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  • Monday, April 28, 2008

    Final Season At Cafe Lounge

    *As the Datin-General Manager of Sheraton Subang approaching the lounge*

    Boss: "Datin datang, datin datang. Jom berlakon sikit.."(datin is coming, act a bit)
    Me: "Ok boss.."

    *A conversation between 2 person*

    Person A: "Mana boss? Sekarang sibuk dia hilang pulak!"
    Person B: "Tak tau la, dia "semayang"?
    Me: "What?? Apa semayang? Dia bukan muslim kan??"

    Later I found out the term "semayang" here means 'curi tulang' also known as lazing around somewhere.

    These people come up with their own code word man...

    Me "semayang-ing"...

    I'll be leaving Cafe-lounge on the 4th of May and proceed on to finance department!! :D

    Thank God my appeal for department switch turn out smooth. ;)

    Smooth as marsh mellow~

    No doubt my life at cafe lounge has been really hard, but I've learned a lot during this period of time,

    And I've meet the new MP of Kelana Jaya from 'Parti Keadilan Rakyat'(PKR), Mr.Loh Gwo Burne(the guy that took the 'Linggam Video').

    I was attending to his table and I din know it was him until later.

    I was so tempted to say "congraz on your win sir.",
    but I did not... WASTED!!! =(

    Things like how to handle certain situation at a certain time.

    How to "suck-up" to your boss, handle hard guest and worked with idiots.

    Followed my boss to "steal" our equipment back from banquet department.

    How to make teh tarik and other drinks.

    Kak Ying teaching me how to make teh tarik~

    As an ordinary waiter,

    I've also used the concierge luggage to transport things around, lend a hand to banquet department, done room service,

    Done data entry for cafe lounge because boss lousy at using computer, send and pick up flowers, move furnitures around,

    Carry 4 empty beer barrel down to store, and transfer 6 filled barrel which weigh 86kg per barrel back up using only a trolley, and many many more..

    It doesn't look at light and easy as it seems...

    Things that supposedly I don't have to do, I've done them all.. Stretch beyond my capability and knowledge, I'm proud to say that I've done well.

    There will be times that things really get on our nerves, its evident that I do too, read my previous post also you know already, hehe..

    "Semayang-ing" again... :D

    The thing is, being upset and complaining about it to friends sometimes are ok, as long as we know how to get out from it and learn the lessons from that dark episode.

    That way, our "sufferings" wont be in vain.

    Room service for some stupid Akademi Fantasia singer... 1st wan to eat here,
    later ask to send to room, very the troublesome la..

    I hope my next month at finance department will be even better, exciting I hope!

    I cant wait to go back college!

    Wow, Taylor's college also produce wine?? :P

    Working at Sheraton Subang sure reminds me of Taylor's College... 2 more months baybeh!

    Take care people! ;)

    Wednesday, April 23, 2008

    Piano-Roma Chronicles

    I like this quote by a friend of mine.

    "At Taylor's School of Hospitality and Tourism, we were taught to serve ladies first, at Sheraton Subang Hotel and Towers we were taught to serve Datuk first..."

    Diniy - Student of DH 26

    Darn funny, but its true.

    Our bosses are obsessed with datuks, every time got datuk come, boss sure ask us to work fast , serve fast, walk fast and be nice and wish them.

    There was a time our Datin GM asked for the bill, I went and tell my boss that no one was there to issue the bill at the cashier..

    I tell you, that was the time I saw my boss ran so fast, the person that he was taking to at that moment thought there was a boom threat or something.

    People are just so suck up these days don't you think so? Money and power makes the world go round.


    Just few days ago, there was this VVVVVVIP who came, boss made it sound much more important then the King of Malaysia.

    She was a evaluator pretends to be a guest, my boss somehow got the news that she was coming, I tell you, my favorite time during working hours was when there are 'big shots' around.

    The staff all suddenly became so nice, a girl that normally never talked to me came up to me and ask "how are you?" IN FRONT of the guest.

