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  • Sunday, May 6, 2007

    The Road Not Taken

    Today I wanted to blog about something happy, like the kopitiam la, cats la, Malaysians la, but leh my mum just had to destroy my morning mood, hence it made my day bad, and thats why I update so late.

    Sometimes I just don't understand what in the world parents think, what the heck is on their minds? Listen to their own children can die wan, listen to their friend say what sure 100% is a fact wan.

    Argh~! Am so pissed now.

    "I thought it over, the course you wanted to take got no future, my friends that are in this line said u must be very creative only can and must be the BOSS of the production company, I see you are not that kind of person, and you will not be successful, I am not willing to spend my money on you, other course I will think about it, but not this."


    "I know la ever since I bought the video camera you think very nice holding the camera run here run there and shout "CUT", you will be nothing more then a "keh leh feh"(a.k.a nOOb), you know people wont pay you much? How can you support me next time when I am old?"

    HELLO?! Can't you just believe in me just for this once? I am not that naive and I am aware of the difficulty the job holds!

    "Yes I don't believe in you, in fact how can I believe you? I see your attitude I know already you are destine to fail in this line. My money are all hard earn sweat money, I don't dare to let you waste it all, if you still insist to study this course, come out to work now even better."

    Eh?! Use your brain la, the course where got cheap? It would take me 5 years or more to get that kind of money. By that time I old liao loh!

    "I tell you and you don't wan to listen, take business so good, earn lots of money next time. Ok fine, I make a deal with you, I let you study what you want, THE CONDITION IS your exams marks ALL MUST BE 80 AND ABOVE, I mean ALL the subject they teach there, if just 1 part you get 79, I will drop you out, and the money wasted, you have to pay me back."

    No need think already, bring it on la! You think you got money at hand tai sai ar(very big deal ar) ??!! I also got la!

    Just lesser then you only...

    Oh God help me.

    You guys out there know me best, so what you all think?

    "Yeah! Thats the way!" or "You idiot is it? You think you very 'keng' ar?"

    Please be honest...

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