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  • Thursday, March 8, 2007

    Signs Of A Lousy High School Prom Night - Review

    Reagan told me a few things after he read about my review at the bottom:

    "I was talking to you spontaneously yesterday.. Not giving excuses."

    "About the dancing part.. I wasn't blaming people for not dancing.. I was just referring to your post on why so little people danced."

    "What I actually meant late was not that we were doing stuff thats why we were late.. LOTS of people came late.(True) But it's true that we left people to rot. Sorry for that."

    "When I said 'last minute'.. I did not actually meant LAST minute."

    "We went around telling people.. Prom could not be done.."

    "People agreed that we just gather for Dinner.. They agreed."

    "Yeah.. So what I was trying to tell you yesterday was not my excuses. I was trying to refer to your post.."

    What I note up there is according to what he told me, I have no comment about this, I decide to tell his side of the story cause it would be fair for everyone to know what is going on the organizers head and not only to read about my side of the tale.


    Remember I noted something in my last post "Signs Of A Lousy High School Prom Night"?

    *Eh! If you think that my criticism and extreme sarcastic jokes a little too much, please do confront me ok? And I shall kindly cooperate wan. Don't go and bad mouth me behind my back la.*

    I was not expecting anyone to come tell me how they feel(organizers especially), I was dead wrong. One of the person in the organizing team, I shall refer him as Reagan, did just that.

    We had a chat via MSN and I find that the things he said make me think twice about certain stuff I wrote.

    Due to his big balls that enabled him to come up and tell me how he and the others might feel, I could firmly say he is a person that I respect, not many have the courage to do it, instead many will keep quite, give "cold treatment", hate or worst - bad mouth, ask your self.

    In honor of his honesty, I will write a review on behalf of what he thinks.

    *Note to Regan: I add something that I wan to say according to what you have said, I hope you could understand and if I am once again too harsh, by all means let me know, thank you.*

    *Conversation parts were combine together to make elaborating my job easy to*

    1st, you said "Most of the problem you mentioned is not the organizers problem.. But the people that came/promised to come/our FRIENDS.
    But I had a hard time trying to please everyone who wanted this and that.. That's why it was
    mess, but what we get?
    People come dressing like that, dun wan to participate in dancing? What can we do man."

    I never thought about it until he made this statement, its true that us(not all) who came gave some problems, the dress code for example.

    This fact is clear and it needs no more explanation.

    About the dancing part, you can't expect all of us to dance, what if that person does not wan to dance due to his or her own personal reasons? Such as "My face tonight very tu-lan la..."

    What if that person does not have a partner? So he has to come up to someone and ask "Hey blarder! I bollo lu punyer gur fwen can ar? I wan dance dance la..." Sounds wrong rite?

    I am not saying that if you don't dance during prom is a right thing, but everyone has a reason why are they not.

    Plus that night, not many people that could be asked, majority already "owned", single people all stay home watch Astro.

    2nd, you explain the reason why the prom starts late. "People like "......", ".......", "........", ".......", "......." help SOOOOOOOO much... They walk to places, called people and all... thats why we came up late.

    I know you guys put lots of effort in it, but like I said before, organizers hold full responsibility, should have more time management, plan early. Ok la, make it fair, you all really no choice but to be late. At less think of something to let us do, better then leaving us rot waiting.

    You all did play songs from CD, but its all the modern kinda thingy, I have no hate towards modern songs, but for goodness sake its prom, where are the waltz? I remember we got her singing "hips don't lie".

    If there were more choice, it will be better.

    I REALLY from the bottom of my heart thank you all who try your best to make this prom come to life, furthermore all of you guys are my friends, that is why I was even unhappy when it turned up like this, I KNOW you guys CAN do MUCH better then that.

    And yes, I admit the way I wrote was very harsh, I apologies. But is has not change the way I think about the prom.

    How will you like it on your wedding day for example, you forget to call the pastor/pope, and he turns up late to conduct the wedding? Instead of the bride gets to throw the flower ball for young singles to catch, you will in turn get smashed by the wedding cake thrown by angry guest.

    3rd, "and we did changed it last minute wad.. By calling it farewell party." I am sorry to say I can't accept this as an excuse. And I believe many will not. With all respect, you can't just change an even, calling a wedding as an open house, funeral as a birthday party. It is just... You say for your self...

    The USJ 8 and USJ 13 combine thingy was not a prom but a pool party.

    Maybe I got your meaning wrongly? Do let me know if so.

    4th, "By the way... I love my school so much! SMK USJ 8. Just like Chole said.. Dun write the name of the school..." Alright this is my bad, it is unfair for me to openly bring down the school name, so I shall change what I wrote.



    Still got problem? Please let me know. *I am not sarcastic with what I say here*

    5th, ""....." was up there playing too.. I know he gave his best(the pianist in the band)." Yes I also know he gave his best, in fact he has no sweat playing the piano. I stated this when I post. "I expected a semi-pro kinda performance since the pianist and guitarist(also the vocalist) are known for their skills on instruments."

    I understand the fact that they want to entertain to crowd, but at less they should know what they CAN do and what they CAN'T do. Would it be better if they perform 100% instrumental?

    They could do their solo and they might even pull off a great show, I know they can play VERY WELL, but why sing??

    Thats all I have to say, I am not trying to defend myself. Anyway got thing to say? All are welcome to say a word or two.

    ~Peace Out~


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