    This is one expensive center piece, RM 10 per rose missing...

    The funnier part was one of the idiot bartender said to the VVVVVIP that she was pretty or something like that, I was washing the cup near the basin, can say I'm quite nearby them la.

    After I heard him said that, I did a "tskh!" and shook my head, I'm not sure they heard it or not, but I certainty felt really disgusted of his hypocrisy till I automatically reacted in that manner.

    Behind the 'Piano Lounge' bar..

    Anyhow, there was this other incident which happen 3 days ago, the same sweet talking bartender asked me to come into the bar, so I went, I thought he wanted me to wash the cups, but...

    He was speaking so fast about something in BM which I did not understand, I only catch some words like "gay", "angry", "react" and some other crap, and suddenly, his hands come touch my ass!

    I was like "ya allah! what was that for?"... I know he is a type of person that like to play around, but why touch my ass?? Why me darn it! Later on, my another friend also kena..

    Darn, I thought he was only an idiot, but he is gay?!?

    Coffee machine! I wish I had one at home..

    So I thought that episode was over.. BUT! Today, as I was folding tissue at the counter, someone touched my ass again! I turned and I saw this time one of the kakak touched my ass!

    After that she said "apa hal sentuh-sentuh buntut nieh?", but in a joking manner, I looked at her and I don't know what to say at that point of time.

    Anjing! Like that also can?!

    Darn my ass so nice to touch is it?! You think free ar?! I not gigolo nor prostitute ok... Only reserved for my hand to scratch when its itchy! -.-"

    Coffee powder machine!

    Oh yeah! I'm going to say good bye to this hell condemn place, tomorrow I will be meeting Miss Helen again to see if I get to transfer to administration type department.

    Wish me the best! And this time I hope no one touches my ass again.... =/

    Preparing the welcome drink..

    Alright, here are some other stories I wish to share.

    One day, there was a wedding dinner at the ballroom, apparently its some datuk's son wedding.

    Banquet department somehow was short of staffs to help out, and the manager just had the "right" idea to come Piano Lounge to "borrow" some man power.

    And for some reason, I have to be selected along with that gay idiot bartender and that racist basket bartender.

    Another view from the corner of 'Aroma Cafe'...

    The condition was so messed up at banquet, for some time, I was lost, I din know what was going on, I don't even know what to do!

    Only at the last moment, I was told that I only have to go in and take up some cover from some pot and come out.

    Sounds easy? Well it was to me at first, take up a cover from a pot rite? What was so hard about it..

    Something like that size,
    sorry I din take the picture when
    I was there...

    Imagine taking up a cover THAT size, burning hot(use cloth), using one hand and not taking only from one table, bare in mind there are around 100++ tables and we have only around 20-30 people.

    The good thing was, I learned how to take up that big cover, got a certain way, not that bad after all, at less I learned something.

    They wanted to used this for something during the wedding dinner,
    I hope its not to kill the bride or groom's past lover who came for the dinner.. =P

    It has been a really painful long 2 weeks, now its the 3rd week, I cant wait till the end!

    Take care people!

    Saturday, April 19, 2008

    People That I Will Never Understand

    I shall start off with this:

    Kak Ida: "Aduh, kaki kakak gatal". (ahh, my legs are itchy)
    Me: "Kenapa gitu?" (how come?)
    Kak Ida: "Tak tau, mungkin kakak gatal?" (don't know, maybe because I'm horny)
    *both laugh*

    My legs are officially immune to the pain of standing for long hours, but still it gets tired la, just that I am still able to walk. =)

    My work at 'Piano Lounge' was made even more difficult, I don't know how to type it out short, but here goes..

    A film crew came and do a shot at Sheraton Subang..

    I hate to put up with your fake smile and your dumb question of "how are you?" everyday I meet you at work, while I surely answer you reluctantly with "I'm fine thank you"...

