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  • Thursday, June 26, 2008

    Disorder At Its Peek

    Just when I was about to switch my Maxis broadband to Celcom broadband, my PC decide to take a century long nap.

    My monitor refuse to be turned on...

    I just wonder what else will come my way.

    Darn I haven backup any of my photos, videos and etc.

    Its gona be real ugly if I cant recover my years long memories, all my blogging pictures will be gone also... @.@

    And the stupid PC at my workplace doesn't allow me to upload pictures onto this post.

    So no pictures for today.

    Till then, hope everything comes back into place. :)

    Take care!

    Thursday, June 19, 2008

    2 Stories In a Post

    1st up, I would like to tell the entire world, especially fellow Subang people!

    Get ready to treat yourself to a super-duper-sedap-yummy banana leaf rice.

    From my personal view point, I think one of the good banana leaf rice could be found at Bangsar Baru - Nirwana.

    But now, there is another place which I would recommend all to try out, and the best part is, its in Subang Jaya!!!

    Let me showcase to all of you~~~


    Nirwana Maju Subang Jaya!

    Yes! They frigging open another branch here!

    Nirwana in Subang!

    Thats like telling the whole world Osama was shot dead!

    Now for those who had not been to Bangsar to try out the banana leaf, this is your chance!

    Its so close to home! Next time I don't have to go all the way to Bangars at 1.30am just to eat!

    The only thing I hope was their standard be better, frankly, I did not enjoy Nirwana's banana leaf rice as much as I used to.

    Will see how... :)

    Banana leaf anyone??? XD


    Next up, I saw this really really weird picture on the news paper the other day.

    As I was flipping through, instantly it caught my attention.

    It isn't any ordinary picture, because it looked like this.


    Darn I tell you...

    This alien goat won the award for the cutest/beautiful goat for some competition.

    Believe it or not.

    Sunday, June 15, 2008

    7 Months


    Sky view from my house..

    7 months had pass since you left us, I guess we are doing quite fine here..

    I've meet up with brothers, grandma & there rest of the family a couple of times.. Isn't it the way you wanted it to be?

    We are getting along quite well, truly they are really nice people, but definitely it will take time for things to become the better, I'm so not used to having such a big family.

    Haha, I cant even remember who is who anymore.

    Photo courtesy of Alice...

    I'm doing just fine here, PR department at Sheraton isn't what I expected it to be..

    Much creativeness could not be expressed due to certain regulations we need to follow.

    Other then that, I enjoy quite a bit of my work, got to know many new friend at the same time too.

    A poster I did for Sheraton... Had many piece before this, fussy Gm.... -.-

    Currently church is organizing an event - Emerge, its gona be real big and fun! 71 different types of competition, its gona be one big blast.

    You know what dad, I've joined the song writing competition, no I'm not going to sing, my voice ain't that great, I don't wan flies to kamikaze into my mouth to shut me up...

    Instead, I've got 2 really talented friends whom is helping out to put life into the lyrics I wrote, and currently getting another 1 to help out too.

    We've already got the melody, its just the instrument part, the cords are giving us a really crappy time...

    But I believe we are going to claim the grand prize! I hope mum will be proud of it, I wana prove that I'm not just the talk, but I'm walking it...

    As much as I long to go back to college, I'm already thinking about my 2nd training, where I wana to go and what to expect.

    Well, a little confession.. I wan a training that seems like a holiday, hehe...

    No worries, I'm not going to play around la, its just that I wan to go somewhere far and live in a different environment for a while.

    I'm considering Kuching Sarawak, its far yet feels near, part of Malaysia anyway..

    It will save whole lot of trouble applying visa & etc, maybe someday I go else where out of the country. :)

    Labuan, Sabah, Brunei and Indonesia's Kalimantan island is just around the boarder, hehehe! I can do wonders after the 2 months of training!

    Maybe I'll stay for another month and..... Wahahaha! I'm sure you know what I'm thinking rite dad??

    Don't worry about us, surely we will live our best and treasure it..

    You know dad, I've picked up a new language since 6 months ago, I just wan to say..

    Kita kangen nieh ma mu(we miss you), happy fathers day..

    Your 4th son,


    Wednesday, June 11, 2008

    Not Another Fuel Price Hike News

    This is a pure entertainment post, I'm not making fun of this matter,
    but lets lighten up a bit la shall we? :)


    I'm so so so so so so so soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sick of reading about fuel price hike in the papers.

    Every single day, I mean EVERY DAY! EVERYYYYYY FREGGING DAY!

    I have to look at it over and over and over and over again...

    Yes no doubt the fuel price hike is a pain to us all, but come on.. Almost a week or so already, still publishing the same news over and over again...

    Give us & yourselves a break...

