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  • Friday, September 21, 2007

    More Fasting, Less Farting!

    Malaysia is such a beautiful country...

    Because you will never die of starvation no matter where you go.

    Every corner you turn, there are food stalls whether during morning, afternoon, evening or night.

    From road side...

    Beside someones house...

    On the walking pathway!


    What is even great, during the fasting month of Rahmadan.

    An entire bazaar of food & drink stalls would be open as early as 4PM.

    The normal quiet humble area of USJ 8 suddenly have to accept swarms of hungry people coming from all directions just to get food before their breaking fast time.

    Of cause la, this phenomena only happen once a year, and I never been to the bazaar near my area before.

    So I don't wan to miss out la.

    One big fat 'cucuk udang' cost ony RM0.50! Its worth it because the prawn is big.

    Selection of noodles from a single wok, normally its separated on a platter, something new. =)

    The aroma of 'sateh' can be smell few stall away from where its being barbeque.

    I walked around, I knew I was missing something, something I haven eaten for a long time..

    My old time favorite 'murtabak ayam'!

    I never eaten it since 3-4 years ago, the last time I ate one was back at Cameron Highlands.

    And the ones sold in Cameron Highland are much more bigger compare to these.

    But still, by looking at it, makes me drool..

    Mixing something, I don't know what it is, but it makes the 'murtabak' taste good!

    Mhmmm! Can you feel the chicken paste melt in your mouth after each juice bite?

    Some other finger food, RM1 for 3 piece.

    Good bargain compare to those mamak stalls selling it.

    How nice if this goes on everyday throughout the year!

    I know the bazaar in Bangsar Baru is much bigger that of this.

    Anyway, does anyone know where else got this kinda food galore?

    Do recommend it! =D

    So delicious, so cheap!

    Want some 'cucuk udang'? =D

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