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  • Friday, October 5, 2007

    1st Week of Term 2

    "Ok class! I have an assignment to give you guys."

    Great... 2nd day of term 2 already got assignment and home work.

    What more accounts home work...

    Moral we have to shoot an advertisement regarding HIV/AIDS, and I'm loving it! Finally something to do with cameras and acting, not chickens and toilet bowl!

    I am really looking forward for this, in fact today the entire team sat in the library and started discussing about the ad.

    The outcome was fruitful, we got one heck of a great idea waiting to be executed. I can boldly say that our ad will be one of the top ones, or should I even put it this way - the best. (I'm not saying other teams lousy la, please don't take it personal ok.) =)

    Yes, very strong words indeed, I admit. And many of you might think that I'm such a impulsive person, or worst still, 'lan si'?

    The core for my "big ball-ness" is because of my passion for any film related thing. In every other thing I might not have the confidence especially at chasing after girls or sometimes acting like "lazy la, don't wan do".

    But in this situation, I will not compromise in whatever area during the production process.

    I will give my best shot for this, together with my other 9 fellow team mates each with different speciallities and strength, I believe we will make this seemingly hard to achieve goal possible! ;)

    Alright, now for some happy and funny stuff!

    I always answered anyone that asked me how is my course with this, "you know ar, I have to learn all the toilet bowl parts, the names and all, bla bla bla...!".

    Some of you don't believe me do you? =P

    Feed on this!


    Miss Lay Bee showing us how to
    wash the bath tub area.

    Clean the vanity counter, wipe mirror and etc.


    Scrub the toilet bowl!

    Housekeeping is so much "fun" don't you think so? =P

    Haha, Sio Sen! I love that pose of yours. =P

    Alright, I'll stop here for the day, more to come ahead!


    And have a nice weekend guys! ;)

    1 comment:

    samantha said...

    yup, housekeeping is so much fun (:
    really is. i do it every sat.
    bt maybe nt for guys la.hehe