    I hate the fact that you all keep asking me "are you ok?" when you don't care if I'm really ok, I still have to press on regardless of what I answer.

    I hate the fact that I still see your face even though I switch to morning shift with my other trainee friend on Friday, darn I thought I wont see you because your suppose to work night!

    I hate the face that you wana rob me off my tip by asking me to make drinks instead of sending the bill to the guest, 3 times I remembered

    I laugh at you because you fail to rob me all 3 times, guest refuse to give you the tip even though he paid by cash, guest pay via credit card, guest transfer the charges to his room.

    I hate the face that I have to guess if your a hypocrite in front of me, your words are like honey but to me, its smelly...

    I hate the face that your touchy, regardless of guy or girl, you love to touch, for what reason, I'll never know, gatal(horny) perhaps?

    I hate the face that your racist, you whisper to your fellow friends "kalau Cina, hantam kepala sahaja"(if Chinese, just hit the head), I wasn't far from you, moreover I'm not deft.

    All of the above are dedicated to the 3 guy bartenders.

    Look at this picture carefully..

    Alright, lets talk about something else, I have a story that I really wana share here.

    On Tuesday night if I'm not mistaken, I was walking around doing my routine job of collecting the candles.

    I saw a white guy waving at me using his book, I walked to wards him, as I was nearing him, he threw the book on the sofa and displayed an angry face.

    In my heart I knew it means bad news for me...

    I went there and as usual I asked "Can I help you sir".

    Only to be shot back with "Sit down!"...

    *Melz sit down*

    "You know who am I rite?"
    "Yes sir.."(who the hell are you?)
    "Why does it take you so long to come serve me?!"( there were drinks on the table already) "I just wan a blardy coke and a warm water for this lady here!"
    "Sorry sir I will get your drinks ready.."
    "No no no! I don't wan to hear your sorry, call Mr.Shake(the assistant manager) here I wan to see him!"
    "Alright sir.."

    He was the band manager of a particular Filipino 3 girls band which perform every night at the lounge.

    Screw you, who you think you are? Band manager means your balls very big ah?

    Besides, who ask you to sit so far away, people here collecting candles and there you are waving you hand while you know I cant see you, bodoh! goblok! anjing! Jambu!

    Notice something different? :p

    I told Mr.Shake about it, "sir I think that guest wants you to screw me up."

    "Har? Let me check with him.", he went over.

    Few minutes passed, he came back, I saw his eyes a little red, like gona cry.

    I ask him "sir how? what that fella say?"

    He answered, "I kena F**K kao kao".

    1st time I heard Mr.Shake cursed, the worst he said was "babi punya orang", but this is really bad... =/

    Aduh, it wasn't even my fault, because of this, both of us have to get screwed by that band manager... Bugger no patience, what can we do, guest is always right...

    In memories of Alice's "bunga tahi ayam"...

    Look at the bright side, I learned something from every shit that happened, from this I learn something known as 'recovery', once guest angry, refill his drinks clean his table and etc..

    To all out there training, stand strong!!

    What cant kill you, will build you!

    Take care guys! See you all in another 2 and a half more months time. =)

    Tuesday, April 15, 2008

    Here Comes The Pain

    Darn, just as I was getting used to the pain in my leg, and knowing my other fellow associates better, something just had to pop up and disrupt my working mood...

    2 days ago was my 1st day working the 3pm-11pm shift, surprisingly I like this shift, cause I don't have to do those stupid thing like polishing cutleries and crockeries.

    But still, working so ate at night. We sometimes expect peace and harmony, BUT NOOOOOOOooo.............

    Something just has to come up and cause a pain in the arse...

    Melvin Teoh, Alice Suryadi & Fandi Harlie
    After Sunday night shift supper time at Asia Cafe,
    watching ManU vs Arsenal also..

    For normal day shift, I will be working mostly with kak Ying or kak Aida, but Sunday shift, I have to work with 2 abang instead...

