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  • Thursday, December 31, 2009

    Good Bye 2009

    Whats On My Mind:


    Yet another year went by in a blink of an eye.

    I looked back at what I wrote in the beginning of 2009, my resolutions.

    I got 6 of them.

    Some I manage to achieve, some I did not, some just started.

    Things we expect to turn up good and it doesn't.

    On the other hand, somethings we never thought it could ever occur, it did.

    Bottom line, circumstances may change, but it is our choice to ride with the wave or ride against it.

    That ride might just turn out to be smooth sailing or crashing onto you.

    I had my fair share of bitter sweet, what about you? :)

    There is just something muscular about this cloud lol

    I hope that 2010 would be a great year ahead, as you all can see my blog record has not been consistent.

    I would wanna do better this coming year.

    Wish you all a happy new year! May good opportunity come to you!

    Saturday, December 5, 2009

    Pre-Indonesia Expedition

    Words could not express my excitement!

    Finally I am able to travel out of Malaysia again!

    But this time, the heat is turned up many times.

    I'm not talking about Singapore where everything is so organized, nor Sabah where everything can be solved with just a smile.

    Its Indonesia! Besides the initial journey from Malaysia to Bandung, which I will be traveling down with another friend of mine.

    The transit journey to Semarang and Jakarta would test my level of independence and fluency in Bahasa.

    The tension between Malaysia and Indonesia politics isn't favorable to me at all, especially in Jakarta, a friend actually told me to be careful with the authorities there.

    Whatever that means, I don't wan to come home "in a box."

    Wish me all the best there~ I'll send greetings if I am able to on Facebook or here!

    Stay tune~ ^^