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  • Thursday, August 28, 2008

    MPW Chaos

    I was editing my film for my Malaysian Studies project... Somehow I have this weird feeling...

    Transferring the clips from my camera to the PC - 2 hours.

    Converting both clips into a suitable format - 1 hour.

    Segregate the different segments into various parts - 1 hour.

    Begin scratching my head, nose, ear and ass while editing the video, seeking sources from the internet & old files - 4 hours.

    Having a feeling that somehow my software will crash yet I don't wan to make a save file, only to regret badly after IT REALLY HAPPEN, having the dead line tomorrow, having a shock of a lifetime, yet feeling peace cause I know this will happen & immediately I thought of a backup plan all at the same time.......


    And darn I still can on blogger and update this tragic event, this already proves that I'm still calm(somehow) and know that its not the end.

    I don't understand how..

    Anyway, when I am done with this, I will post the video up on youtube for you guys to watch.

    Till then, I'll hope for the best!

    Tuesday, August 26, 2008

    Fun Down South

    Day 1

    Although this was a last minute planned trip, but it was a good trip over all.

    My travel mates were Christin, Nadia & Viny, Fandi joined us only on the way back to KL.

    Up left to right: Nadia, Christin & Viny
    Bottom fat to thin: Fandi & Me

    We had darn lots of fun screaming in the car, especially during the journey back home, will get to that part later!

    The 1st place we went upon arrival was Jonker walk.

    Photo by Nadia

    Darn I tell you, I miss this place so much!

    Reminds me of last time when I came here at the end of term 2...

    Photo by Nadia

    The only thing I could not believe was the price of the food and items sold.

    Imagine, 3 dishes & a drinks, shared among 5 people, I only have to pay RM 4! And I still feel full.

    I bought myself an interesting toy.




    I so love to play with this thing, I just have to shake it down wards and the stick will extend and turn into a baton.

    Solid steel baybeh! Only for RM 10~ :D

    Now I don't have to use this stupid weapon of "mass destruction" anymore. =D

    Some dude tried to sell his dyed hamster.. Quite cute actually, but I wonder how he manage to do that with those little rats running all around...

    Its interesting and funny at the same time to see old folks come out and dance when some lady went up the stage at Jonker Walk to sing.

    Boogie for the oldie~

    Well, I guess its never too old to do anything for this 2 grandpa.

    Lucky for us, we have the privilege to stay over at Fandi's house in Malacca instead of renting some hotel that is just too expensive.

    Photo by Nadia, edited by me

    No Fandi, by standing side ways doesn't make you thinner! :P

    Maybe just for awhile in that picture..

    Day 2

    The girls woke up rather early in the morning, talking about 'dim sum' breakfast, Fandi & I slept like a pig..

    We were the ones who suggested this plan, well I guess next trip la...

    Photo by Nadia

    The main purpose of this trip was because of medical purposes, hence we went to Mahkota Hospital.

    I was surprise to see so many other state cars, such as from KL, Selangor, Johor, Perak, Negeri Sembilan & Penang.

    Apparently, I was told that Mahkota Hospital Malacca offers very good medical treatment, that explains the appearance of so many foreign cars.

    I think I've waited for more then 1 hour++ for my friends to get over with the consultation time.

    It was raining cats and dogs outside for the past 2 days I was here, but I think I very macho I couldn't care less about few drops of water.

    Clever read, clever arrange;
    not clever arrange, don't read...

    I found this really funny tag line at one of the stalls in the hospital premises.

    After all the waiting, its time to tackle Malacca's famous food - Chicken Rice Ball!!

    Photo by Nadia

    Somehow the chicken seems the same, the rice is like normal rice, just that the shape is round.

    But whenever we eat chicken rice ball in Malacca, it always taste better then normal chicken rice in KL.

    Photo by Nadia, edited by me

    Maybe because its the time we spend on holidays together with friends that made it much more tasty? =)

    We left Malacca around 3-4pm++

    On the way at the highway, I brought up a previous plan of dropping by at Port Dickson.

    And so we did, going there, no problem, coming back was where experience of hell was fast forward...

    Honestly, we got lost on the way back, we end up traveling aimlessly and hope we can find our way back.

    Went on to some really weird highway which is VERY LONG only to know that we are traveling further down south instead of up north back to KL!!!

    To make things worst,

    The time has finally came, all the rain water attack on me had catch up and its effecting my head, it felt very heavy, my eyes are shutting down, neck felt as if its going to break.

