracted by certain task that I have to do.

    As promised, I'll be sharing my exploration experience during my duration of visit to Singapore on the 21st - 25th last November.

    A supposedly all expense paid trip(only have to pay RM 25) to Singapore turned out to be a bummer when the date clashes with my industrial training...

    Instead of following the schedule, which requires us to depart from Malaysia on the 19th, I went down few days later(21st) with another group of friends.

    Because of that, I had to fork out another RM 180 for my bus ticket.

    21 Nov - 6.30PM

    We departed from Sunway Pyramid via Aeroline bus service.

    Comfort level? I'll say 50:50..

    One thing for sure, the space is just soooooooooooo blardy small! My food tray slide towards me while I was eating, almost fell on my shirt!

    Good thing my hands were fast, if not I'll smell like Thai noodle all the way till I reach Singapore.

    5 long hours of ass bumping and leg cramming sessions in the bus, and finally!

    22nd Nov - 12am


    Our drop off location was at Harbor Front.

    Thank goodness, my friend's(Alice) friend(I forgot his name) came to pick us up.

    To celebrate our arrival, I popped open a piece of gum.

    Well, its not illegal anymore rite? :D

    Cheers = 7-11 in Singapore

    I noticed that during the night in Singapore, every darn thing is dead!

    Shops are closed, less people at the streets and even cellphone prepaid cards are all sold out!

    The worst thing was, no fooooooooooooddddd to eat............ T.T

    Approx 1am

    Our local friend wanted to bring us for supper, to our horror, the food court was closed! After all the long walk!!!

    What the heck, Singaporeans don't eat at night wan meh.....?! *cries*

    The new plan was, we load our stuff at the hostel and then we find em some good yummy food later.

    But, I don't even know where I stay! I've been told the place I'm going to stay is 'Standfield Residence' at Vernon Park.

    Approx 1.40am

    Unlike Malaysian cabs, shockingly most of the drivers aren't really familiar with the roads, I told them "Standfield Residence, Vernon Park" and they scratched their head and say "har?".

    But I like their efficiency though, there are LOTS of cabs around even though it is pass midnight.

    As we approach the empty taxi stand, in just 3 minutes, 4 cabs came!!

    You don't even have to flag them down, they come by themselves!

    Once again we are in luck, my local friend sort of knew where the place was.

    It was quite troublesome because I'm the only one who was staying in a different lodging, all the others whom I came with were allocated in the same hostel, same room some more.

    Well, that is because they are all girls...

    'Standfield Residence'

    Heck, is ok... No problem, I don't mind the different arrangement.

    BUT what I mind was~

    They just so happen to place me in a lodging that is beside a cremation-cemetery(no I did not take a picture of that place -.-)

    And opposite a special armed forces military base(they call it 'gekhas' or something like that).

    "Welcome to Singapore, You shall now sleep beside
    the 'sleeping ones' for your duration of stay!" *grins*

    Approx 2.30am

    After all the unloading and settling down, its time to eat!

    Darn! I have to walk out to the main road to hail a cab, due to the secluded area of my lodging place, cabs rarely pass by.

    Shit! I have to walk pass the blardy cemitary in the middle of the night, I don't fancy that kind of sport...

    It seems that I have no choice.. I'll just have to brave through the cold brezzy air and the atmosphere of the creeping night silence.

    I took a brave step towards the entrance, ready to journey through the dark road ahead.

    As I step out of the gate, I saw....



    Darn, I so love Singaporean cabs now!!

    Efficiency = 150%++!!

    Approx 3am

    Anyway, we left to Aljunied for some food.

    But mother of all importance, communication!

    I got myself a 'Starhub' sim card at a 7-11 store.

    'Starhub' is the 'Digi' of Singapore, I was told most students used their service, because of its value for money.

    This I can testify, indeed it is very worth your cash.

    If you are planning to get a sincard when you visit Singapore, go for 'Starhub'!

    I tried this 'Pok Noodle', 'Pok' in this term means thin, so this is not 'mee babi'.

    Surprisingly its dry spicy taste makes this noodle quite good.

    Heck! Everything taste good when we are hungry!

    Approx 4am

    After much chatting and cultivating big eye bags, its time to hit the bed.

    Good morning Singapore!

    Approx 11am

    I did not follow the bus to the conference hall, how in the world anyone can wake up after sleeping so late at night?

    While I woke up around 11am, the the girls apperently woke up later then me!

    I decide to take a walk to their hostel area, which is 10 minutes walk from the place I stay.

    Bright morning sun and cooling breeze, just what I need to start a good day.

    Walking in this part of Singapore, I have a sudden feeling that I'm in some western country.

    I'm amazed of the much difference between the landscape and infrastructure of both Malaysia and Singapore.

    We are so close to each other, yet there is a very obvious difference, it takes a little observation to realize it.

    Of cost some parts are similar.

    Clear instructions telling the bus route.

    I'm sure no one will ever get lost here, its just too simple to understand!

