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  • Friday, September 25, 2009

    Greetings From Sabah


    This post affirms that I had arrived safely here in Sabah.

    I still cannot believe that I am back here again, after almost 5 years.

    As the plane was taking off this morning, in my heart I was thinking "ok I am leaving finally!"

    Upon taking off, in my heart I was counting, "1,2,3,4,5,6.... It has already been 10 seconds I'm off West Malaysian soil."

    There I was, looking down from the plane to the ground, knowing that I wont be back here after 2 months made me wonder how would things be back at home ground.

    I do hope things will be good at home.

    Anyway, this will be a short one, work starts on Monday, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    All the best to you guys back home and anywhere else!
    Till then, take care! ;)

    Monday, September 21, 2009

    To The Land Below The Wind

    Hey guys, I'm back for another short update!

    Due to my long absence from my blog, a lot of things had happened and was never told.

    1st and foremost, I just came back from my class trip.

    We went to Eagle Ranch Resort at Port Dickson.

    Once the pictures are uploaded by my classmates, I shall write about it even more later.

    Check out Danial's facial expression! XD

    Today, I just wanna take this time to inform all of you guys, I will be leaving KL.

    I wont be here no more, but I will be going to Sabah.

    I only have 4 more days at Semenanjung Malaysia, my flight will be on the 25th of September, which is this Friday.

    It will be after a long time before I return to this part of the world.

    Come to think of it, I never thought that I would leave my comfort zone so soon!

    Geez.. I always wanted to leave (don't get me wrong, I'm excited to go actually), but having to leave the usual things behind and go to a place with no cheap access of communication with the people back here makes this move out a heavy one.

    Me being me, I started to think how would my departure affect my current surrounding?

    Will my absence be just another absence? Or will my departure mean something to anyone at all.

    That is something I will or will not ever find out.

    Till then, I shall talk more about it soon! Take care guys! Have a good Raya Celebration & eating all the good food!

    To all my BDH counterpart, all the best for your training! Will see you guys next year! ;)

    Thursday, September 17, 2009

    One Dumb Thing I Did

    Whats On My Mind:

    1st of all, I wanna apologize for my long absence, indeed I was very distracted by all the happenings these pass few weeks. Though I was not physically tired (sometimes), mentally it was taxing. I will further write down the details of my happenings soon. :)

    Yesterday was my Law exam.

    The night before I was out to study, lets put it this way the so call night study session was more of a food for the soul then food for the brain.

    Then I came home, knowing what I did was very little and I was too tired to go on, it was then I got a great idea!

    I shall set my alarm at 5am, wake up and then study till I have to go college.

    The plan was good, I've done that before and it was rewarding.


    This time round, something went terribly wrong...

    If you are thinking that I forgot to set the alarm, well....

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but no I did set my alarm.

    However, the mistake I did was to leave my phone beside me on my bed as I fall asleep.

    What made this mistake even wrong was this.

    5am, the alarm rang!

    *Melvin was half asleep, but heard the ring*

    *Melvin though it was a PHONE call, thus conveniently took the phone from the side, press the button to "answer the call", in reality he hit the turn off button*

    *Melvin then place the phone on his ear, and say "Hello.. Hello.. Helloooo..."

    *Knowing that no one was "on the other line", he "hung up" and went back to sleep.*

    I got up to realize the time was 7.30am!

    Absolutely wonderfully dumb dumb, don't you think so? :)