    I thought guy bartenders are cool, calm and nice to chat with, but these 2 are just plan jackasses and 'suck up king', "polishing the boss's shoes" is what they do best...

    One by the name of Ramli burger and the other one I don't even bother remembering, it defiles my memory by remembering such horrendous name, so I shall call him 'Shark'...

    Looks delicious? Well, its going into the dustbin... T.T

    It all started by a stupid can of beer, I din know how to pour it, so somehow it over flow la..

    I ask Ramli to come, I was expecting a "aduh, never mind is ok, I teach you now and next time you do it nicely".

    Instead he said these:

    *the ones in red are his words, black ones are mine*

    "So now who going to pay?"
    "Err, I don't know, hotel beer not like outside cheap, how to pay?"
    "So now you expect me to pay? You know I hold responsible for this?"
    "I don't know la abang, I din know got some special way to pour beer."
    "Now you trainee or I trainee?"
    "So you expect me to tell you what to do?"
    "Err, how I know got special way to pour man.."
    "Don't talk so much, now you trainee or I trainee?
    "Next time you don't know please ask, anything just ask."
    "Ok, sorry..."
    "I'm not angry with you ok."
    "Yeah I know asshole."

    Yep, I am on the wrong, but darn, I'm just training, and you ask me to open and pour the beer but never tell me how in the 1st place, how the heck you expect me to know... -.-"

    And it just never ends there.

    I went over to 'Aroma Cafe' to help kak Ida shortly after being flamed.

    One thing is to escape from abang Ramli just in case he goes nuts and flame me again and on the other hand, I helped kak Ida to arrange the chairs, clear the tables and etc...

    I saw the 'Shark' was at the bar and kak Ida was alone, so technically I'm at no fault by going over to the other side because I'm suppose to help either outlets.

    Separated by just a lock...

    After clearing the last bit at 'Cafe Aroma', me and kak Ida were talking a bit, as soon as I was about to leave back to the bar, a "ramli burger" bounced out from no where..

    To cut the story short, he thought I was lazing around, so he asked me a so call "educated person" question, I shall not talked about that, its hard to tell via typing.

    I shall officially declare all the guys at the bar are useless bums... They talk but cant walk their own talk,

    All these yummies went into the dustbin as well...

    Complaining about me eating those peanuts but you yourself also eat,

    Complaining about me leaving after my 8 hours shift work but after your own 8 hours or BEFORE that your shadow cant even be seen,

    I tested another guy about receiving tipping, I saw him putting a fat RM10 into his pocket, so when I receive mine, I asked

    "Abang Danny, if we got tip, we just take rite(duh!, but I was testing him)?"

    "No no no! You must put into the box in the store room, remember to put ok!"

    Your pockets are full, but you wanted to swallow all, your back has become as crooked as a politician because its just too heavy for you.

    I shall write more in days to come, save more for later yea~ :D

    To all my batch 28 friends, keep pressing on!

    No doubt there will be "snakes" trying to take advantage of us in various ways, but thats how we learn rite? ;)

    Take care, God bless us all!

    Saturday, April 12, 2008

    Letter To Miss Helen

    I've wrote an email to my training manager 2 days ago that sounds like this...

    Behind Cafe Aroma's bar..

    Hi Miss Helen,

    The reason this mail was sent because I have something to ask you regarding my industrial training.

    As you know, I’ve requested for training only in the F&B service department, but after these few days of thinking,

    I have the thought of exploring more towards the administrative or office section, such as PR, reservation, training, etc.

    I saw this book when I helped Alice with her article

    I know you have said that the departments allocation could not be changed after 7th of April, by doing so might cost quite a problem to you and others, but I have to ask if you could consider my request?

    Besides wanting to explore in other departments, other reasons that has prompt me to think and ask you about this was because my frigging leg is going to break and darn I feel like a blardy slave.

