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  • Thursday, May 21, 2009

    When Nature Calls

    This is gonna be a short post for the day, don't mind the nonsense. :)

    Have anyone of you ever get yourself into situation where you really "have to go"?

    Believe me when I say I do.

    In fact I have many stories of how I always manage to survive from "the great release".

    From leaving my friend in the car and running off to somewhere, and the police came asking "where is the driver?"

    To cycle back from school during school hours because the toilet in my high school are just so screwed up,

    Also, going few kilometers away just to find a nice toilet when I have one near me.

    You name it, I've done it.

    Call me the freak of nature, but ask yourself if you do not have any somewhat different preference. :)

    So one day, I was walking somewhere near my place.

    Suddenly, I ain't feeling very well, I thought it was the food I ate just now.

    A sign that I have to go to the WC~ But where???

    How in the world am I suppose to find a WC in the middle of no where??

    I walked and walked, I saw a place, and an idea came into my head!

    Guard: "What is the purpose of your visit?"

    Me: "Err.."

    Guard: "Oh I know, visit your teacher?"

    Me: "Ehm.. Yeah?"

    And again~ I've done it!

    Another survival episode~

    There is a saying, "desperate times calls for desperate measures!" :)

    Wednesday, May 13, 2009

    This Is The Secrete

    Note: This post will be blogged in a mixture of 2 different language, because its dedicated to the one whom left us so suddenly...

    Not die and go to heaven la! Just left a few thousand kilometers away.


    Cici Yunny,

    Kayaknya kita udah kenalin kira-kira 1 taon gitu lho, ak masi ingat kali pertama masuk komsel mu di Ridzuan, rasanya beda banget dari gereja lama ku, you and the others welcomed me.

    As time passed, days became weeks and little did we realize, weeks turned into months, certainly I've got to know you a whole lot better.

    Lo tau gak, actually ak belajar banyak dari kamu, well if you din know, now u know. :P

    And here is the secrete you are dying to know. XD

    Nothing juicy really, but it is simply what I wana say.

    Kamu banyak ngajarin kita, just like a big sister to us all, and there were few things that caused a lasting impact on the way I think and do stuff today.

    I learned your way of being flexible, kapan waktu ak gak ada mobil dulu, you would sacrifice your time, energy and fuel just to come all the way from Sunway to Subang and take us back to Sunway again.

    Ak tau itu satu pengorbanan yang besar buat kamu, especially during the fuel price hike season last year, ak jadi lebih ngerti waktu udah mulai jemput anak-anak komsel.

    Memang ada rasa kesel sedikit kalo harus nungguin lama buat orang yang lambat turun ke bawah, meski, kamu gak ngomel ato apa waktu ak pula yang lambat turun ke bawah.

    Justru, ak janji pada diri ku sendiri, that I will not complain(maybe lepas geram a bit la. :P).
    Because of what you have done for us, by setting an example.

    Its Wednesday today, and I've received a message from Kelvin reminding us about komsel on Friday night.

    It reminds me of the times where you would notify us.

    Sometimes we forgot to reply, and sometimes we never reply at all.

    Now we wanna reply, got no chance already... :(

    I still wonder am I dreaming that you had even left Malaysia... Everything happened so sudden, my mind cant comprehend it, still believing that you are here sometimes.

    I mean, you just shifted to a new house and went through a job interview, everything was looking good, but the next thing we knew, you are going back to your home country.

    Life is just hard to predict and it sucks bad when things turned out to seem bad.

    But the reality is still, you had left us for almost 3 days already..

    I believe everything happened for a reason, I'm sure there is a bigger picture in plan as to why you had to go back to Jakarta.

    Don't worry about us here, we will definitely do our best and keep moving forward.

    Jangan sampe lupa kita di sini ya.

    Kita semua pasti kangen kamu.

    If I do come by Jakarta one day, ak pasti carrin kamu!

    Take good care of yourselves, and come back to visit us if you can!

    See you in the near future Yunny... :)


    Sunday, May 10, 2009

    Little Request From A Friend

    Last Sunday...

