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  • Thursday, May 31, 2007

    Cameron Highlands

    Tomorrow will be my 2nd time(yes, 2nd time, don't look at me like that =P) going up to Cameron Highlands.

    Oh yeah baybeh~! Fresh mountain air + cold morning breeze. XD *pengsan*

    See ya guyz when I am back. =)

    Wednesday, May 30, 2007

    Park At Your Own Risk

    1st of all, I am so sorry for the super late update, sadly I will be updating late again.

    I will be leaving for Cameron Highlands on Friday morning and will be back on Sunday night.

    Hope to be able to update the following day or so.

    Anyway, I was taking a walk with Chong one evening, the two of us caught a sight of an old car that has been parked on that spot for a long time.

    But this time it looked a little different.

    Notice the broken glass on the floor?

    Those vandals/thief just can't leave the poor car alone.

    Dah la the car its old and paints falling off already, they just had to tear a part of it off only they satisfied wan...

    Thats not all, take a look at this, the owner of this jeep must felt very tulan after he seen his ride..

    Unlike the old car, they can't get in due to tempered glass.

    So they decided to "teach" the owner a lesson for buying such a high security vehicle.

    Save a few Ringgit, lose 4 lights + 2 side mirrors.

    Which style would you like your car to be "pimped" into?

    Friday, May 25, 2007

    Bukit Jalil Scouting Trip

    SK asked me to follow him on a trip to Bukit Jalil which his college so happen to be near there.

    The plan was, he had to get to know the route to college using public transport, in other word, its a "scouting mission".

    This was something I don't and will never understand.

    Why these people put a sign that is suppose to directs us to platform A, on platform B?

    Why cant they just put the sign showing platform A is platform A?

    By the way, platform A is just beside platform B, this is a small station by the name of "Chan Sow Lin" or something like that.

    They just had to make our poor brain suffer...

    One track, two trains.

    At last Bukit Jalil, after 2 hours.

    I wonder who still uses this building..

    Indeed, one of our national symbol other then KLCC.

    No, I am not talking about the stadium, but about our very own "teh-c-peng" river.

    Another thing I saw was a rather smart one.

    Normally I always see those pisang goreng sellers would get rid of those annoying flies by using candle, plastic cover,

    their hands, even up to a point where they gave up and just let those flies suck their bananas.

    Here is something we can learn.

    Use a broken fan, attach paper strips instead of blades.

    Wallah~ there you go..

    Malaysia boleh~!~halau lalat~!

    Wednesday, May 23, 2007

    Excel Artist

    SK send me a YouTube link yesterday, its about a Japanese guy DRAWING a PICTURE using MICROSOFT EXCEL.

    Take a look and be amazed.

    A genius indeed don't you think?

    Sunday, May 20, 2007

    Arcade Ownage

    Here is a little something for me to brag about today.

    I had been going arcade often since higher secondary school days.

    Unlike majority people, me and my friend SK only played one particular game in the entire arcade center.

    Its time to save the world!

    Friends always asked me to play the oh-so-famous Daytona USA, I decline every time, but out of courtesy sake,

    I always ended up on the driver seat and getting my ass pwned by taking up the "glorious" last place.

    Its because I sucked don't know how to play and I never liked racing games other then 'Need For Speed' and 'Crash Bandicoot'.

    Anyway, here are some screen shots of Time Crisis 3, mind the blurry picture.

    The ever immortal 'Wild Fang' & 'Wild Dog' since TC 1, can't they just die?!

    Unfortunately the arcade machine was abused badly over the years, they did repair it, but it just gotten worst over time.

    Idiots knocked the gun when they lost a life. -.-

    So here are somethings we had to bare with during the game.

    Player one's handicap: Need to wait split second after firing a shot before it makes contact with the target.

    Player two's handicap: Blardy "hide and appear" paddle cant work sometimes.

    My trusty player two gun, been using it over the years.

    Now, here are our over all score.

    SK seen two other guys who got 3.8 million.

    Soon man, soon..

