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  • Thursday, October 11, 2007

    The Legal Sio Sen

    Happy birthday once again to the legal lady, Sio Sen!

    Now you finally have the "license to be bad". XD

    Birthday girl in action!

    A whole group of us went all the way to MV to have a great makan time together after our class.

    Thanks to Karl for fetching some of us there even though you wont be joining us. =)

    We arrived there quite early before the others thanks to Karl's dangerous skillful driving. =P

    It has been some time since I've been to MV, I din know they had a new wing!

    That section was called 'The Garden', their motto sounds something like this "Its all about you".

    Yeah, when you have lots of money la...


    So we decided to chill there while waiting.

    That place has nothing to shout about actually, its just another ordinary shopping galore.

    The only thing is, I feel that their Cold Storage is a little bit different from others, not only because they have wider range of choices for food.

    Look carefully...

    Thanks to Lim Yin's sharp eye, she was the one who notice this strange behavior.

    Their "cold storage" is so cozy, even flies can chill there and not budge at all, I tried shooing it away, but it just stood there comfortably "chill bathing" itself.

    As soon as the rest arrived, we head for 'Kenny Rogers'.

    I never step into this restaurant for almost 10 years++, I still remember when I last ate there, I fell sick, had fever and vomited.

    I told myself never to eat in that place ever again!

    After for so long till the 10th of October 2007, that 'pantang' was broken!

    The food wasn't that bad actually, maybe because I was a kid last time and don't know how to eat so call "good food".

    All greens

    Its so good until Lim Yin gladly pose for the camera with her salad. =D

    I decide to try the very food that made me sick(I think) 10 years++ ago.

    I wasn't disappointed, I give it a 3 out of 5.


    Well, because the mash potato tasted like....


    Yes! You got that right.


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