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  • Sunday, October 26, 2008

    Gua Kangen College

    Whats On My Mind:

    There will be a really interesting post coming up next!
    Believe me, it will blow your pants off! So stay tune!

    Words just cant explain how I wish to go back college!

    I miss the times where we were just so darn free.

    Even though with assignments and test, we still at less have the space to lepak, play games and do other fun stuff.

    Cook for fun at Christin's place~

    I miss the times we boycott stupid-fatty-ass-stick-on-chair English teacher,

    "Ok ok! 4.30pm already! She is late half hour! Its our darn rite to ciao! Consider give face already la, higher diploma students 15 minutes already no where to be seen!"

    Our masterpiece! 'Daging masak hitam'!
    I know, shut up! Its still taste nice ok!
    Looks can be deceiving! =3

    After saying that, we DH 28 for the 1st time, walked out of class because lecturer was late.

    But only to face replacement class the next lesson.... :(

    I miss the times we go pool and condemn how lucky Fandi is when he plays just chill, play a round or 2 of pool.

    I also miss those cooking sessions we did at Ridzuan Condominium.

    Eduard is not just a talented musician, he is also a great cook!

    Self created recipe dish, with cheap white wine and rice bungkus from the mamak downstairs.

    What more can we ask for?

    Edu showing his kitchen skills!

    I say the most important is still have fun hanging out no matter the condition or environment.

    Come on man, there is more to life in college then just to study!

    But I never say study is not important ok! :D

    Chris the bitch sommelier... :P

    I hope time just pass faster, I cant wait to enter the next phase of college!

    Graduation is just so soon! 8 more months!

    I forgot what is the name of this dish... :(

    To all my DH, DC & DT friends, hope to see you guys soon, take care and stay strong during training no matter the shitty condition!

    There is always a reason behind everything. :)

    That is all for now, will be back again with new updates! =D

    Tuesday, October 21, 2008

    Step By Step We March

    Whats On My Mind:

    Play & PAUSE the video 1st before
    start reading to have better 'feel'~

    My brain seriously cannot think straight!

    I tried to think of something to write, but I cannot!

    Mental tiredness is so strong, I sometimes feel if I'm even dreaming right now..

    But I shall press on!

    No matter how tired I am, this blog will not die!

    Therefore, I have prepared a 2nd spoiler on the things 'Crossroad Generation' is currently up to.

    It is another original melody that has yet to have any lyrics.

    Imagine with me as you are ready to listen to the song, alter the story however you want it, this is just a guide line... :)

    You grew up with this person, you knew him(or her) since forever,

    You both are neighbors, since young you have been playing together,

    Sharing with each other the joy of playing under the rain and the tears of suffering under parental wrath.

    Ultimately you went to the same primary school and later on high school together,

    Both of you were popular in school and are sought after by many girls(guys if you are a girl).

    Ayam Penyet at USJ 9 closed down already!!!! T.T

    You always liked this girl but never dared to tell her, never have you thought that your best friend liked the same girl too, and they got together!

    You felt frustrated and at the same time you feel that you cant be angry at him, your in a emotional spiral.

    At the end, you understood that your friendship is greater then that relationship, you became the bigger person.

    Something like that la..... I cant think of a proper story, maybe you can imagine it, hehe...

    Now sit back and just let the music take you into your heart. :)

    Composed by: Eduard Wijaya
    Lyrics soon by: Melvin Teoh

    Please forgive Edu, yes there are certain parts his tone cant reach, but hey, that is a melody from the heart..

    Its like a stage performance, everyone has a part to play.

    Hope you guys enjoyed it!

    Let me know what you think of it if you will..

    Thanks~ :)

    Monday, October 13, 2008

    Those Darn Blog Things Which Are Kinda True Sometimes

    Whats On My Mind:

    I changed my hand phone number,
    ask me for my new one if you din get my message alert. :)

    After much hype working at 1st, I began to start feeling dry..

    As days turn to weeks, I just couldn't wait for it to turn into months and eventually flush into the toilet bowl of history.

    The people at my work place here are good and the pay is good too.

    Maybe its just too routine and boring..

    Good thins, I got a call from my supervisor, she said I will be transferred to Dessert's Bar Hartamas, which is good, a new environment!

    I tried the above test on some website, I think that pretty much explains why.

    I can't take it anymore! I will go crazy if this goes on!

    So I found myself a time killer! Just in case my new spot is as boring as Mount Kiara.

