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  • Tuesday, March 6, 2007

    Signs Of A Lousy High School Prom Night

    *This is a brutally honest post on my opinion addition with my anger, some of you(organizers especially) might be deeply offended by what am I going to post, so if your weak hearted and hates KC, I advice you not to read or you might come and smash my house letter box with a hammer later tonight.*

    *Eh! If you think that my criticism and extreme sarcastic jokes a little too much, please do confront me ok? And I shall kindly cooperate wan. Don't go and bad mouth me behind my back la.*

    *Thanks to Chong for all the photos and videos*

    Alright, done with drawing the lines.

    What urge me after so long only post an entry about that faithful night? Because this is the only prom up to date that I know has all it takes to be nominated "The Most Lousy Prom of the Millennium".

    My dream of a perfect prom night is something like in the movie - 'A Cinderella Story', power pack decoration, many people, etc. But for it to happen in Malaysia...? When pigs fly and humans jiak sai(eat shit) as lunch la...

    Hall so big and nice, but only 7 tables - view from the sound control room

    Here are 6 ingredient(still got others, more controversial wan that are not listed) I draw out from this prom with picture & video proof on how to screw up your high school prom, future organizers please take note of this and don't be stupid enough to follow this footsteps or allow others to follow.

    6. Malaysian Timing & "The Last Min Boleh La Attitude"

    As usual those big events would start ridiculously late due to some "problems", the MC will make an announcement that may sounds like this "Ladies and gentleman, our dinner will be starting in 10 min, thank you very much for your patience, etc etc...."

    The people will be sitting on their sorry arse while frying their nuts on the heated chair, and the function handsomely starts 1 and the half hour later instead of the promised time.

    As a law obeying, government loving students of this beloved nation, we automatically practice the very culture passed down to us unfortunately by our elders during the prom night. It starts 1 and the half hours late or more and here is why...

    Due to privacy issue, their handsome face can't be shown, so I replace them with smillies

    Last min preparation like buying gifts and setting up the place leave the organizers changing late when the guest has already arrived!! I ask you la, you like ar if people make you wait for 1 and a half freaking hours? Don't tell me "Aiyah no time la, rushing, etc....!" and other related bullshit, organizers hold the full darn responsibility la, your mama never teach you wan meh?!

    5. "Ah Pek" also can come in??

    Sometimes it makes me wan to bash their heads with the fire extinguisher and throw them off the 4th floor, and scream at them "GO HOME AND CHANGE LA!!". I just wonder have they ever been to a FORMAL occasion or its just they know no culture?

    Some even gave me the most ridiculous excuse why they are not dressed in formal/smart, "aiyah I got no button shirt la..." then for GOODNESS SAKE GO BUY LER!! If you are still too damn lazy just use your school uniform la then can give a better excuse such as "my dog la, that bitch lick my shirt till wet wet ledi."

    4. The Big Taboo Of Prom Night - Boredom

    Keep in mind they make us wait more then 1 and half hours. I shall not say anything about this, see it for your own.

    3. "Do I have to fly to get my fries?"

    Due to us high school students who always skip our 'ko-kurikulem'(school activities), the food caterers decided to teach us ignorant brats a lesson by making us run our last lap during prom night.

    It is not as near as it looks, those white lines on the ground are badminton court lines, so you think la how far it is.

    2. The Highlight - Attack Of The Tone Deaf

    You think those faceless tone deaf idiots that has absolutely no respect for them self on American/Malaysian Idol are bad? I once thought I heard it all, until that very night...

    The Prom it self was a fail, lucky the food was good(full credit to the organizers for finding such a good but stupid caterer - for placing the food so far away) and my mood went back to normal.

    Just when things starting to look fine, there were this band went up on stage to preform, as their friend of cost I gave them my 100% support.


    I expected a semi-pro kinda performance since the pianist and guitarist(also the vocalist) are known for their skills on instruments. I got a bad feeling when I saw a microphone place in front of the guitarist. "Omgosh he gona sing?!" My eyes and ears open wide...

    (This is what I sang after he did. Sing it with the tune of 'Mungkin Nanti' - chorus part)
    "Dan mungkin bila nanti, (and maybe in the future)
    aku akan mati, (i will be dead)
    kerana engkau t'lah nyanyi, (because you sang)
    semua akan akhir sini...." (everything is gona end here)

    I felt as if on prom night I am watching porn... With no hesitation, half way during that "performance" I walked out of the hall because I COULD NOT bare to hear the awesome song(Mungkin Nanti - Peter Pan) being violated.

    Hence I went up to the sound control room where 'The Dicktator' was.

    I wanted to asked him where is the damn mute button for the vocalist microphone.

    *I thought of landing SO MUCH more criticism here, but you guys wont be bothered to read, judge for your self.*

    Due to the clip was not long enough nor clear, I made another imitation of how the vocal sounds like. Don't blame me if your doctor tells you that you are down with hearing disorder the next day.

    Ok la maybe I over exaggerate a bit... But it sounds something like that, I am just not good enough to copy him 100%. Hey maybe him and me could be the next runner up for Malaysian Trashcan Idol..?

    Thank God a guy came up on stage soon to take over, he played a song from the Korean drama 'Winter Sonata', it was FAR BETTER then before. At that time my grandmother recover from her heart attack, and humans starts to eat rice again instead of shit!!

    Sorry for the dark picture, the brighter ones are blurry

    1. Ballroom Boot Camp - Untrained Version

    Prom normally goes together with dancing, if it does not have a dancing session, that prom just stole the title "The Most Lousy Prom of the Millennium" from us. Don't worry, we got dance time la as you saw in the video above.