    TC 4 here we come~! =D

    Friday, May 18, 2007

    Other Residence Part 2

    Short update for the day.

    Remember "Oi" and "Wei" few post back?

    As till today, I seen no sign of "Oi" anywhere, maybe he is dead some where. =(

    Anyway, "Wei" gave birth to 3 other kittens.

    This last picture reminds me of my favorite supper star when I was in primary school.

    Look at their eyes.

    What you think?

    Hmm... What names would you all give those 3 kitties...?

    Wednesday, May 16, 2007

    I Am Having A Post PMS Syndrome

    Don't worry I am still a guy, my meaning of PMS = Poor Man Suffering. Its all over now, and I am good and ready to roll! =)

    As some of you out there know, I had been through a hard time with my future plans, not because I don't know what to do, but because mum thinks I don't know what am I doing.

    Now, come and walk down memory with me and I show you how it has all ended up to.

    It all started out me wanting to be a filmmaker, and I came across School Of Audio Engineering a.k.a SAE Institute.

    Of cause a little arguing that nearly ended up in chaos, but it went well.

    Mums being mums, soon after that, her friends started to do their "propaganda", charming her with the goods of form 6.

    "Democracy" was at threat! My fear came true...

    A whole new "dictatorship" soon took place. I was bound to go form 6.

    Salvation came in the form of SPM, every subject I did was all above credit, except the ever evil BM I got a [D]onkey.

    Due to my BM got a 'D', I was unable to enter form 6.

    Hence the "dictatorship" ended, "democracy" restored! SAE here I come!

    As so I thought, vile friends of my mum ain't giving up that easy. A new "communist" influence began to seep in.

    Instead of "there is no God", the new form of it was "there is no future in film making, only business has a future".

    I knew "democracy" couldn't last long.

    The difference of understanding between the two block "communism" and "democracy" spawns the "cold war" which nearly cost me to end up in damnation.

    I could not risk it but to revolt "my very own ways" into "her way". Business seems to be the only option for me.

    Later I came to mind that business was not that bad, I thought to my self "when I earn big bucks next time, I can open my own film production house".

    So I kept this new goal in mind.

    Yesterday, I went to Taylors college to ask about the course regarding business, I looked at the core subject and I almost fall of my chair.

    Hell no I am taking it! It came to mind when I saw a diploma for hospitality and tourism, the path in front of me looked bright once more.

    For your info, hospitality and tourism was one of my interest way before film making. I went all out for it.

    So now thats my path and I will walk on it bravely!

    Mum is still bombarding me with the new understanding of "communism" until this very day.

    I hope she does not pull the plug on me again.

    So this will be my road now, but my dream of becoming a filmmaker still burns in the very core of my heart.

    One day when I earn my own bucks, I will restore "democracy" once more! But if I fail... Then may God's grace be upon me.

    By the way, about the "democracy", "dictatorship" and "communism" thing if you don't understand the hidden meaning, feel free to ask me. =P

    Any suggestion from you guys? I am open for suggestion & comments. =)

    Friday, May 11, 2007

    What Sdn Bhd?!?!?

    Companies of the business world today come in various wacky, funny or even weird names.

    There are no other new names I could ever expect, most new names revolves around the old ones.

    Or so I thought...

    Some times it just makes my mind wonder really far....

    Who in the world with a sane mind would name their company "Hooker"?

    Don't tell me is a fishing kinda company or whatever related to it, its just hard for us to believe... =/

    Wednesday, May 9, 2007

    I Am Back

    Better and stronger. For you guys that does not know what happen to me these pass few days, the story in awhile.

    First of all I wan to thank Samantha for keeping me company when my brain was about to break down, SK who listen to my random nonsense,

    Leanne for that encouraging picture message you sent me, Ace, Kf, Nikki.A, Shl3N for those advice.

    I felt just like the cat

    Secondly I apologize to those whom may felt ignored by me in MSN, I was not in the mood for the past two days when you guys message me, thats why I did not reply much.

