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  • Tuesday, April 1, 2008

    Memories Of Term Three In Black And White

    *Jump up from bed*

    "Oh crap! I'm late for college!"

    *2 seconds later*

    "Eh... Today where got college..."

    *went back to sleep*

    Don't you think its really funny, during college days we slack and procrastinate, not wanting to go to college.

    But during holidays, we complain that its boring and prefer to be at college instead. "*cough* *cough* Janice *cough* Janice...." =P

    Restaurant briefing..

    Today its my 1st day of holiday, term 3 was finally over!

    Year end exams was quite a piano on our head, it was the mark of us being big boys and girls in the Hotel Management/Culinary Arts/Tourism Management course!

    As usual, my faithful blog poser - Sio Sen.
    This was after our Housekeeping assessment.

    I remembered the days when we saw our seniors all wearing their formal suit waiting in front of the exam hall back in term 1, soon we were standing on the very ground they stood.

    For this term, they were many different things that spring out. I'll just talk about some of the ones that I remembered ok? =)

    'Plant and Premise' presentation

    Term 3 has never fail to deepen my hatred towards mathematics and business subjects.

    The subject of statistic is a very good example, but I never hate this subject at first, allow me tell you why.

    The 1st class statistic class was big, it was a combine class with other groups, our statistic lecturer was new in Taylor's college.

    Part of statistic class, posed by Karl..
    Eh wait, this wan I secretly took wan I think! =P

    Apparently she cant stand the noise we make hence walked out of class, the funny part was she left her handbag on the chair and later came back in to take it and walk out again.

    But thats not the point, you imagine, it was our 1st class, and we were prepared to learn something, suddenly this happen, don't you think its a little 'cut steam'?

    From that day onwards, I never pay attention in statistic class anymore... I don't know why, call me weird but, its just the feeling of wanting to learn is not there already.

    Leisure Commerce Square, took this picture near the students council room..

    I'm so glad term 3 has no more accounts, but hell is so mean....

    We have a new subject known as 'Purchasing and Cost Control', and darn this subject because it teaches you how to buy and budget stuff, got money then buy la, so troublesome...

    I made it sound so useless because I dislike this subject, get the point? :D

    To make things worst, we were the 2nd batch that our lecturer teaches, which means she was new to this, and the class was as bored as learning about Bordeaux(some bodoh state in France)...

    This is the way we learn 'Purchasing and Cost Control'..
    Sleeping dude - Christopher Jonathan Morley Charles No Balls.. :P

    But nothing can beat the LAN subject of 'Bahasa Kebangsaan A', cater for those who has [D]ynamic results in their BM paper for SPM.

    The only thing that impresses me in this class was the lecturer - Miss Aidah, I tell you, we were students that holds strong to the motto 'late come early go, do work then wana go'.

    "Ok class, kamu semua break 10 minit dan balik."(ok class, you guys have 10 minute break and come back.)

    Me, Karl & Jeff will takes another extra 20 minute(for Friday class) because we went and eat our breakfast, by the time we went back in, class is over! =D

    I assume that we really pissed her off sometimes, she wont show it, but the words she use was obvious with signs of a wrath yet unleashed, very patience of her, a quality worth to be respected.

    During restaurant service, yet again another pose by Sio Sen~ =D
    I wonder if we will be in the same group for term 4?
    If not, then who is gona be my blog poser next time... T.T

    This time round, the new batch 29 came in, it was great to know that 2 person from SMK USJ 8 joined the hospitality course.

    Max - Culinary Arts & Chooi Yin(spelling not sure) - Hospitality Management which I knew through Max.

    As time passes, I get to know more and more from the new batch 29, which is a good thing, getting to know new people is something I like. ;)

    Vicky, Eigan & I

    At the same time, I came to acquaintance with quite a few other people from Higher Diploma, Mass Communications and even people from other colleges.

    Some I got to know even better compare to others.

    Doreen, Alice, Fandi, Ting & I

    In just 3 months, things come and go, some might say "what so great about 3 months? things will remain the same most of the time la or turn worst..",

    Its true, but you'll just never know what to expect sometimes.

    Ahh.. A nice but blur picture... =(

    Who in this God created world would ever thought that I will learn Bahasa Indonesia?

    In fact, some said that my progress was fast, and some say need much more improvement, anyhow its still a learning process. =D

    Lim Yin, I & Hui Wen

    Frankly speaking, I was a person that dislike using Bahasa Malaysia because I got a 'D' for it.

    But now, I'm learning both languages at the same time, I always believe what goes around comes around.

    There was this time, I wanted to buy metal wire to tie up the fence on my house balcony due to the cats coming in to shit in my house regularly, of all houses out of 5 floors, why mine!? =/

    After Oenology presentation, back at term 2..
    Rebekah, Sio Sen & I

    I went to this Chinese DIY shop to get some wire, I asked for 2 meters long, the Chinese boss charge me RM 0.50 for it, he asked one of his worker to settle it for me.

    Later do I know mum said it wasn't enough and she demands for another 5 meter.

    Another 'Plant and Premises' presentation

    I went back again and asked the same worker(an Indonesian guy) that cut the previous wan for me for another extra 5 meter.

    After he was done, I asked him with my half bucket Bahasa Indonesia, "mas, kayak gini berapa?"(dude, like this how much?),

    He looked at his boss first, and when the boss went away, he turned back to me and say "20 sen cukup dong"(20 cent enough la), 2 meter 50 cents, 5 meter 20 cents...

    Jeff & I, last restaurant service

    I was ripped of... I don't mind the money, but what I hate was the integrity of the boss, few cents also wan to con from me... Imagine if it was a RM 100++ business... =/

    See, speaking the language of the people rubs away the differences of the two regardless of race and gender, sometimes got profit also.

    There are other stories, but save it for next time k. =)

    Ivana, I & Fandi

    These memories will be written here, and one day who know, me or you may look back and laugh about the things that happened.

    Now, we shall move on! Industrial training here we come! Let us all bring wonderful reports back from our training, sure got lots of story to hear~! =D

    Some picture I took at Westin KL, apparently its some
    art work done by some kids that stayed in the hotel...

    All the best and take care guys! See you all after 3 months! ;)

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