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  • Tuesday, May 27, 2008

    Art of Nature

    Have you ever looked up into the skies and just be in awe of the beauty of nature?

    I love looking up the skies and see clouds with different shapes.

    Like art, the only difference was its high above but EASY to understand, it takes no brain to say "wahhh", unlike certain art, you have to think 1st before saying "wahhh".

    You just have to look like him and "wah"..

    The beauty of it, they will never be the same every time, truly an art of nature.

    For the past few years, I picked up a new hobby, I call it 'sky screening',

    It requires me to make a promise, which is whenever I see a really nice sky view, I will draw out my camera and take a shot.

    Even if I'm a little out of place..

    Over the years, I've took a hand full of these sky pictures, here was the 1st one,

    Its not taken by me but a friend of mine - ace(you rite? or po? lol) at my uncle's house in Bangsar 3 years ago.

    It was clearly only the sky because it was taken high ground, from the 6th floor of the condominium.

    The 2nd one I took it on the way back from Seremban last year during CNY.

    I was bored on the way home, I looked up the sky and I saw this, the sad part was I don't have a clear sky shot, got trees at the bottom... =(

    Nevertheless, I still like it.

    My personal favorite was taken last month, on the way home from Federal Highway, 7pm++, while I was driving, I couldn't help but to take out the camera and took a shot of it.

    I know I will regret if I hadn't done so.

    And again, stupid flyover, cars and lamp post...

    Maybe some of you might have seen this, it was just recently, I told my friend about this picture, and she was like "yeah I saw that too! But I din take a picture..." :3

    Maybe I should name these pictures, and sell it for a high price next time, and I'll be rich! :D

    Thursday, May 22, 2008

    Ada Mungkin Nanti, Tapi Sekarang Mati

    Finance has been great, but as usual the numbers just don't wana behave themselves.

    This week, my mentor - Wei Lee, she is on leave for the entire week, preparing for her wedding back at hometown.

    Yea.. "Hello" I'm here to screw you got la...

    But leh, people wedding other also busy wan to take leave, in addition another full time worker enter hospital, hence 3 gone, left 4 permanent staff.

    They are lucky, because there were another 4 unsung heroes keeping watch of those misbehaving numbers, we trainees were there to lend a helping hand, and the day was saved!

    Wei Lee and her husband soon-to-be, congratulation!
    May happiness & trust always be the center of your relationship.

    Yesterday was our Financial Controller(Big boss) - Miss Yeoh's birthday, therefore we have to be stopped from our work to celebrate for her.

    Miss Yeoh - the one in purple,
    Miss Joon(our accountant) - pink, talk super loud wan... ~.~

    To cut the story short, we had a little party, eat some stuff and took some pictures.

    All the other big shots also come show face, eat & talk till the sky drop.


    Anyway, the above was just a little update on whats going on for me.

    Now, time for the main point. =)

    The moment of truth...

    I finally know which department I will be placed for next month!!!

    And I'll be going tooooooooooooo~~~~~

    Public Relations(PR)!

    But there is a problem, I have to know the do's and dont's before hand, therefore I was told by my training manager to ask Max Chua, whom is the current PR trainee about em PR stuff.

    There was a photo shooting session today, I planned to follow Max around and see what can I pick up from him, thank goodness Miss Joon allowed me to go! =D

    There I was away and ready to understand how things are done in PR.

    PR can play with gun~

    Todays photo shoot theme was 'East VS West', basically there will be a western guy and an eastern girl, posing with each a western & eastern dish.

    Max had already found the eastern girl, which is also one of Sheraton's trainee - Tomomi which so happen to be Japanese, an added advantage to authenticity.

    Hence, I expect that there will be the western male model walking into the photo room, we waited and waited, no one.

    Coat for the western male model

    Both dishes was already prepared and photo shooting ready to go, I asked max something, and the dialog sounded something like this:

    "Eh, the western male model leh?"

    "Neh, you loh!"

    "Yeah rite, where la is the male model you found?"

    "There wasn't any in the 1st place. *shows the list, only Tomomi's name was written*"

    "AnjiNg! JAmbu! You seriuous kah? Don't play la, its not funny, and I don't wan to be in some silly photo shoot."

