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  • Wednesday, September 5, 2007

    Another Country Myth

    Normally if you were to enter a foreign country, you expect that any document that the immigration give you are to be in English.

    One thing weird in 'my country' is sometimes they give form which has double language(BM & BI, which is good) but sometimes they give only in BM.

    Would it be better if they centralize is all to be in English? Because you cant expect foreigners to read BM other then people coming from Indonesia.

    Yesterday Jeff & I went to Maybank with David, he wanted to open a bank account there so that can draw money easily.

    I was flipping through his passport and I came across a receipt issued by the immigration department.

    Vietnamese understand BM kah??

    Receipt some more, like this how he can read and refer to what he had paid in future?

    I really don't get it lo, wan use English all use la, why some got English and some don't have... =/

    1 comment:

    cdason said...

    The normal Malaysian cincai work!!