    Thanks to Christin who kept massaging my back to keep me on going, if not I sure pengsan early already. :)

    I told everyone, if we pass another toll again, I'm going to scream in front of the toll personal "TOLL LAGI AH???"

    Indeed, we went pass another toll(last)! This time, all of us screen down the window, and started shouting and screaming randomly!

    Really, 6 hours in the car, pumped 3 times petrol, went pass MANY MANY MANY TOLLS and not feeling well, anyone will go crazy!

    At the end of it, Ridzuan Condominium at last!

    It was almost 10pm,

    I miss the familiar scenery,

    I miss the people of Mentari area that cross road and don't look wan,

    I miss the darn big sign board 'Kurnia Insurance',

    I miss the babi kia taxi driver that likes to over charge me,

    And I can say I miss home........

    I felt sick, threw up once due to heavy head pain.

    Anyhow, its a darn tiring adventure, but its still a fine experience!

    And its even better with such entertaining bunch of people stuck under one roof, makes this trip just more exciting!

    Maybe you should try it one day? :P

    Friday, August 22, 2008

    Running Down South

    Whats On My Mind:

    This is a very famous song which I love it very much till today! 'Kenangan Terindah' by Samson. Very good melody and lyrics! ;)

    I will be leaving for Malacca around 5pm today!

    It was planned yesterday around midnight, yes I know its very sudden..

    We will be renting a car(RM135) from my friend to get our arses down there.

    There will be 3 of us going, the other 2 because of medical purposes,

    And as for me, I just wan to get my mind off stuff a little before the hectic next week.

    Till then, will be back around Saturday evening or night.

    Yummy awesome food here I come! =D

    Hmm.. Maybe can stop by Port Dickson also just for fun?? Yay! :D

    Tuesday, August 19, 2008

    Blessed Beyond Comprehension

    Whats On My Mind:

    This song is very cute(I think), its titled 'Dunia Belum Berakhir' - Shaden. My friend told me its a 7-8 year old song, maybe you'll like it? :)

    Apparently some fella used my name and say some really nasty thing on my Cbox.

    To whoever who write that:

    "If you got balls, next time write with your own name, and don't forget, I'm the admin, I CAN delete all the message that are typed on my Cbox, so try harder next time." :)


    This will be a short post.

    Thank you my dear friends for the surprises, gifts and many more other things.

    Truly from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate every little thing that all of you guys did for me.

    Wishes came in via, MSN, SMS, Friendster, Facebook, blog message and phone calls.

    It just blew my mind sometimes just thinking that I'm already 19 years old, from who I was and who am I now, like a 180 degree transformation.

    "Jco cake"

    Such a short time, yet it felt so long.

    I still remember back at standard 6, 16 August 2001, school gave us extra tuition class, and I did not do my home work.

    A fellow class mate of mine took the 'rotan' for me because it was my birthday.

    16 August 2006, my friends came to surprise me at my place, but mum din let me go out because she was upset that I slept for too long on that day...

    16 August 2007, My friends sabotage me unexpectedly after after our project outing, I've even lead them into the place that made me prone to any form of ambush!

    This year,

    A whole new experience. :)

    Saturday, August 16, 2008

    Official Launch of 'Crossroad Generation'

    Whats On My Mind:

    Thanks you all for the wishes and celebration!
    Really appreciate it all! ;)

    This is song: "Terima Kasih Cinta - Afgan"(with English subtitle) which my friend just sent to me has really good melody and lyrics!

    Today is a special day, not only because its my birthday, that is 16 August 1989.

    On this day, 16 August 2008, I will officially launch 'Crossroad Generation'! As I have mentioned in my previous post.

    Why 'Crossroad Generation' you asked.

    Well, imagine with me, the shape of a crossroad is like a 't'/'x', people walking from all four direction and at the end, meet in the middle.

    Its a symbol where different talents from various sectors come together and with joint ability, hence creates more creative and innovative products.

    For example, this is an illustration...

    A person whom is good in music meet a group of other musician, create a song and together work with a film person, make a movie, and the song is them used as the theme song for the movie.

    Like this!

    My illustration in sexy drawing!

    The 4 main area from film, music to performing arts and free style.

    These are the targeted area which Crossroad Generation's production will align towards.

    Its open for anyone who has the passion in what do and believe, I know for sure, with our combine strength, it will be a entirely new level of product produced.