    "What if I cant make it for today, then how? Where can like that wan...?! This is force labor!!!"

    "If you cant, then it will be me already, where got western worker/trainee in our hotel for us to ask? This is an experience, I've done it also..."

    "Oh my goodness, please tell me your joking.... I don't wan la, which part of me look western?! -.-"

    "Got no body already, we have no choice.."

    Yes Janice Wong! Your dear Max Chua set me up!!!! Its a blardy SCAM, a SCAMMMMMM I tell you!!!

    This isn't about low self esteem, but hey, give a good stare at me face, which frigging part of me look western???!!!

    And I know my own capability, my strength is behind the camera, not in front!

    They were hurrying me, I have no choice but to forcefully move to get ready for the darn shoot... >:(

    What made it worst, my soon-to-be superior from PR department came to see the picture, thats it la, 1st impression gone already..... ='(

    1st thing that came out from her mouth, "this wan western meh?". *Finger pointing at the picture - me*

    You know there is this bird that cant fly(cant spell the name), they bury their head in the ground when they get scared, that is what I felt like doing at that point of time.

    The bottom line, no way its gona satisfy anyone, whoever says that its ok, he/she is dead blind and should jump off from Sheraton hotel roof top.

    Here, I found another launching platform, 4th floor only,
    but never mind, din die, take lift, come up & jump again! :D

    To summarize the story, we found a middle easter guy to play the role as the "western" male model, he was more then happy to do so, and he is really good!

    Thank heavens! Salvation for me! :D

    At the end of the day, the photographer asked me if I want the picture or not.

    Since I've risk so much of doing that stupid shooting, why not?

    But that bugger only let me take 1, and he choose the picture for me, blardy heck, some more ask me not to be greedy... -.-"

    Fine, you must be asking what kind of picture was taken.

    Here is the deal, I will show it to u, but PROMISE that you wont laugh!

    I'll tell you, don't laugh la!

    Promise ah???


    Tomomi-san & watashi~
    I purposely photo shopped the picture to make its quality lower,
    the black & white + blur effect covered up the flaws of this photo.. hah!

    I said don't laugh...! Yes I know, I look more eastern... =/ Photographer said I look more Japanese, is that so? O.o

    Over all, I still find PR interesting, and I'm looking forward for it.

    All these stupid stupid story & incidents during training will some how I know 1 day be funny memories,

    Imagine without these stories to tell, what will we have to say when people ask us "how was your training?", is it gona be another "ok la", "like that la"...?

    To you guys out there training, almost 1 more month to go!

    Never treat these little hard, stupid, funny, painful experience just another thing in life, is what we learned from it that counts & have fun also la, not just learn all the time! XD

    All the best my dear friends! The reunion of batch 28 will soon commence! Take care! ;)

    Sunday, May 18, 2008

    Destiny or 'Des-So-Tiny'?

    Remember when we were kids, we used to have big ambitions and dreams?

    "Mommy! Mommy! I want to be a doctor!"

    "Daddy! Daddy! I want to be a soldier!"

    "Grandma! Grandma! I wan to be superman!"
    *Kid climb up the stairs*

    "Look grandma, I can fly!"

    *Grandma fainted*

    I'm sure you guys know what am I talking about rite?

    Kids have big ambitions, because they have no fear of what they wan to be, aren't afraid to say "I wan to be superman!", or even "when I grow up, I wan to get a pretty girlfriend!".

    Kids says the darnest things, but what is for sure, they said it 100% from their heart.

    As we grow older, our so call big ambitions and dreams are often suppressed by negative influence around us,

    So much so, sadly our dreams and ambitions disappear or forgotten behind our head.

    Wei Lee's(my income audit mentor) work place,
    its mine for the past week! :D

    Voices of people telling us that we are "naive", "stupid", "who you think you are", or worst still, "you can never succeed in living".

    Some might tell us, what we want has no future, and they often forced us to take a path which seems brighter in their sight, "you must be like this, I want you to do this and that".

    Tambah lagi, with thumbs up and a "sure boleh wan!" assurance.

    When we speak our mind and try to tell them as much as possible about what we really want and clearly know what we are doing, bombardments of saliva occurs.