    *As Melvin was about to jump into bed*

    *SMS tone*

    *Melvin looked at the message*

    "Melvin, Joanne here, can you do me a big big big favor, I'm afraid that when me and my friends arrive at Pudu Raya, there would not be any taxi because of the time, if is not too much of a request, can I ask you to take us back to Ridzuan please? But if you are not able to, is alright, I understand."

    Thus, the journey begins.

    Upon receiving that distress call.

    Imagine 3 ladies arriving at Pudu Raya in the wee hours of the night with chances of no taxi stationed there and no one else they know were there to pick them up.

    A perfect target for those lurking buggers preying upon the unarmed.

    I couldn't help but to jump in and offer my hand even though I had class next morning at 9am.

    Well, if I could have stayed up till so late and play game learn up my French, and at that appointed time, she choose to message me instead of others.

    That must be a very important and urgent.

    Its Pudu Raya some more! One of the most notorious place in Malaysia I tell you... Lots of baddies and funny people there... (I've experience the funny people, but not the baddies)

    So, a little kick start to the engine in the cozy breeze of the midnight air.

    I'm set and good to go.

    But..... I cant remember 100% how to get myself to Pudu Raya...

    Thanks to my previous training at Desserts Bar Menara Hap Seng, I manage to find my way there.

    I was there just a few minute earlier then Joanne's bus.

    I sat down at the mamak near Pudu Raya, with my car illegally parked in front of me.

    I cant help but to admire the sights and sound of KL skyline.

    I kept silence and just observe/listen to the people, vehicle and those pretty lights.

    KL at night is very different from the day, I love KL with the absence of the sun. :)

    I felt peace even though I was at the center of a somewhat evil place.

    The experience is just very different, observing from inside a moving car is never the same as sitting outside in the mamak.

    I cant explain in words man, you just had to get up and get out there to see for yourselves! And guys, go alone, because going in a group is just very distracting sometimes.

    But girls... Be smart la.. :P

    Finally the arrival of my friend broke me out from my gazing.

    I sent them back to Ridzuan, they arrive safely in one piece.

    This little "rescue mission" did not return to me void, I'm sure I had gain a new experience from it. :)

    Tuesday, May 5, 2009

    Do You Believe In "Royal Bloodline"?

    I feel very bad for not blogging much lately, is the blardy photo up loader!!!!

    Why cant I upload photos in my house????

    I was able to upload these photos when I was at my friends place few days back, therefore I can post up what I wanted to write about.

    Please bare with me, I know I'm way behind time for blogging about my term 5 flash back, food promo and my super belated Singapore trip - Part 2(because I have yet to receive the photos).

    Nevertheless, this post is not some half baked crap for the sake of updating, but I really thought through it.

    Actually I got the idea for this post when I was chatting with my best friend one day.

    As you guys read through this, just reflect upon your own self, maybe you will discover something that you had never knew before in the process.

    I call this portrait:
    "mencangkung kerana emosi" & also "nothing better to do"
    *taken in Pulau Ketam*

    Do you guys believe in genetics? Or generational blessings/curses? Skills and ability inheritance from ancestors?

    We often say "Wah, you are just like your father/mother, so good at doing business, you must have inherited his business gens.", or something close to that.

    A myth or a fact? Honestly, I find it hard to tell myself.

    As we talked more and more in dept about this topic, I began to see a pattern in his lineage, all his family members, worked in the field that somewhat has contact with education, human management and resource(only 1 or 2 aliens who are not in those categories).

    My friend began to understand the fact that there IS an obvious pattern.


    Wait till you see my analysis on MY OWN lineage.

    My super cute nephew~
    *picture courtesy from Sharon(my sis-in-law)*

    It amazed and made me laugh at the same time.

    Ok, lets start with myself 1st, I'll do an overview, will spare the detail for later.

    Obviously, I'm a hotel management student(somewhat la..). I am stronger in terms of my theory and managerial side, compare to my practical and food related stuff.

    I'm naturally gifted in film, photography, innovative writing and drama related stuff, alright I'll just sum it in 1 word - 'arts'. Some of you know that very well.

    We all look so 'new'... Old times.. :)

    To make this test more accurate, I'll take some subjects from both my maternal and paternal family only.