    Just some of us tu-lan(means "oh no!" or something related to it, if I am not mistaken) people too comfortably moulding the shape of our ass on the chair and refuse to get up.

    Anyway, I did some search on the net about other high school proms, too bad I could not find any other Asian schools, but heck I still got the results. I took both photos and put them together, I don't wan to say anything about this, I let you do the pondering...

    I know the organizers did their best using their last min time, I know the vocalist practice long hours just for that night, I know some of you who wanted to get button shirt but just too damn lazy, I know that some of my friends threw away RM 60 by not coming to prom and ended up in KL or staying at home... *cough* *cough* *Chloe* *cough* *Mary* *cough*

    So my friends remember! If you are organizing prom, don't screw it up and if you are coming for prom, don't screw yourself up.

    Now, will you excuse me I shall dress in my white robe and mourn for myself due to me losing some friends after this post is publish.

    ~Peace Out~

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    Ku-ku case!! said...

    haiyo! i stressed already la! ur fault! i let u in on a little secret..im helping organise prom! and da main organizers hav already picked a dress code dat no 1 is likely 2 follow.. but ur prom kinda kesian la..since da hall so big and da whole place look so empty...haiz..pressure!! but thanks for being honest and being da 1 2 sacrifice himself for this...got alot of other ppl feel dat way..but they knew u sure say something 1! haha!

    Sh|3N said...

    never thought i will live to see a day like this , thought only happen in a cartoon,i tell you, the band was noob , the planners were noobs as well,how many ppl la wei?..15?-_-...If like that i think get a small room cause atleast it gives the illusion like there are many people in the room =p

    Sh|3N said...

    The prom sucked
    the band sucked
    the singer sucked
    the drummer sucked
    the pianist rocked
    the bassist which is one of the most important in the band mana????

    A BAND WITHOUT A PIANIST IS OKAy BUT NOT WITHOUT A BASIST..GET IT RIGHT NOOBS...YOu organizers are losers and don't know how to organize...Going cyber cafe also better...

    Okay i am done cheers

    Gwen said...

    *dies* Eh, I seriously did think that you were kidding ler! I didn't know that it was actually possible for a prom to look so crap! I thought it was like some kind of junk mail forward or something. Oh dear, my poor child! I pity you and those people who had to suffer through it! Man, everyone looks dead there! Wheres the excitement?! The whole lively atmosphere?! It seems DEAD! That's the only word I can use to describe the whole thing. DEAD. And if there aren't that many people going, what's the use of having such a huge space? But actually it's a good thing that you guys had a huge space just so that you guys can organise more things to do and decorations to liven up the partay! Make the best out of the space man! I thought my prom was crap last year but this is like a billion times worser! It's making it seem as if my prom was some kind of majestic grand ball. lol, *sigh* Poor organisaton skills and also the committee, gotta improve. Have to be a billion times better than that. And the food and the tables, oh boy. Made it feel as if you guys were at some kind of one star or no star hotel. NO CLASSY! Might as well have it at the mamak. *dies* Okay, I think I'm being too harsh. I'll be quiet now.

    Anonymous said...

    hey.... the prom?? -- "nice" ....7 tables in such a big hall- white elephant hall for proms. get a smaller n cosier one if u hv a chance next time ; )

    Kf said...

    OMG seriously....the hall is big and theres only 7 tables? that prom looked more like an audition for that tuneless band over ther....i wonder wat the organizers r thinking wei....so little ppl they called it a prom? more like a reunion of a small group of frenz.....never seen a prom this odd and dead lol!!!

    Ace said...

    LMAO LA ahahahaha. 7 tables, have none aso better wo0t.

    chloe said...

    a very nice way of criticizing d prom. heh. n yeah, I DID end at up at kl. heh. thnk gudnes i didnt turn up eh?

    btw, mind doin me a favour? i reali terasa if ppl kutuk our skool, so mind cencoring d skool name on 1 of ur pix?

    aihyoh, no nid lah, not my blog oso.

    dey shud put all d tables behind den d dance floor in front. shit lah, hw 2 socialize like dat?
    $%($%^&*(*&^%$%^&*(*&^%$%^&*&^%$#%^&*(&^%$#@@!$$&^*)((&^#@#$%^&*&^%$#$%^&*(&^%$ rite?

    J . 2 said...


    i tot my skool had the worst, i was dead wrong lol.

    seriously bad event management dude.

    if they had anticipated this outcome the should have done something to the size of the bloody hall.dont u feel abit awkward sitting in a hall that big only to have 7(SEVEN) tables there?
    L o L

    if i was one of those ppl attending the 'prom' id probably never forgive myself hahaha.

    John Doe said...

    I was in there, and hell...who the fuck organized the damn thing? I dont give a damn if the organizers worked their ass off or suffered the night before. The thing is, when you are given the responsibility people expect the BEST out of it. Regardless of one's effort or thoughts. Organizers threw our RM60 down the drain, and whoever that disagrees with me deserves to get thrown in the pits.

    Anonymous said...

    omg. sorry to say. that's like the saddest prom on planet earth!

    and hell, there's like only freaking 7 tables??? is the school lacking of students? and i thought my school was small, as in the range of 350-450 students.

    joke of the year. usj 8?!

    Anonymous said...

    and wtf it's 60 bucks!?!??!

    it'll be better if all those ppl spend it in the club. can open bottles and get a room d.

    sad souls...