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  • Monday, October 15, 2007

    Hari Raya Day Out

    Selamat Hari Raya~!

    Thanks Naz for inviting us all to your place for makan, the food was seriously good. =D

    Every year I will be coming, so no worries k! =P

    I've meet up with a lot of my old form 4 school friends today at Naz's open house.

    After all the catching up and eating, we went over to MV for a few rounds of pool.

    As usual, whoever teamed with me will surely lose.

    I very the sux in pool, so if you feel like losing, just team with me. ;)

    I'll just wait for someone to foul and I get a free shot, thats how I score most of the time. =P

    Anyway, after all the poking of balls.

    We left for Subang Golf Club to have our dinner.

    Best part was, Mahdi belanja~ =D

    Ini lah Ahmad Mahdi

    Thanks man. =)

    Unfortunately, the food din turn up as I expected.

    Its a club house, I think they should have done better.

    Look nice only..

    That fish thingy seems to be identical that of the ones that was sold at my school canteen for RM0.50 per piece.

    Regardless of the food, the most important thing is we get to talk, laugh, listen to Kah Fai and Milan's nonsense.

    Reminds me of good old SMK BB days. =)

    We all know during Chinese New Year, everywhere is "Genting Highland".

    "Open Table"(which means gambling) is a sure thing.

    As Malaysians, tradition fusion is quite a common thing.

    Therefore all of us decide to "open table" during this Raya time also!

    Caution: Mahdi di depan... XD

    After a long time deciding where we going to settle down for the night, finally there was a place.

    Mahdi's house of cause!

    I did not wan to play at 1st, fearing that a particular episode will come and haunt me again.

    But after looking for few rounds, not nice la if I miss out on the fun.

    And so I played along... It was a good old game of 'Black Jack'.

    I had never believe in luck I tell ya, I believe in probability.

    When it comes to gambling, good probability most of the time does not occur.


    But today was weird... Seems that I kept on wining, even if I lose, the next round will surely to redeem what I have lost previously.

    I've don't dare to have high hopes, I keep an open mind set of "easy come, easy go."

    21 again...

    Nah... Just high probability, by chance only...

    "Bet low la, after lose big then 'tulan' lo..."

    I don't believe this...
    Total winnings: RM26


    Chinese New Year I kept losing la, when Hari Raya only can win....

    Very TIPU la...!

    1 comment:

    Andrew C. said...

    Chinese new yeah eh.... HAHAHAHAHA!!! Such uber pwnage! roflmao~