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  • Monday, September 10, 2007

    Sights And Sounds, A Flash Back Tale

    Dear Blog,

    8 months has already pass, and its already the 9th month of the year, seem so fake that from my original plan of entering form 6 differs to enrolling myself into Taylor's School of Hospitality and Tourism.

    Many flames has rose and put out during the period of "tribulation", visions rise, dreams died.

    Oxymoron sign? Wana go F6 at 1st, then ended up in Taylor's, this banner is cursed!

    Now it all comes to another new beginning... My term 1 is going to end very soon, I finally gona flunk my 1st paper, which is my kitchen theory!

    Out of frustration, I actually written "I don't know" as an answer in one of the questions, well better then answering "refer to text book page 67" during my SPM history paper.

    Even though in Taylor's, some of us students so "semangat belajar" till can force other fellow class mates to enter class.

    Karl "forcing" David to enter class! =P
    Nah, this was just playing around...

    Certain things thought in college is just not my thing... DAMMIT! My hands are built to hold cameras, not peel potatoes!!!

    Anyhow, it was great fun doing all our project together in small teams, obviously some flames did occur, such as losing the soft copy report on both laptop and thumb drive the day before project due date.

    It ain't funny when your in our shoes... Thanks to Chris, heavens rejoice! We are saved!

    Sample picture of our ICT project, the press kit/booklet

    We spent heck lots of $ in all our project, I estimate the total cost we spent was about RM600++.

    Sample of our brochure cover

    The brochure itself! And Sio Sen posing in one of the pictures. =P

    Bloggie oh bloggie, what am I going to do now, sometimes I feel that am I at the right course? Or should I be somewhere else where I can do even better.

    But if I were to be somewhere else, how would my outcome turn up to be? I wouldn't be able to meet the people that I am around with today.

    No we are not rich, this is part of our project, so no choice. =P

    Nevertheless, whats come to past is done, better look ahead then behind.

    Therefore, I shall not groan about "if I, if I and more if I", and I shall start recording down something happy on you my bloggie!

    Why not I start with the moments when we were doing our project..

    I call it our "pro-nica" moment, 'pro' stands for 'project' and 'nica' derives from the word 'konica', something to do with camera la.

    In other words, process of doing project caught on camera!

    "Pronica" moment take 1: Got important things to do

    Getting ready to serve green tea to the class during presentation.

    "Pronica" moment take 2: Nothing better to do

    "Pronica" moment take 3: Don't know what to do/Don't know what they are doing

    This is where peoples imagination goes wild...

    As a conclusion, it is up to us to determine how would our life would be, even in the depths of hell, you can somehow learn to survive.

    I hope to write more flash backs in future, till then bloggie, continue to receive more crazy post from me. =P

    Sincerely your author,

    So whats your "pronica" moment? Projects are dull? Team mates boring?

    Well, all you need is a camera and a crazy happy go lucky attitude, you maybe able to change the atmosphere in your project life!

    But sometimes circumstances do prevent us from being what we wan to be, but no fear my friends! We are all still learning to co-op with each other more each day. =)


    Pam said...

    i see tht u noe what is oxymoron already huh... =)

    lol, jk jk

    chLoe said...

    HAHA! Pam, yeah! remember Stupid Genius?

    A real irony/oxymoron on the banner.

    My 'pronica' moment were d days spent with my WHOLE BUNCHA BUDDIES in high skool.