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  • Wednesday, August 13, 2008

    Birth of a Crossroad Generation

    Whats On My Mind:

    I so love this song titled: Cinta Dalam Hati - Ungu, for those who love songs with good melody, this you have to listen! :D

    I've been thinking a lot lately, and somehow, things are tiring me a lot...

    Especially to my Malaysian Studies group members, I've realized I haven been much productive this time round,

    Truly I'm sorry, but no worries, this Friday we shall go for our little field trip! And we shall finish the project like we once did it before! :D

    Oh, by the way, I wont be able to move out anymore due to parental decision, the sudden shift of stand caused me to declared cold war against my mother, it lasted for the past 2 days.

    But today, things turned for the better.. Lets put it this way, she has finally understood me, and I have redrawn my hostility, whoever is right or wrong does not matter now.

    Alright, you must be wondering what is the above title all about??

    Well, since my team was eliminated from the song writing competition along with 2 of my friends who took part under the 'vocal category',

    I was darn furious when I got to know about their "unprofessional classification of people" style. Fine! Even so you think my song sux, I have no problem with that,

    But its totally IMPOSSIBLE that the both of them were eliminated too! I'll upload their vocal piece on my blog soon, you guys can judge it yourselves.

    Their style of such action totally disgust me, its call buyers! Emerging new talents eh? Well.... Kiss my Chinese ass!

    No this isn't me...

    All these had lead me into a deep emotional spiral.. I just couldn't bare this, talents got sunked just like that, I cant get over it!

    Nothing grieves me more then a persons talent got suppressed by others or by circumstances and people who does not wan to use their talent!

    So what if your talent is just not feeling any fear on stage? Or naturally born good looking?

    Darn it! There are other ways these wonderful gifts can be used! It doesn't have to be on stage singing or performing an electric guitar solo.

    I came to a conclusion... I cannot know the fact that there are people around me whom are blessed with such ability and not using it.

    We shall all come under one roof, with joint fellowship, we can practice our ability and skills in various areas.

    Hence I hereby declare, I will and I am establishing a fellowship(cant call it a company YET), a fellowship where we can use our ability to produce something, mainly in the music sector, performing arts and film!

    Of course I welcome people who have the passion for a dream turn reality journey, I will also be looking out for people.

    God knows where will we be heading in the future, but I'm convinced that life is 10% circumstances or what that happens to me and 90% is how I react or my attitude!

    I have given much though about this establishing the fellowship thing, and for you who think its a joke..

    Well, I ain't laughing...

    We are still young and full of energy, if we were to do something, this is the time!

    Not wait till when we are old or have lots of money, a girl/boy friend or kids, by that time, we might not even have the ability and strength anymore..

    Of course its going to be a hard ride, tiring and some times disappointing, ain't life full of those crap? At less we have a group to support those whom are at their downs.

    I truly believe in this, we will find purpose and meaning.

    A purpose to live for, and a meaning added into our lives, there is a saying "Great minds have purpose, little minds have wishes."

    Anyhow, the fellowship has not yet officially been launch, but I already have 3 other guys behind me.

    1 composer-guitarist, 1 vocalist-multi skill, 1 vocalist-composer-pianist and me.

    I'm believing for a 'Crossroad Generation' to emerge! Where people will choose to use their talents and not hide it under their ass.

    1st production will be coming up soon, once the recording of the song is done, I will upload it here for all to hear!

    Any suggestion or comments? Feel free to tell me! ;)

    I'll talk more about this soon.

    Take care guys! :D

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