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  • Wednesday, May 9, 2007

    I Am Back

    Better and stronger. For you guys that does not know what happen to me these pass few days, the story in awhile.

    First of all I wan to thank Samantha for keeping me company when my brain was about to break down, SK who listen to my random nonsense,

    Leanne for that encouraging picture message you sent me, Ace, Kf, Nikki.A, Shl3N for those advice.

    I felt just like the cat

    Secondly I apologize to those whom may felt ignored by me in MSN, I was not in the mood for the past two days when you guys message me, thats why I did not reply much.

    Alright, now for those of you who are scratching your head and wonder what had happened, it all started out the day before yesterday.

    -The day before yesterday-

    Mum wanted to talk to me about college. She does not wan me to study in SAE which according to her, no future. She insisted that I study business.

    Of cause me being me, I never give into things easy, ESPECIALLY to my mum. I fought bravely even though I knew my chances of winning are nil in the verbally un-winnable situation.

    I could stand no longer, I told her right in the face I was not interested in business.

    Well and mums being mums, they must win.

    Even if they lose, they will make us feel like shit and start with the endless nagging, throwing threats like "I am not gona buy you a car" and even bringing up past faults to blame us so that they will "ada muka" and win at the end of the day.

    She said she had enough of my "attitude", and told me off that she will not paying for my college and other shit threats which I don't wan to list because it is too long.

    The hell?! Then I future do what?


    To cut the story short, indeed I felt like shit. In a parent and child conflict, whoever holds more money wins, agree?

    Mum - 1, Me - 0


    Endless thought went through my mind, uncertain of what will happen, normally I don't take any other conflict seriously, no point rite?

    Lose already still think so much for what, just let her win la.

    But what if she serious this time? She never talked to me at all for the entire day. I thought of whats the worst that might happen.

    I do not wan to think about it, but my brain cant stop spinning, hence making me rather moody, I felt all my energy drained off.

    Mum - 2, Me - 0


    The things she said to me was "Clean the fan", that was when I woke up early this morning to go to the loo.

    Another was "What soup the cater gave today", during dinner.

    Till now no signs of salvation, the good thing is at less she asked me to do something, "cold war" is subsiding, I hope.

    My head is rather unstable right now, I guess this would be all for today. I will try to make a 100% come back in a few days time, more lame jokes and photoshoped picx ok? =)

    *Signs of improvement, so...*

    Mum - 2, Me - 1

    Any last words?

    Note: For those of you who knows my mum personally, please keep to your self what you read here, I do not wan to cost another big problem, thanks.

    1 comment:

    RacHeLLe Low said...

    hey, samantha here.
    i saw my name.
    no problem at all. :)
    take care