    But things wont be easy, the hardest part is the commitment and sacrifice, without this 2, its totally impossible that this will even work out.

    Do I fear? Yes I do, but I'm still learning, I truest with my whole heart, we will strive one day!

    Now, there are 6 person(+ me) in the fellowship, I'll continue to seek for more, and together, lets make history!

    Once again, I declare, 'Crossroad Generation' is now officially launch!

    Wednesday, August 13, 2008

    Birth of a Crossroad Generation

    Whats On My Mind:

    I so love this song titled: Cinta Dalam Hati - Ungu, for those who love songs with good melody, this you have to listen! :D

    I've been thinking a lot lately, and somehow, things are tiring me a lot...

    Especially to my Malaysian Studies group members, I've realized I haven been much productive this time round,

    Truly I'm sorry, but no worries, this Friday we shall go for our little field trip! And we shall finish the project like we once did it before! :D

    Oh, by the way, I wont be able to move out anymore due to parental decision, the sudden shift of stand caused me to declared cold war against my mother, it lasted for the past 2 days.

    But today, things turned for the better.. Lets put it this way, she has finally understood me, and I have redrawn my hostility, whoever is right or wrong does not matter now.

    Alright, you must be wondering what is the above title all about??

    Well, since my team was eliminated from the song writing competition along with 2 of my friends who took part under the 'vocal category',

    I was darn furious when I got to know about their "unprofessional classification of people" style. Fine! Even so you think my song sux, I have no problem with that,

    But its totally IMPOSSIBLE that the both of them were eliminated too! I'll upload their vocal piece on my blog soon, you guys can judge it yourselves.

    Their style of such action totally disgust me, its call buyers! Emerging new talents eh? Well.... Kiss my Chinese ass!

    No this isn't me...

    All these had lead me into a deep emotional spiral.. I just couldn't bare this, talents got sunked just like that, I cant get over it!

    Nothing grieves me more then a persons talent got suppressed by others or by circumstances and people who does not wan to use their talent!

    So what if your talent is just not feeling any fear on stage? Or naturally born good looking?

    Darn it! There are other ways these wonderful gifts can be used! It doesn't have to be on stage singing or performing an electric guitar solo.

    I came to a conclusion... I cannot know the fact that there are people around me whom are blessed with such ability and not using it.

    We shall all come under one roof, with joint fellowship, we can practice our ability and skills in various areas.

    Hence I hereby declare, I will and I am establishing a fellowship(cant call it a company YET), a fellowship where we can use our ability to produce something, mainly in the music sector, performing arts and film!

    Of course I welcome people who have the passion for a dream turn reality journey, I will also be looking out for people.

    God knows where will we be heading in the future, but I'm convinced that life is 10% circumstances or what that happens to me and 90% is how I react or my attitude!

    I have given much though about this establishing the fellowship thing, and for you who think its a joke..

    Well, I ain't laughing...

    We are still young and full of energy, if we were to do something, this is the time!

    Not wait till when we are old or have lots of money, a girl/boy friend or kids, by that time, we might not even have the ability and strength anymore..

    Of course its going to be a hard ride, tiring and some times disappointing, ain't life full of those crap? At less we have a group to support those whom are at their downs.

    I truly believe in this, we will find purpose and meaning.

    A purpose to live for, and a meaning added into our lives, there is a saying "Great minds have purpose, little minds have wishes."

    Anyhow, the fellowship has not yet officially been launch, but I already have 3 other guys behind me.

    1 composer-guitarist, 1 vocalist-multi skill, 1 vocalist-composer-pianist and me.

    I'm believing for a 'Crossroad Generation' to emerge! Where people will choose to use their talents and not hide it under their ass.

    1st production will be coming up soon, once the recording of the song is done, I will upload it here for all to hear!

    Any suggestion or comments? Feel free to tell me! ;)

    I'll talk more about this soon.

    Take care guys! :D

    Sunday, August 10, 2008

    Early Blessings

    Whats On My Mind:

    I'm feeling more and more lazy... =(
    And I have my 2nd industrial training interview tomorrow, wish me the best!

    Hey guys, I'm so sorry that it took me so long(again) to update.

    But no worries, I'm back! :D

    This post I'll make it a short one, more to come for sure!

    Today was a great day, I was really blessed by my brothers and auntie.

    I had my lunch at 'Thai Thai Restaurant' in Sunway Pyramid.

    The food was ok, above all, the greatest thing was all of them were there, too bad grandma cant make it though.