    I had observed the service style of both ‘Café Lounge’ and ‘Terazza Brasserie’ were almost the same, this fact has made me think twice of continuing my service there after ‘Café Lounge’ and also because of both places made the servers equally slavish.

    Lets all say "what the heck!" together!

    I was wondering if its possible and not causing too much of a headache for you, could you allocate me into other departments which falls under the admin/office section for the 2nd month of my training please?

    I really hope this wont be much hassle to you, and I’m so sorry for the sudden request of change.

    Do let me know what is your view about this, hope to hear from you soon.

    -Melvin Teoh-

    Can see, can't eat...

    Wish me all the best.... T.T

    Wednesday, April 9, 2008

    Aroma Cafe - Sheraton Day 1

    My leg has never been in such bad condition before....

    I don't wana walk already, someone buy me a wheel chair.... T.T

    Almost 8 hours of standing... And its only the 1st day, I'm gona be in hell for another 1 month...

    Anyway, I shall not blog about the orientation day on the 7th of April, I'll save it for another time when I get hold of the pictures yea~

    Today was my 1st day of work, I was assigned to 'Cafe Lounge' section for my 1st month of serving.

    Its very different from the restaurant service at college.

    1st things 1st, this is a cafe and not a fine dining restaurant, certain things just cant apply, such as placing things on left or right, and those minor crappy protocol stuff..

    This is a 2 part restaurant, 1st section is the 'piano lounge', the other part was known as 'Cafe Aroma' which was where I'm placed, but I have to go both sides...

    The thing required the most - common sense & 'anything also can' stance.

    Not easy as easy as the ones in mamak...

    Today was crazy, I always stand at a spot and look after the guest needs, seemingly to the assistant manager, that is known as "I have nothing to do".

    Therefore, I was called to multi task here and there, and again and again and SOME MORE FREAKING OVER AGAIN...

    Darn I always have to be JUST NICE in the assistant managers line of sigh or walkway and just so happen that I'm showing that so call "nothing to do" stance...

    I'm not saying thats bad, because I get to train my alertness, in fact it is getting better, I hope...

    Another difference which I wana talk about is the staff, each section only got 2, as for me at 'Cafe Aroma', I'm working hand in hand with Kakak Ying.

    You must be wondering, how come I call her Kakak Ying when she carries a Chinese name?

    Well, simply because she is from the state of Kedah, therefore she is much more fluent in her Bahasa although she is Chinese(mix Thai).

    Believe it or not, she communicates with me in Bahasa instead of other languages, so I'm refering her as 'Kak' or 'Kak Ying'.

    Anjing! Hehe.. Its name is 'Faith', the mo-hawk dog.. =)

    Wad-da-ya-know, Bahasa Kedah(BK) shares a similarity with Bahasa Indonesia(BI).

    So she speaks to me in her BK & I speak to her using BI mix BM.

    Quite unique come to think of it, both of the same race & same country but speaking in a language other then the mother tongue or English.

    She has thought me quite a number of stuff, no time to go through that. :)

    1 of the Sheraton car park..

    Ok la, I shall stop here for today, I will constantly update to tell you my progress.

    I hope that you wont see me on a wheel chair after 3 months... @.@

    Saturday, April 5, 2008

    Purple Hills

    Holidays are great!

    But holidays with no purpose is far lesser then great...

    Besides catching a movie with friends on Monday and Friday, other days I just sit at home and go through the process of "fermentation" in front of my PC.

    Not producing alcohol, instead I got myself a pair of red eyes from playing games & MSN, one of it which took up most of my time was the game '3 Kingdoms'...

    Darn I tell you, to finish 1 silly champaign can take days and hours, I've finished 2 which took me 5 days..

    Now I left 8 more... @.@

    Eh no wait... I just discovered there are another 10 more!!! Which are side stories apart from the normal ones..

    My senses are telling if this goes on, its gona do me bad...

    Therefore, on Thursday I decide to make my life more health and lively again!