    Please bare in mind, my research is not orthodox, I based it on what I know, my own assumption and observation.

    The purpose of this analysis is to show, does "bloodline" actually affects our aspiration and talents?

    This is 1 face that haven appear for a long time! XD
    Its none other then Sio Sen showing 3 generation of manager report. :)

    Maternal Grandfather:

    Used to own and manage his shoe factory and established a notable brand(not sure does it still exist today).

    Note: managerial lineage


    Was a company executive. In her younger years, I remembered she told me she worked part time at a BAR before, yes my mum, believe it or not. If you come to my house, there is a display of various types of glasses which I only knew the names of it after I entered Taylor's.

    I truly deserve to bang my head on the wall because all my life I had walked pass that cabinet, millions and billions of time, I only looked at it properly when I 1st entered college... I used to be amazed at those nice wine glasses and all that college displayed for us to see, only to know my own house also got... =/

    Note: managerial & hospitality lineage

    Maternal Uncle(mum's brother):

    Graduated from one of Switzerland's hotel school, he was the HR manager of Genting Highlands. Left Genting after 20 years(I think). Worked for TAYLOR'S SCHOOL of HOSPITALITY and TOURISM, he was one of the HR personal. Left Taylor's and started to venture back into the tourism industry by starting his own business.

    He was the 1st member of my maternal family to own a video camera(when I was not even in primary school), I remembered I was captivated by that alien looking device, and I could still recall, it was a black color V.C that used tapes, the brand was Sony. How could I even remember the brand when I was that age? Because Sony sounds like 'Sonic the headchog', it was my favorite cartoon at that time. :P

    Note: managerial & hospitality lineage

    Some of the glasses my mum own


    Manage his own shipping company. According to my paternal family members, he was a natural actor, evidence can be found in my 3rd brothers final project before he graduate from film school(I'll upload on Youtube once I get a copy of it).

    Though I have not seen it, but all of them said that his acting was just natural and real. I've heard from mum last time he can sing quite well too! This I have no clue at all, again, I have to get some confirmation, for now lets just assume. :)

    Note: managerial & arts lineage

    3rd Brother:

    Graduated from film school, and currently worked as an editor for a certain company.

    Note: arts lineage

    Youngest Brother:

    Currently studying animation at one of the colleges.

    Note: arts lineage

    Just another view of the glasses

    Just by picking 3 from each side to compare and analyze.

    The results are quite interesting don't you think so?

    Genetics? Generational blessings/curses? Inherited traits?

    Some might say, "maybe it was because of the effects of our upbringing environment."

    Well, I can firmly say, my maternal side of the family had never expose me to any of those stuff they do, and I just got to know more about my paternal side of the family after my dad passed on...

    So, tell me, how can my upbringing environment effect me? :)

    Much like 'the thinker' statue,
    but this wan more to blank stare la... :P
    *taken in Pulau Ketam*

    It is like playing a game, my aspiration towards the arts sector was dominant, BUT fate had played a better card then me(I thought), I was then forced to escape into the hospitality line.

    BUT in the hospitality sector, I was soon gradually exposed to managerial stuff and at the same time, helping me to tap into my arts aspiration, I dare to say, I've become better in it then before!

    I feel that all these 3 elements "in my blood" are choreographing a stage play which I can summarize into a short phrase:

    "With knowledge of management gained from hospitality, hence it shall bring me back into arts!"

    I've always believe in this saying, "everything happened for a reason".

    I never regret "escaping" here, but sometimes I still wonder why. Well, it is what God know and what I have to find out.

    Now, this is my nephew again, tell me he is not
    a good actor for his age... :P
    *Picture courtesy from Sharon(my sis-in-law)*

    Reflect on your own also, believe me you will be surprised! And share with my in my comment box or chatbox, both side had been very quiet... :(

    Therefore guys, please make some noise and help me bring some life back to my blog!! XD

    So, Do You Believe In "Royal Bloodline"?

    Disclaimer: This is an uncontrolled experiment, results are not guaranteed, it is just more towards self discovery, have fun! ;)