    Was suppose to go up to One Utama to meet her, but a friend of mine was admitted into the hospital and I have to visit her.

    That took up quite a lot of time until I wasn't able to take a look at the house at Suriamas which I will be moving in soon.

    Supposedly Suriamas looked like this..

    My sister-in-law is going to give birth end of this month, suddenly I'm going to become an uncle of a new born little boy...

    No I'm not old..

    My 2nd brother is going to get married next year, I'm sure its going to be a big celebration.

    Suriamas during construction,
    I cant find any other pictures on the net..

    Life is getting more and more interesting and tiring these days, don't you think so?

    So many things change and new things that you never expect in your life emerge from no where, challenges we faced, and many more.

    I can say, its gona be really really interesting!

    Oh by the way, the competition which I talked about in my past few post, I did not make it.

    The story is just too complicated and it boils my blood to tell you because I knew a certain ugly truth, hell like disgusting truth...

    I'll just classify this as "unprofessional", its not the judges or me and my team I'm talking about, the judges are fair..

    Someone la, its for me to know and for you to find out! :D

    But I'll still continue with the song which we made, once the recording is done, I'll upload it for all of you to hear! =D

    Nevertheless, I'm really blessed today!

    Really thank God for the things in my life! ;)

    Till then, take care!

    Tuesday, August 5, 2008

    1st Month of The 4th Term

    Whats On My Mind:

    I've yet to install my hard drive into my new CPU! Darn, I have to get this done as soon as I can... I'm lacking of pictures already! =/

    Hello people!

    I'm so sorry that my updates differs from the usual 2-3 days once routine, time has been really pack for myself.

    But no worries, I wont stop blogging, thats my assurance to you all! :D

    Since I've yet to comment on my new term, I shall just share a word or two to you guys, I'll start with my restaurant practical class. :)

    Everything I've expected in term 4 restaurant practical wasn't really what I would expect it to be, except the 'very tiring' part, which is very true and obvious.

    Things are very different in previous term, most of the time we were having fun, during service, not giving much of a thought of what we really are doing.

    Go into the kitchen to eat or snoop in the bars refrigerator and pop open a can of coke was a norm during the good old noob days, our lecturer don't give a crap about it most of the time.

    Now... Oh boy, don't talk about taking a can of coke, eating in the kitchen are not permitted at all because Pam did not cook for me the kitchen lecturer will kill us.

    Things are much tense, because we were expected to perform with a certain level compare to before.

    Talking about that, I still cant open the wine bottle! Its either the lecturer had to open it for me, or my friends would come help me.

    Heck, so embarrassing in front of the new students who became my guest... =(

    The only thing I think I did pretty well was the dessert 'flambe', just that the quality of my finished product could be improved more.

    I remember my most memorable moment after 4 times of servings was the moment I cleared my stuff and ready to sent for washing.

    I was holding a plate, on top was my service gear(a fork & a spoon), on the plate was a puddle of caramelized sugar kinda sauce.

    As I was walking towards the kitchen, my service fork slipped from the plate and fell! With lightning speed I kicked the fork, it did not touched the ground!


    Thanks to my 'kaki bangku'(phrase to describe a person that cant play football), I kicked the forked ONTO someone's hand bag! Darn I was lucky not getting screwed.

    Ladies, imagine some sticky icky sugar kinda sauce fall on your hand bag, what more if I was the one cost that to happen, what will you do to me?? *Melvin ran away*

    Of cause, every memorable & fun moment are bound to have something that pisses anyone off.

    There is this person in my group, she did something a service staff not even suppose to think of... What more she did it in front of my guest!

    No, she did not pick her nose...

    I was talking to my guest, she came over and said "hurry up, I wont to go home."

    Hell I was so insulted, how could you say that in front of my guest darn it?!? My guest actually asked me what happened! Who don't wan to go home you tell me?!

    Wan to complain, complain somewhere behind the guest la, senseless meh? You know what, she not only pisses me off, she pisses off some other people as well!

    She did the same thing yesterday during serving time! Luckily not to me, or I'll shoot her in front of the guest.

    I guess there are bound to be problems in whatever things we do, will have to learned from it, no body is more superior then the other, or not we don't have to be in college.

    Hope things would work out well as time goes by, I'm looking forward for a great year 2!

    To all my batch 28 friends, all the best! Lets be a history maker!

    Thats all for now, take care & have a great week~