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  • Sunday, December 23, 2007

    Advertisement Presentation Day

    It was 5am+ in the morning, I've not yet finish editing 'The Making'.

    I have kitchen class in just a few hours time.

    "Go to sleep!" was what my body cries out to me.

    I had to persevere... I cant just leave something unfinished until it reached a certain standard.

    With problems like this...

    And this...

    What more can you ask for to cook up disaster?

    Thank heavens the problem some how went away, miracle!

    I went to bed around 5am++, I thought few hours of bed time count make up for my entire day.

    But hell no... As soon as I got up around 8am, I felt like I've just been through a car crash, I showed signs of vomiting.

    I had no choice but to skip my last term 2 kitchen class...

    11am, I rushed to college after taking a longer nap, I saw a text message, it was from my lecturer - Mr Adrian, message received time, 7am+.

    It said something sounds like this.. "To all t-shirt distributors, please meet me at the auditorium as soon as possible, thanks!"

    Gee.... Look at the time..

    Anyhow, I meet my lecturer and everything went well, I've got so much of time till I don't know what else to do.

    2 of my friends Chloe and Eugene came for my friends lunch service(I was suppose to cook!), unexpectedly one of my other friend - Adrian, turned up. And later Chong came.

    So, since I have lots of time, I've joined them for lunch service(drink water only)! Such irony.. I was suppose to cook, ended up being a sudden guest.

    Anyway, thats not the point.. Having to skip kitchen class ain't that bad at all, I've got to see each and every Ad that was shown.

    I forgot his name(some advertising lecturer), Mr Adrian & Linus Chung from the movie 'Sepet'

    There are some which I like, don't really like, laugh about and remember, even now I still remember.

    Finally its our turn!

    The moment we were waiting for!

    Our heart beat was getting faster and faster!

    We have to do an introduction in front of everyone.

    The anxiety, stress and joy all fusion into 1 big mix of emotions. The labor of almost 3-2 months finally on the big screen.

    As I was about the play the Ad, we got even tense!


    The windows media player cant start.... =.=""

    Pure potong steam only...

    When the Ad finally went on screen, that feeling that all of us had were just something words cant describe, especially for me.

    Looking through all the other 17 agencies Ad was fun, tired and hungry....

    Linus Chung took up the role of 'Simon Cowell', all 18 agencies were somehow 'shot' by him in a way or another, but he made a lot of point.

    And what he said that strike us in our faces the most was "this is more to a film then an Ad.", the advertising lecturer said the same thing too...

    I knew at that moment, to win was a fat chance..

    All the excitement of doing the project, but at the heart of it, we "keluar tajuk" without us realizing it.

    Just like SPM essay paper, once your out of topic, no matter how good your writing is, the marks will still be lower then people that write not better then you.

    Results time!

    There will be 1 winner and 4 jury award.

    My team somehow agreed that we will at less get the jury award.

    But when the results were announced..

    We looked something like this...

    We din even get the freaking jury award!!!

    To say that I'm not sad is a BIG FAT LIE.

    I'm not just sad..

    I was beyond sad...

    Thats known as very TULAN! I bet all my team mates felt the same too.

    Prize for jury award, the winners prize is the same but bigger,
    and the head of studies agreed to give them a certificate!

    Come to think of it, we actually know what went wrong, why we did not win or even get the jury award.

    Mr Adrian was kind enough taking time to explain to us what he think went wrong on the following day.

    And we discovered a secret!

    He told us that our Ad was the favorite among everyone, including the other lecturers(Even Chef Tan came to the Ad fest, though I "ponteng"(skip) his class in the morning)!

    After the presentation day, messages flooded his inbox asking him for a copy of my agencies Ad!

    The best part was, he told us that he even change the Ad format to fit into his phone!!! =O

    That was something we never expected anyone would do, I've never even put the Ad on my phone but he did...

    All the sadness and 'tulanness' was no more, the matter of winning and losing was no longer important to us.

    What mattered most was we know that many people like our Ad, and thats awesome! ;)

    Beats winning and getting certificate(even though we really wanted it).

    Finally the end of TCHT Ad Fest chapter, I hope you all were not bored to death. =P

    Anyway, I will upload 3 of my favorite and the winner's Ad on Youtube, later on I'll will post it on my blog for viewing pleasure!

    Have a Blessed Christmas & a Happy New Year guys! ;)

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