    This RM16 baby will be my best friend for now,

    I know its not going to last, because I love reading these kind of ghost stories.

    Its the only book I can read finish in 1 day!


    The results are out!

    Here I go again!

    1st to walk out of cost accounting test and still manage to pass the exam! Definitely way better then my term 2 financial accounts.

    Thank heavens! :D

    Looking at this results really makes me miss college so much, hope to see you guys again soon!

    Take care! ;)

    p/s: Better updates next time... Really mentally tired at this point of time... :(

    Tuesday, October 7, 2008

    Crossroad Generation Dilemma

    Whats On My Mind:

    You MUST play the youtube video at the end of this post!
    Sorry, but please bare with the low quality.

    I know! I know now!

    The reason behind my distracted state that I have been going through for weeks.

    I was like a walking dead, totally lost interest in everything for no good reason...

    'Crossroad Generation' is my hearts core, and it is logical for me to be very concern of its welfare.

    I place a very high expectation on my team and ultimately myself.

    I did all I can to make this one step closer to achieve its purpose, this means sacrificing time, energy and most of all - money....

    The planning and strategy...

    Up to the state where I planned to register 'Crossroad Generation' at Putrajaya(I just knew we can do that!), and it will be listed as an official club.

    One of my members even established a connection with an event company, they require us to form a band as soon as we can, latest by end of this year.

    Because they will call us IF they are throwing another event, and our future band will be required to perform!

    Vocal demonstration by Shaun Lee! XD
    He is so gona kill me if he sees this!

    But later do I realize, I'm climbing up the ladder that was leaning against the wrong wall...

    Nothing wrong with the registering to be an official club, or play in an event.. In fact its all great!

    But I unintentionally cast aside my initial mission - 'to turn dreams into reality', replacing it with 'to turn MY dreams into reality'...

    Putting selfish ambition and lusting for recognition as my 1st priority had crippled my ability to express my creativity...

    The thought of wanting to be at the top fast made me restless and full of anxiety...

    But now, I have been awaken from this blindness, I will not walk that path again!

    I always have to remind myself why I started 'Crossroad Generation' in the 1st place!

    Future CRG Public Relations Director
    & future CRG Vocalist on the headlines!

    Seems that every time I always say productions coming up, I'm writing this song and that song, a little this and a little that..

    Well, here is one of our upcoming song!

    Its only the 1st draft, and it has no lyrics, and yes, the sound quality is bad, because I recorded it with my half arsed camera phone..

    Anyway, Crossroad Generation proudly presents to you!

    Our 1st spoiler! Enjoy~!

    Composed by: Eduard Wijaya
    Hummed by: Shaun Lee
    Lyrics soon by: Melvin Teoh

    Please feel free to give me your honest comments!

    For example, how do you feel after listening to it, what kind of song you think it is, what should we do to be better and anything else you wan to say.

    Really appreciate if you do so!

    Thank you guys! :D

    Thursday, October 2, 2008

    Sweeter Day By Day

    Just 3 days of working..

    I've already learned so much from the staff at Dessert's bar.

    Strawberry Mango~!

    What is even more exciting was on the 2nd day of work, there was this group of 5 people who came at night.

    As usual, I went and took their order.

    Suddenly one of the guy said something,

    I forgot what garnishing is this for!
    "today is my friends birthday, can you sing him a birthday song?"


    "please! I'm serious! look i'm foreign, i just wan my friend to have a memorable birthday."

    "arhh....?? you sure?"

    "yes, you HAVE to do it, please!"

    "err.. alright, no worries, I will get that arranged for you."

    For 'apple smoothie'

    Do I even have a choice??? T.T

    Who in the world would expect that on their 2nd day of work?

    Whats even more funny was, a family of 5 came.

    Apparently the dad wanted to buy some desserts for his young son, so he placed the order and sat down.

    For 'apple honeydew smoothie'

    Few minutes later, he stood up, walked to us, and told us "look, my son fell asleep, can cancel the order please?"

    And the entire family left just like that...

    What strange nonsense...

    Like that also can?!

    For 'kiwi peer smoothie'

    The strange just gets stranger.

    There is this product in our menu that goes by the name '6 pax'(those abs kinda 6 pax).

    I think, if not because they are made up from fruits and less butter,

    They should rename it to '6 months'(is 6 months pregnant punya pregnant).. :P

    Wishing all my training course mates 'Happy Training'! Hope to see you guys soon!

    I'm all excited for the upcoming food promotion in term 5! Are you? :D