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  • Sunday, February 25, 2007

    Pride Comes Before A Fall - Ultimate "Kia Su-ness"

    Clarification: Melz is not like that in real life, only when in the mood and among close friends.

    -10pm, Chong's house, playing Black Jack-

    The stake was getting high as 11pm draws near, only 3 of us were playing Chong, Jin and Me. My balls grew to the size of a
    'nangka', from RM0.20 to RM 2 as the game lasted longer.

    Melz: "I confirm sure win you wan, your money there... Will ALL be mine!"

    Chong: "Oh.. Lets see, lets see..."

    Melz - 0
    Chong - 0

    "Melz Art of War" technique 458: Talk cock - To reduce targets moral/fighting will during competition.

    Melz: "You know ar, during Tracy's birthday I be dealer and I sapu all the $$, Yip he play till no $$ but I so gud I give him some $$ and let him try win back, mana wa tau I sapu again!! Hahahaha, too ong(lucky) weh, can't help it!! You gona share the same faith, so ready to lose?

    "Ceh! How sure are you? I got my lucky crystal here and I am in my house, quick la give card I wana do the splitting."

    "Sure no prob, I shall grant your wish, letting you lose under your very own hand that freaking splits the card!"

    -Around 10:30pm-

    Melz - 1
    Chong - 0

    Melz: "Told you I sure win wan don't believe some more, dealer always wins especially when the dealer is me, the force is strong within me."

    Chong: "Just you wait la don't talk so soon, you will never know what will happen."

    -Around 10:45pm-

    Melz - 1
    Chong - 1

    "Melz Art of War" technique 327: Act "as if I had already won" - To make your opponent feel irritated.

    Melz: "See, this is a sign before I make you can't sleep tonight and you will be scratching your arse in bed wondering and asking your self "how I lost to him ar?""

    Melz: "Tell you la Tracy's party that time I also lose till I nearly broke, birthday girl 3-4 times starting black jack, wah nia that time I thought sure habis(gone), but I over turn and pwned all!"

    "Chong don't you see? This is the end!! I will win!! Hahaha!!"

    Chong: "Hahaha! Very funny la, look man who is having the big bucks now?!?!"


    Melz - 1
    Chong - 2

    Melz: "Aiyoh! What is this, it can't be... Eh not fair la, play some more la, no balls ar? Why you sleep so early wan? If play till 12am I confirm you lose till you got to kick me out of the house."

    "I got work tomorrow la, and you no more money."

    Melz: *Sigh* "Eh, who say no money, your mom gave me ang pau just now so got extra, but never mind la since you need to work tomorrow, give you face only, next year sure I win wan."


    Jin said...

    Lol. Luckily yesterday I didn't bet much.

    Andrew said...

    Haha... I am VERY generous, general Melz..