    Our bus services have a lot of catching up to do...

    Heck! They even show you where will you most probably die!

    Morning walks are refreshing, especially after sleeping on a bed which are as hard as a rock.

    I made my way up to their hostels rooms,

    Girls will always be girls, I've waited in starvation for almost an hour++ before we head off to our next destination.

    The exploration begins... :)

    ~To be continue~

    Monday, December 1, 2008

    Asia Conference Singapore

    Whats On My Mind:

    Sorry for the much delayed update,
    I was rather caught up with other stuff
    for these pass few days since I got home.

    Anyway, I will be splitting my
    Singapore trip blog entry into 2 parts(might have more). :)

    My trip to Singapore was great, except for not having enough of sleep...

    The reason for this trip was to attend a conference organized by City Harvest Church Singapore - 'Asia Conference' at Singapore Expo Stadium.

    Touching Asia, transforming the world!

    This isn't my 1st time going to Singapore, once I went was during my primary school time and the other was 3 years ago for 'Emerge Conference' also organized by City Harvest.

    Singapore is known for its 'kia su' culture, the everything must be 1st, and so call cannot lose out attitude has created various impression to Malaysians like myself..

    I always have a mind set where 'kia su' means pushing each other into the MRT without giving much consideration to the people around or cut cues at McDonalds.

    If that is the case, I think Malaysia should be the country that gets the title of 'kia su' instead, except the cut cue part,

    Just look at the condition at the KTM stations during peak hours and you will know what I mean..

    But seeing is believing, although the 'kia su-ness' that I witnessed wasn't cutting cue and pushing people, I tell you, its still amazing to see the determination of these Singaporean people.

    Its not a straight line, its a continues 'S' shape,
    so you imagine how long it is....

    They line up for very long just to be able to get seats in the main auditorium!

    And my very long means 2 - 4 hours! Some even longer then that! Seriously worst then some famous band concert...

    Lucky, a local friend of mine had book seats inside the hall, hence we went through the back way like a VIP. :)

    Passing through lots of restrictions and under the rain was troublesome, it does not matter, still better then lining up...

    Did not manage to get into the main hall, and we were not satisfied, heck I traveled thousands of kilometers just to get myself behind a big screen projector?

    So, we promised ourselves that we will be as 'kia su' as possible the next day.

    There is a saying, "if you cant beat 'kia su-ness', then become 'kia su'!"

    Since then, we always manage to get seats in the auditorium! Yay!

    Cultural adaptation sure is important..

    20 thousand++ people from around the
    world attending this conference..

    I've meet many nice people in Singapore, they were kind, helpful and very generous.

    But there are bound to be arses around no matter where we go...

    One day a friend and I went into the auditorium early, we had to book 6 place for our friends whom are coming late.

    City Harvest Singapore Choir team

    Bare in mind, thousands of people are constantly coming in, only 2 of us, a guy and a small size girl, our surrounding are already filled,

    While having the need to book 6 other seats and at the same time telling people who attempts to sit there "sorry, its taken"...

    Not an easy task...

    We loaded any stuff we can find in our bag and place them on other empty chairs, lucky we still manage to take up 2 seats in front of us and 4 behind.

    Like a shepherd fending off the wolves, all attempts were smooth, BUT....

    There is this bunch of aunties and uncles(maybe around 45++) who came, I was sitting there and couldn't care less of their presence.

    Special performance by - JJ Lin, Singaporean singer..
    Jack Neo - the director of the famous 'I not stupid' movie was there also!

    I began to notice they stopped on the stairs where our booked seats were, I knew they are going to sit there even though our stuff are placed on the chairs.

    True enough they did! I kindly told them, "I'm sorry these seats are taken.."

    And I over heard their conversation in Mandarin "here also got no people sit also."

    Wahhhhh I tell you, I was so furious! Hesitate to raise my voice, I kindly told them again "I'm sorry these seats are taken, my friends are coming in soon."

    The uncle who is standing beside them said, "I don't see your friends anywhere, and my friends are all here already."

    @#$%~~!!! So unreasonable! Don't they understand what is the meaning of the seats are TAKEN??!!

    Coke bottle tower!

    Just when I was about to tell them again, my phone rang, my friends called, saying that they were already in the hall and was looking for us.

    My blood was boiling, I spoke in Bahasa so those monkeys behind wont understand what I was saying,

    Told my friends to get their ass here quick, because senseless people are taking up their space already, upon saying that, I turned back and stared at them!

    Obviously I spoke very loud, the surrounding people were looking at me, I think those aunties felt really embarrassed and the fact they realize I'm not Singaporean, they stood up and left!

    The best part is, on the empty chair I placed the bottle of water that was given to me upon entering the hall, the dumb auntie even took my water bottle away when she left!!!! @,@

    People like these.. Really no comment la..

    Nevertheless, we still had a great time!

    I will post more about my other exploration experience besides the conference in my next post.

    Will be back soon! Take care! :D