    Without fail it happens, every single time when we bring up that topic...

    Sometimes they think that those petty experience they gain through the so call "hard life" they been through, and feel like they can control the world.

    I'm not saying that we are more or less greater then them, but the fact that they revere their experience so highly and using it as a force of "submit-fication", that truly annoys anyone.

    I dislike it when people say "The salt I eat in life are more then yours."

    I'm always so tempted to answer back, "yeah lucky you din eat too much, if not you would have die of dehydration."

    People always look at the salt, but they forget about the water. Logically, when you eat salt and have no water to flush it down, the feeling ain't very good rite?

    *Illustration moment*

    Salt = the experience, water = our ideology.

    Eat so much salt, but without the help of water to dilute and clear it? Your mouth can become the next dead sea already.

    Once water mixes with salt, they travel downwards together, hence creating a entire new fresh path, clearing it for the greater comfort.

    I hope you get the illustration.

    I'm trying to say both of each fraction should guide the other, no doubt they learn it the hard way, but time has changed, move on for goodness sake!

    Stop dwelling in the past! And whine about your misery to your younger generation, instead utilize the experience in guidance, not enslavement.

    We are democracy, not anarchy!

    The point is, I'm not typing a post of regret or anger, but encouragement to those who has lost their dreams and ambitions to negativity.

    We sometimes are led down by the ones whom we thought would understand us the most, but are we going to trap ourselves in misery and whine about it till the cow comes home?

    Its normal to feel angry, disappointed and even to cry, but let not this be a stumbling block, instead another stepping stone for us to leap even further.

    Strawberry something..

    I've got a friend, same age as me, he asked this question on Friday, before I proceed with the question, let me tell you more about him 1st,

    He is a really good singer, won quite a number of competitions before.

    But he has a stomach problem, he cant eat a lot of food, whatever he ate, during output time, the food that he ate looks exactly the same during he input it.

    Means, if he eats a banana, it comes out a banana, not "chocolate", and sometimes got extra "red toppings"(blood) also.. Blood lost occurs very often.

    Some chocolate thingy, cant remember the name... :P

    So his life spend wont be quite long, but not so soon la.

    He asked, "what if you could make a million bucks, but have no time to spend it because you cant live long?".

    I look at him and say, "I'll spend every darn cent I've earned if I were to know my time is coming, and quench every last bit of un-lived life out from myself, and live the best till the time comes."

    Last minute very big la now? You last minute easy,
    but I'll have to sweep your shit leh...

    Doesn't have to take death to make us realize, we have a choice, and we can make a decision if we choose to.

    Nor does it had to be our past which aid us all the time to find excuses and convince us that we are not able.

    "We are not defined by our past; we are prepared by our past."

    Kak Ying & I, have to photo shopped a shades on my eyes,
    because my eyes ain't that pretty in this photo...

    I'm still constantly trying my best to move forward, one step at a time.

    I know one day, I'll be looking back on award winning stage and say "to God be the gory!".

    Destiny or 'Des(thats)-So-Tiny'?

    We are the soul dictator of it all.

    Tuesday, May 13, 2008

    Working For The Devil

    Life in finance department was good, but I see numbers everyday! And they are driving me nuts!

    Basically I check the bills, report and other things related to hotel revenue and spendings.

    Also known as income auditing.

    I dislike checking banquet reports, its the same uneasy
    feeling that I feel when I do my additional maths.... =(

    Imagine me, doing partial income auditing work!

    It must be a joke...

    Me who scored 0.5 1 mark for 2nd accounts assessment back in term 2 because I wrote this and hand up the paper...

    Maybe the I got the 1 mark due to the effort of using the pen and write something...

    This is my real accounts paper took during my assessment time,
    its not a made up.. I've shown this many times already..

    Another achievement was I left the entire accounts section black during year end exam, worst still, me and Chris went on an "adventuring" the night before exam..

    I was placed in the finance/accounts department, what more being position as trainee under the 'Income Auditing' section.

    Isn't life just so evil??

    I hate numbers already, now you want me to check them and make sure they are being good boys and girls?!