    The constant publishing of the same issue has gripped me, I felt so sinful because I never wrote something about it.

    Therefore melzkc.blogspot.com has decided to put a pen on this.

    But I wont just write any news, I'll write news which contains entertainment value! :D

    Now, I'm going to point out what have I thought to survive the fuel price hike and the "special good thing".. :P

    This was what I had in mind, and I find it not a bad idea... :)

    Alright, logically speaking, cars consume lots of fuel, but car is an essential traveling need, you cant expect anyone to cycle to KL to work everyday rite?

    Don't talk about RapidKL, those bus sometime on time, sometimes not or missing, it wont be good to turn up work late and give the boss an excuse saying "the bus la!"...

    So the only alternative left was - the motorcycle!

    Never once thought I will seek biking as a form of transportation, but desperate times calls for desperate matters...

    I was visualizing myself on a bike, riding to down town KL, I saw myself on those normal bike we normally saw on the streets, like the one above.

    Immediately, my response was "no way I'm riding that!".

    Not to say I'm looking down on those little bikes la, but its just something seems missing... And for some weird reason I was thinking of a movie I watched last year...

    Come on, for the guys, don't you dare tell me you never ever felt like getting one of those bike(or a better one)!

    A sense of pride came in, I dream myself on a Harley Davidson,

    Cruising down to the southern state of Johor, and up north to Penang, stopping by and eat all the delicious food I want.

    Some more if got girlfriend can take her out for cruising, and have that special kenangan terindah when she hold you from the back, with her head lean on you, knowing that its all safe just by putting her hands around your waist, you looking forward smiling knowing that you are loved by her as much as you love her.

    With the evening sun fading into the horizon as the background, you both ride across the country side on a long stretched highway, no one else because motorbike can only fit two person but just the two of you...


    But after all the dreaming and drolling, reality sucks in.......

    Fuel price ain't reducing, people still rioting, every thing seems not in place.

    Two jokers from Jakarta did this as a form of protest to fuel price hike.


    What the heck you sew your mouth for? A sign of not being able to pump petrol into your mouth? Mistake it for your car petrol tank is it?

    Mobil = car, Mulut = mouth. I think both words start with 'M', thats why they were confused...

    Anyway, back to the point. The biggest reality strike for me was...


    So my campaign of having that kenangan terindah spending less on fuel commence, my 1st step was none other then... Ask my parents if I could apply for a motorbike license...

    The outcome was rather predictable, if she were to say "yes", I would eat veggie all the rest of my life...

    Like this!!

    Now, I shall go to my bed and sleep, maybe I will get to dream about that kenangan terindah moment......

    Someday oh Harley Davidson, someday you'll be mine for sure....

    Friday, June 6, 2008

    'Osama Bin Laden' Shot Dead

    Oh my gosh, have you guys seen the papers?

    The famous 9-11 terrorist mastermind has been shot dead!!!

    You guys never heard of the news???

    How can??

    Don't believe me?

    Its on the news!

    Take a look for yourselves!

    *click on picture for larger image*


    I like how the Malay news paper describe the incident.

    It made my day I tell you...

    Tuesday, June 3, 2008

    New Department - PR

    Finally I've entered into 3rd month of training, I'm currently in the Public Relations(PR) department, my immediate superior - Bel.

    What I like about the most was because I have my OWN ROOM! :D

    I gave my room a nick name - "Genting".

    Well its because I chilled my room so cold with the prefixed centralized air conditioner(can't control), and another big air con which I turned it on till 16 degree.

    What I have to do....

    Sadly I have to leave the door open, a lot of em air went outside, so before I go for lunch I shut the door, leaving my room to be super chilled, and when I'm back...

    Heavenly, absolutely heavenly! Especially when it rains, lagi syok! XD

    Anyway, my basic daily routine job was to read news paper.

    Just "trying" to do my job...

    Seriously, but I have to find articles regarding the hotel and tourism industry.

    The only big project I have at this point of time was to create a poster for a fund raising campaign which I have yet to start, I don't know how, but I'm going to try..

    I wish I could write a longer update, but I have to run now, going to have a long day tomorrow.

    Take care people! 1 more month, tabah lah~! ;)

    Sunday, June 1, 2008

    Emerge Or Sink?

    I was going to write something entertaining today, but a thought came in and I began to wonder myself.

    Have anyone of you been in a situations which you know its your chance to do something big and glorious, yet griped by fear of uncertainty of whether it were to work out or not?

    I always say, "if I get this chance, I surely will be at the peak!".

    Shot from Genting's - 'Peace Heaven' dormitory last year...

    I have that chance now...

    Humanly speaking, when all odds are against you, resources robbed and low on moral.

    What peak one can be on top of?

    Can anyone understand?! Dear God, I don't wan to cry in disappointment again...