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  • Tuesday, September 18, 2007

    Memories Of Term One In Black And White

    Whats On My Mind:

    1. Correction from previous post, Cin did not buy the 'Boss Babi' for David, instead its his mum!

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    "Oi wake up, I am sending you to college now!"

    That was the 1st thing I heard in the morning, mum as usual giving me the wake up call.

    When I reached college, my head told me that I got things to work on, while my flesh tells me to sleep.

    Fighting against my lazy will, I went up the library, took out my notes and dream studied, my final exam is just 2 and a half hours away.

    Soon the words I see on my notes started to look like symbols, my brain began its drifting into the state of dream world.

    I started recalling moments during term 1...

    Money makes the world go round, this was the 1st thing I remembered - the amount we spent for our Food and Beverage project, Rm400 - RM500.

    At 'Dae Jang Gum' Taipan USJ

    Being crazy enough to go to 2 restaurant(1 was not intentional).

    Running high and low, asking for information at the same time taking pictures as if we had never seen a restaurant before.

    Understanding secrets of the 'Ogawa Restaurant' toilet

    It was an experience worth spending for, but a little too much la... =(

    Unfortunately we never get to try these...

    After loads of research & giving the project some touch up, we gave our best shot on the day of presentation.

    We kinda stoled Mr. Alex's suggestion to serve green tea to the entire class.

    But the motive was to let people taste the one of a kind green tea that 'Ogawa Restaurant' offers and not being 'kia su', ok la maybe a little bit. =D

    Personally, I think no other place does it better then them(maybe got others yet to be discovered), but the tea is either you love it or hate it.

    Because of its special content - roasted rice friend with green tea leafs.

    My team scored 35 out of 40 points, I guess we are kinda happy with it. =)

    Looking at ourselves dressed up in formal wear cant make us forget those fun times during front office practical classes.

    Role playing/acting time was the most memorable.

    "Ok class, you guys will be break into teams and we will be having another simulation."

    Upon hearing what Miss Ruth said, Sio Sen and I were showing body language to each other indicating "come we same team ok??!!"

    Because we love emphasizing more on entertainment, make people laugh and have a fun lesson, at the same time without putting aside the content we ought to act out.

    Therefore we make a funny team.

    Chris and David jokingly called me a "backstabber" ever since, after ditching them just that one time! =P

    How could it be complete without the other 2 practical class? Kitchen and restaurant.

    Remember the menu I post about few entries back? I have to do a new one.

    Left: Menu, Right: Menu cover

    Nuts la, I was being creative for the 1st try and rejected! So I did a simple one this time, lucky it was accepted or not I don't know what to say...

    Anyhow, studying how to serve isn't an easy job, it requires quite a bit of skill then I thought before I came into this course.

    Now carry plates & wipe glass, soon will be 'flambe', I'll burn your face if you are my guest that tries to be funny with me! *evil grins* =P

    There is a saying "men makes a better cook", but I say "men also makes a "better" smell after he cooks".

    The oil, smoke, heat, etc...

    Can drive some people crazy...

    And make the ladies go "hmph!".

    3 months had past... 3 words I say...

    "Hard to forget!"

    All the fun and happening times.

    Don't worry, its just his shirt is too big...

    Funny times too...

    We were from total strangers with different background coming from various places and now become good friends.

    I hope in days to come our relationship with each other will grow more, learning how to be tolerant with each other is the best stepping stone all of us can leap from.

    We are all different in our own ways, yet we are still people, one who has ambitions, emotions, desires and one who makes mistakes.

    One term down 5 more to go!

    Lets look into the future and hope for the best from it! Term 2 here we come!

    As I was still dreaming, someone came to my back and woke me up, exam is just half an hour more!

    I rushed to meet with the others and we went in and gave it our all, praying hard that everything turns up good. =)

    Happy holidays to all my DH 28 Friends! See you guys next term!


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