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  • Monday, November 30, 2009

    Memories Of Term Six In Black And White

    Whats On My Mind:

    This post was written on 19th of August 2009.

    Yes I know what you wana say, sorry lor....

    This wont be a long winded and emo-fied post,
    just something short and sweet. ^^

    Long gone were the times we go up to 7th floor and pool till we forget class time.

    Long gone were the times every corner we turn and we will see familiar faces.

    Long gone were the times where the food stalls in campus were better then now.

    And long gone were the times of being a noob, we all had in a way or another, elevated into a new phase today.

    Jeff's birthday & farewell in KL

    I came to college, its atmosphere doesn't seem to be like old times.

    With both DH 28 Rooms Division and Food & Beverage students joined together in one same class along side with a hand full of new students.

    The scene has changed.

    Candid shot during class, stress term 6!

    Nevertheless, things go on, I am sure all of us gotten used to the new surrounding, but it is good to recall those sweet memories of diploma days.

    One such thing I always do was when I walked pass the 3 restaurants, looking at our recent junior batches performing service in there.

    I would always say, "I was there".

    I also recalled the moments where I HATE being in the kitchen.

    Blardy fiche technique that I could never seem to understand, the smell and pre & post service experience.

    Now, I walked into this place where I used to dislike, looking at the station we used to place and do our mise-en-place while chatting and ended up our work was behind time.

    Suppose to study for exam

    I got to be honest with you, I kinda miss those times a little bit.

    Not a whole lot! Just a little. :)

    I like this picture very much~
    Thx to Elaine for the simple yet classy frame edit. ;)

    Term 6 was the only term we had lots of photo taking session.

    Regardless the person is narcissist or not, you either pose willingly and end up being in a nice picture or post unwillingly and end up having a distorted face in the picture.

    Despite our finals was close to us, we still manage to have fun and pass our finals~

    An achievement indeed. :P

    I can say, we had run the good race, and we finished well. :)

    Many had left to pursue different paths, nevertheless you will always be remembered as batch 28.

    Good blessings be upon the path you take.

    May we always be in your memories as you are in ours!

    A new journey had already begin~

    -The history of batch 28 (DH/DC/DT), its joy and sadness lived and rest here-

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