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  • Sunday, September 14, 2008

    Many Faces Of My Baby Nephew

    I tell you, little Ivan is gona be a really good actor someday...

    He is practicing already!

    Behold the "ji wang" look.

    Like em good sad Korean drama where their love story is always so darn complicated.

    Little Ivan is playing the sad guy face when the girl goes off with another guy.

    Next up, the "I kill uuuuu!" look.

    You know those drama series where family members back stab each other in order one can gain all the wealth.

    He is now playing the role of the jealous younger brother, in this scene he is plotting to kill the elder brother because the father gave all the money to his brother instead of him.

    This is the "omg she loves me!" look.

    He is depicting a guy whom just gain the love of the girl he long chased after.

    And, the "holy shit!" look.

    He is now showing how was Fandi's face when he got pawn by me in dota a shocked facial expression when he knew he strike a lottery.

    Not forgetting the "wuu lala" look.

    It is when he saw a really cute baby girl next to his cradle.

    Last but not less, the "the day is save" look.

    You know those superhero movies, after they saved the day, sure got some look on their face wan, I just wonder which hero is he imitating...?

    I cant wait to see him during the full moon party! :D

    Till then, take care! =)

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