    Alright, now for those of you who are scratching your head and wonder what had happened, it all started out the day before yesterday.

    -The day before yesterday-

    Mum wanted to talk to me about college. She does not wan me to study in SAE which according to her, no future. She insisted that I study business.

    Of cause me being me, I never give into things easy, ESPECIALLY to my mum. I fought bravely even though I knew my chances of winning are nil in the verbally un-winnable situation.

    I could stand no longer, I told her right in the face I was not interested in business.

    Well and mums being mums, they must win.

    Even if they lose, they will make us feel like shit and start with the endless nagging, throwing threats like "I am not gona buy you a car" and even bringing up past faults to blame us so that they will "ada muka" and win at the end of the day.

    She said she had enough of my "attitude", and told me off that she will not paying for my college and other shit threats which I don't wan to list because it is too long.

    The hell?! Then I future do what?


    To cut the story short, indeed I felt like shit. In a parent and child conflict, whoever holds more money wins, agree?

    Mum - 1, Me - 0


    Endless thought went through my mind, uncertain of what will happen, normally I don't take any other conflict seriously, no point rite?

    Lose already still think so much for what, just let her win la.

    But what if she serious this time? She never talked to me at all for the entire day. I thought of whats the worst that might happen.

    I do not wan to think about it, but my brain cant stop spinning, hence making me rather moody, I felt all my energy drained off.

    Mum - 2, Me - 0


    The things she said to me was "Clean the fan", that was when I woke up early this morning to go to the loo.

    Another was "What soup the cater gave today", during dinner.

    Till now no signs of salvation, the good thing is at less she asked me to do something, "cold war" is subsiding, I hope.

    My head is rather unstable right now, I guess this would be all for today. I will try to make a 100% come back in a few days time, more lame jokes and photoshoped picx ok? =)

    *Signs of improvement, so...*

    Mum - 2, Me - 1

    Any last words?

    Note: For those of you who knows my mum personally, please keep to your self what you read here, I do not wan to cost another big problem, thanks.

    Sunday, May 6, 2007

    The Road Not Taken

    Today I wanted to blog about something happy, like the kopitiam la, cats la, Malaysians la, but leh my mum just had to destroy my morning mood, hence it made my day bad, and thats why I update so late.

    Sometimes I just don't understand what in the world parents think, what the heck is on their minds? Listen to their own children can die wan, listen to their friend say what sure 100% is a fact wan.

    Argh~! Am so pissed now.

    "I thought it over, the course you wanted to take got no future, my friends that are in this line said u must be very creative only can and must be the BOSS of the production company, I see you are not that kind of person, and you will not be successful, I am not willing to spend my money on you, other course I will think about it, but not this."


    "I know la ever since I bought the video camera you think very nice holding the camera run here run there and shout "CUT", you will be nothing more then a "keh leh feh"(a.k.a nOOb), you know people wont pay you much? How can you support me next time when I am old?"

    HELLO?! Can't you just believe in me just for this once? I am not that naive and I am aware of the difficulty the job holds!

    "Yes I don't believe in you, in fact how can I believe you? I see your attitude I know already you are destine to fail in this line. My money are all hard earn sweat money, I don't dare to let you waste it all, if you still insist to study this course, come out to work now even better."

    Eh?! Use your brain la, the course where got cheap? It would take me 5 years or more to get that kind of money. By that time I old liao loh!

    "I tell you and you don't wan to listen, take business so good, earn lots of money next time. Ok fine, I make a deal with you, I let you study what you want, THE CONDITION IS your exams marks ALL MUST BE 80 AND ABOVE, I mean ALL the subject they teach there, if just 1 part you get 79, I will drop you out, and the money wasted, you have to pay me back."

    No need think already, bring it on la! You think you got money at hand tai sai ar(very big deal ar) ??!! I also got la!

    Just lesser then you only...

    Oh God help me.

    You guys out there know me best, so what you all think?

    "Yeah! Thats the way!" or "You idiot is it? You think you very 'keng' ar?"

    Please be honest...