    I love to play with this thing, I don't know why,
    I like to hear the sounds of the receipt coming out! :P

    Although its mental exhausting, but I surely love this job more then being a service staff.

    My friend was right, he said that there will be lesser stories to tell once I changed to this department, indeed thats the case.

    Nevertheless, I still learn something there, what I like the most are the people, they are very nice to us trainees,

    Unlike most people from the operation side whom only know how to make use of us... I'm not saying all management/admin people are nice and operation people are bad.

    Kak Ros & I, even though department different, she
    treat us all so nice! I was hungry once, and she gave me
    a piece of chicken chop to eat! :D

    There is always a ratio la...

    If you see a department so perfect, don't join, cause your going to spoil it.

    I always kept that tag line in mind, no one is perfect. =)

    Hope that after my training, I will gain something out of it, and not just wasting my time there.

    How are you guys out there? Having a great time training? :D

    Staring Karl Wong~~~ :P

    Last but no least, I so have to do this, its just too funny not to share it! XD

    A series of transformation after training in Sheraton Subang for 3 weeks.

    Week 1:

    Week 2:

    Week 3:

    Don't go crazy k people~! 1 month, 2 weeks and 4 days left, stay strong! ;)

    Take care & God bless! =)

    Thursday, May 8, 2008

    Life Made Perfect With Imperfection

    Just in case if your wondering about my title, I state it that way because my mum went on a holiday to Hanoi, Vietnam last Saturday!

    Guess what! I am all alone at home! And I have the keys to me car! ^.^

    The sad part was, mum left me a bunch of work to do before she left... =(

    Chocolate doughnut!

    I sms her this morning, asking when will she arrive back home, I was expecting around night or midnight.

    BUT, she said she will be arriving at KLIA by 1.45pm!

    You know what??

    Fruit doughnut!

    I din frigging do any of the house work she asked me to! Except washing my cloths or not I wont have any to wear. What makes it worst, I was already at work, and it was 10am!

    Darn I tell you, I was so caught up with my social activities, I did not even have time to properly complete the given task.

    I was like an ant on the hot plate, thinking of ideas of how should I save my ass...

    I don't know what is this, but I know its big...

    An idea came, I approach my mentor - Wei Li, and asked her, if I could be away from office for 1 hour ++, I have a "home emergency" to settle, told her the story.

    I left the office at 10.30am...

    Here are a list of the things I should do or normally will do, but I din do...

    1. Let down the curtains upon leaving the house, I never let it down since my mum left...

    2. Mop the floor..

    3. Boil some water..

    4. Clear the left overs in the fridge..

    5. Fold the cloths..

    You tell me how can I not get screwed??

    With much haste, I rushed home.

    Somehow, I manage to finish all these task in 1 hour, rush back to my office and pretend nothing has happen..

    Moral of the story?

    Grape shaped chocolate!

    I realize that even though I love my life style the way it is now,

    Without some one who always message and ask me to come home, no nagging, no sleep early rule, going out at night and being able to take the car around.

    The fact is the balance isn't there, I spent more money out side, I did things last minute, I always reach work at 9am whereas I'm suppose to be there by 9am IN the office and lack of sleep.

    Some cute shaped chocolate!

    Managing these area isn't what I do best, its a sign I have lots to learn...

    Its been a rough but fun week, so fast 2nd week of May coming to an end already, but the month of May got 5 weeks, so 3 more to go!

    Take care people! ;)

    Sunday, May 4, 2008

    Capek Ampe Mampus(Tired Until Die)

    Whats On My Mind:

    My mum went Vietnam and wont be back till Thursday! I shall make use of my temporary freedom wisely! ;)

    I really would love to blog and put up over 80++ pictures I took, but I'm just so tired, worn out, been away from home since morning...

    I promise that I will recharge myself and blog-em-all~ :D

    Please bare with me yea, sorry....

    Here is a picture for all of you to feed on for today.

    This is a 'Chocolate Fudge' cake~ Heavenly I tell you~
    Even I, not a cake person loved it to the max!!

    I took a piece and ate it before I left on the last day... =)

    Many of us are getting sick, take care of yourselves guys and girls, 2 months more only!

    Bertahan la oh teman-teman ku~! :D

    Take care! ;)