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  • Wednesday, September 12, 2007

    Air Superiority

    If I were to ask you the question: "Is the US military strong?"

    I bet you would answer: "Hell yeah!"

    True, no doubt about that, its because they have the worlds strongest air craft, which is the 'F-22 Raptor'.

    A plane that totally own the skies!

    What if I say the Malaysian Military also holds one of the best fighter jets in the world?

    What would you answer me?

    A. "Of cost! Malaysia buuulehhh!"
    B. "Bull Shit!"
    C. "We have an Air Force?!?!?!?"

    The matter of fact is we do! I shouldn't put "one of the best", instead its the 2nd best!

    Let me introduce you to...

    Its not a toy plane model

    The 'Sukhoi Su-30 MKM' a.k.a "Flanker-C".

    Forget those laser shooting, plasma blasting jets in the movies, this is the real thing!

    This Russian beauty is the worlds 2nd strongest jet fighter.

    Heck, the cost is not cheap, roughly US$33-$45 million per plane! Now I know where all our tax money went.

    Malaysian Royal Air Force bought 18 of them, 2 has already arrived and sources said that it took flight during national day.

    Anyone seen any?

    Royal Malaysian Air Force

    I was shocked to discover that Malaysia for once invest in something that I classify as "atas".

    What was even more shocking, Mitsubishi also got build jet fighters!

    Imagine if Proton build fighter jets...

    Ok la, maybe 100 years later...

    At last, we can be proud about something! I know we own the one of a kind Klang river, but this is military breakthrough!

    A 3rd world country such as ours owns 18 top class fly boys, even other advance countries air force does not hold that kind of military arsenal.

    Mess with Malaysia, and ya shall be blown back to the stone age!

    You must be wondering, got 18 jets very big meh?

    What can those things do much in combat?

    Well, there is a saying "A war story, is the war plane story".

    This article showed how much the Australian government feared Indonesia when they bought just 4 'Su model' jets, up to a point they decide to upgrade their air force.

    Another color & view of the Su-30 MKM

    It comes to vain when we have good planes but bad pilots, BUT the wonderful thing is, according to source, M'sia has 22 best MIG pilots in the world/Asia(not sure).

    Anyhow, pilots would be train how to operate the Su-30 MKM(Someone called it: Malaysia's Killing Machine) in Russia. =P

    Crest of Malaysian Army

    As conclusion, not bad la, I(SK too) can boldly say that we have the strongest air force in Asia! Finally something good to talk about our country.

    The only sad part is when I checked out our 'Angkatan Tentera Diraja Malaysia' web site.

    Go ahead and try clicking 'English' at the top left part there, and see what you get, you will be amuse I tell you... Pay attention to the middle content after doing so. -.-

    3 words, "need more improvement!!!".


    SK said...

    Ohoho, finally posting abt this eh? Well our 22 Malaysian pilots are best at MiGs, and the MKMs are built using the MiG technology. So in terms of control, our pilots wont have much difficulty. Also, did you know Malaysia recently buying some 4 high tech Destroyers to guard the straits of melacca and south peninsular. Also a few submarines? We're also purchasing quite alot of abrams tank to defend the peninsular of any 'outside' forces. (Think u get what i mean) All in all i think Malaysia spent billions on modernizing the military.

    About the Sukhois, its a classified custom made variant FOR Malaysia only, with air superiority diameter of up to Australia and Hong kong. Pretty funny to know that our military is getting freaking strong all of a sudden in Asia.

    SK said...

    Oh ya, though our MKMs cant do alpha maneuvere like the raptors, thanks to the custom avionics from France's Rafale technology, our MKMs can do Cobra maneuveres. Anything other than Eurofighter Typhoon and Raptor is so gonna cry if they engage dogfights with us.

    chLoe said...

    KC-I stand in awe at the sight of the jets.

    SK-I stand in awe at da super long comments u left.


    Spongy_And_Bean_Fan said...

    Fair enough they got the Sukhois but apparently we suck in maintainence... There are some russians at the Kuantan airbase if I've not mistaken who are maintaining the older MiG-29 fleet. Hopefully they can got over the problem soon.The British BaE Hawk trainer/light fighters were a complete let down as a good few were lost in crashes and maintainence level is relatively low. This has happened in the past were we disbanded using the A-4 skyhawk while Singapore continues to operate them and even upgrading them themself. Not to say that I'm criticising our air-force but we ARE miles behind Singapore's in terms of quality and quantity of aircraft. Then again our MoD is currently purchasing and mordenising the armed forces. But special attention should be paid to acquire better SAM (surface to air) defense systems. The current JERNAS has a very limited range besides the MANPADS. Control of the airspace in crucial in a 21st century engagement.

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