    I was thinking what can I do...

    And I remembered there was a place known as 'Purple Hills', its located somewhere within the Subang Jaya area..


    My friends cycled there once, so I thought I can make it to, hence began the journey.

    I've never been nor seen that place before.

    So I asked for directions and how long the trip will take and etc..

    My friend told me 15 to 20 minutes traveling time.

    I say bullshit.

    The road seems to never end!

    I traveled all the way out to the sides of USJ area near USJ 17-20.

    And I notice something weird...

    But he said go on, so I went..

    It just doesn't look right, I thought it was within Subang Jaya area?

    I called and ask again, and he say, "yeah man, just go on."


    I began to doubt, but I was thinking, it must be the turning just in front, cannot be that far...

    15-20 minutes mah...

    Oh my goodness, I was expecting a turning that my friend told me, but I did not expect that turning leads into the HIGHWAY...

    What kind of place it that, I thought it was suppose to be 15 to 20 minutes?!?

    I'm suppose to go all they way, following the road..

    Ahhhh! I'm on the highway above another highway.

    Ya Allah, it leads me into the middle of the highway...

    Bare in mind, I'm on my unserviced & unused for God know how long bicycle, good thing I pumped air into the tires, if not die la...

    Unfamiliar places.. I din know USJ has expend so much..

    I'm lost.... But according to my friend, I'm on the right track..

    What to do, come so far don't tell me turn back now meh...?

    As I was standing on a higher ground and catching up my breath, I saw this!

    It isn't clear I know...

    Summit USJ! My house is somewhere near there, and now I'm looking at summit, and its like so small.... Which means I'm very very far away! @.@

    I cant believe I actually cycled till this distance.

    I pressed on, and finally!

    He said there will be a sharp corner, there I will see an opening that leads into the hills.

    I was so darn happy when I see the entrance.

    I leaped in!



    I thought I made it all the way to see this.....

    I rang up my friend and he explained.

    Oh... There was another passage on the right side leading up towards the hill.

    As I was about to walk up there, I noticed strange noise around the area, my ears and eyes went up, scouting for any unknown things.

    My eyes lead me to these..

    There were a battalion of them roaming around the area!

    That explains why I have to zoom so far to catch their picture, knowing me that I always seek to take clear pictures, another thing was because something happen before...

    Few years back at Pangkor Island, I took a photo of a monkey, and the next thing I knew it was chasing after me, I ran a quarter of the island till it stopped.

    This was the last moment of the bugger before he made me look like an idiot carrying all my friends stuff while running, a group of people just sat there and laugh... -.-

    I should have watch more animal planet,
    I din know this position means "I'm tulan!"

    I stood in front of the pathway, thinking should or should I not go up there, there were a lot of monkeys, what if it see my face and felt like beating me up?

    I was alone, if I got hurt then how? No one to call for help..

    But I came all they way, with much sweat and energy, I'm gona leave just like that? I finally gather the guts, I walked up..

    Terrorizing the Ramli Burger stall... "roarrrrr!"

    Suddenly, I heard the sound of thunder above the sky.

    Crap its gona rain, immediately I decided to give up my campaign... =(

    I turned back and head home, half way through, it rained...

    Was it a waste? Was it stupid?

    To me, its all worth it..

    Hey, come on, who can say that they cycled all they way from Subang to Putra Heights before? Got la, but not much.

    Cycling on the highway isn't a normal daily thing that everyone will or can do, but I've done it, I'm not saying no one else other then me did before la.

    Nothing like a cup of coconut juice after all that up hill and down hill of cycling, its not really tasty, but its the taste of an achievement that makes it taste so good.

    Just like drinking champagne, if drink for fun, there isn't much to shout about, but if drank during a celebration of something, its a total different feeling altogether.

    Definitely I will revisit Purple Hills once more, I shall not rest till I can gaze from its peak!

    Truly I believe it will be an eye opener. =D

    Purple Hills anyone?